Urban Moo Cow

We love Fridays!

We also love today’s feature blogger, Deb from Urban Moo Cow.

She’s blogging all about being a young, urban, professional mom.

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urban moo cow

I’m Deb. I live in Brooklyn with my husband, our son, Henry, and a neurotic corgi. Once, in the sleepless days of Henry’s first weeks, I caught my husband beaming at us nursing. You are a very good Moo Cow, he said, kissing me on the head. A nickname was thus born. Urban Moo Cow chronicles my (often humorous, sometimes poignant) transition from young urban professional to young urban professional mom.

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    OK, I know you are thinking, where has this Sitster been for the last month??? Well, I was settling in to a new job but I am finally getting caught up and I wan to wish you a very belated happy sits day!!!

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    Hi Deb, wow, congrats on being SITS featured blogger! I just went over your blog, I love it, especially that part about being stuck at home, I can totally relate!

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    Wow..well I have to admit to feeling like a Moo Cow during the nursing stage. It does tend to move from a bonding activity to one of necessity once your body takes over milk production!