Typical House Cat

Woo-hoo! It’s Friday!

Today’s feature blogger is a great example to not judge a book by it’s cover.

Let me introduce Typical House Cat whose blog is not at all about cats!

Typical House Cat is often mistaken for a pet blog, while I sometimes blog about my cats the name is meant to imply that I’m a typical house cat. I love to chill at home in the sunny spot, groom myself (think manicures), and make pretty things. I blog about DIY, jewelry-making, cruelty-free beauty, eco-fashion and my happiness project.

Typical House Cat’s must read posts:

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    I love, love, love the title of your blog, and DIY blogs make me feel useful :). I am home with an infant, and it’s cool to find fun ways to liven up things around here. Thank you!!!

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    Hope your SITS Day was great! Cats are cool… Caturday Saturday’s are HUGE on Google+ every weekend. And one of the top posted animals on G+ is “Angry Cat” which is too funny. Angry Cat hates EVERYTHING!
    Happy New Year… and again, Happy SITS Day too!

  3. says

    I really want a cat but my two dogs aren’t fans!

    I love DIY blogs so I’ll be coming to check out your blog!!

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    Hi! I’m new here so I’m a wee bit late. But I made it *yay* Happy SITS Day though!!!! I love the artsy feel of the blog plus you have diy and nail polish which is my love so winning again. I am officially a follower :)

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    Congratulations, this photo featuring your cat and a nice bracelet is beautiful.
    What type of camera do you use ?

    All the best,

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    I can completely relate – I guess I’m a house cat too. I love being at home. We live in on 5 acres in a rural area and I just love our home inside and out.

    Happy Sits Day!!!

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    I’m so not a cat person! However, after reading the reasons for naming your blog what you did, I can see that cats and I probably have quite a bit in common. If only I weren’t so allergic! Can’t wait to check out your stuff. Congrats on being featured!

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    Looks like a great blog! I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve stopped by, crazy how life just takes right over Ü Hope all SITS members are doing well, can’t wait to visit some awesome sights.

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    Love cats — but husband is allergic. :(
    My daughter talked him in to one in the garage, though… :)

    Happy SITS day!