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We also love today’s feature blogger, Deb from Urban Moo Cow.

She’s blogging all about being a young, urban, professional mom.

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urban moo cow

I’m Deb. I live in Brooklyn with my husband, our son, Henry, and a neurotic corgi. Once, in the sleepless days of Henry’s first weeks, I caught my husband beaming at us nursing. You are a very good Moo Cow, he said, kissing me on the head. A nickname was thus born. Urban Moo Cow chronicles my (often humorous, sometimes poignant) transition from young urban professional to young urban professional mom.

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  1. OK, I know you are thinking, where has this Sitster been for the last month??? Well, I was settling in to a new job but I am finally getting caught up and I wan to wish you a very belated happy sits day!!!
    Kim recently posted..Experiment in packing

  2. Heading on over…
    homejobsbymom recently posted..What Kind of Air Filter Should I Buy?

  3. Happy SITS day! Can’t wait to check out your blog!
    a happier girl recently posted..Weekly Workout Recap: A little packing tape goes a long way

  4. Happy SITS Day! Going to check out your blog now!
    Norine & Jessica recently posted..Stomach Compartmentalization Theorem

  5. Happy belated SITS Day! Checking out your blog now :)

    Sarah @ Sweet & Savory Life recently posted..Magnetic Make Up Frame

  6. Happy SITS Day! Link your website up with my MOM2MOM page! http://dashingelements.com/mom2mom/

  7. Hi Deb, wow, congrats on being SITS featured blogger! I just went over your blog, I love it, especially that part about being stuck at home, I can totally relate!
    Rosey recently posted..My Husbands Everyday-Carry

  8. I’m late again, but I’m still going to check out your blog!!
    Rabia @ TheLiebers recently posted..Weekend Recap

  9. Wow..well I have to admit to feeling like a Moo Cow during the nursing stage. It does tend to move from a bonding activity to one of necessity once your body takes over milk production!
    Tracy Joyner recently posted..Intarsia Wedding Afghan Series~

  10. this should be interesting here.
    Jared recently posted..Cute sms for boyfriend

  11. Happy SITS Day, sorry I’m late to the party!
    Angela recently posted..Snow Days: Tips for Work from home Mom’s

  12. Heading over to visit!
    Jean Lynd recently posted..Oily Skin? Do Mattifiers Work?

  13. Happy Sits Day…Goin’ on over to check out your blog
    Barb Morden recently posted..Wildcard Friday…

  14. Happy SITS Day! Excited to go check out your blog!

  15. happy Sits Day, can’t wait to check it out!

  16. So it’s Saturday but who’s counting right? Heading over to say hi now!
    Beth (OMG! Yummy) recently posted..Food Stories, Gold Dust, and a Cookbook Giveaway to Celebrate Three Years of Blogging!

  17. love the name of your blog :)
    Rachel Clarke recently posted..London Fashion Week 2013 [Part One]

  18. Happy SITS Day! Heading over now!!
    Nicole Bruinekool recently posted..Heartache.

  19. I love the story of how you named your blog. Happy SITS day!
    Erin @ The Grass Skirt recently posted..Weekly round-up (Dr. Seuss edition)

  20. Nice to meet new blogger and get connected. Happy SITS everyone.

    Honeybee recently posted..Day 7 on Juice Fasting: 9 Tricky Trick to Win the Weight Loss Battle of the Mind

  21. Happy Fabulous SITS day ~
    Mz.Dolphin recently posted..wedding slideshow

  22. Just left a comment on your blog, glad I found it!
    Elizabeth recently posted..Privateer

  23. What a fun blog you have!!! I already read and commented on your posts. Lovely…just lovely! :) Happy SITS day!!
    Chris Carter recently posted..One Note Short…

  24. Happy SITS Day!
    Corinna recently posted..Five Click Friday

  25. Happy Sits Day!!!
    @mfashforward recently posted..Choosing a Shirt Dress

  26. Happy SITS day!
    DCG recently posted..No Time to Say Hello Goodbye

  27. happy SITs day!
    all three of us recently posted..More House Updates

  28. Congratulations on being Featured Blogger. HAPPY SITS DAY!
    shabnamahsan recently posted..Friendeship Quote Friday…

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