Life in Heels and Flip Flops

We’ve got a bit of a global flair with today’s featured blogger. This young woman from Trinidad brings a fresh perspective to her stories on life, travels and other adventures. Welcome Lauren from  Life in Heels and Flip Flops!

Here’s a bit about Lauren:

I’m probably the anti-blogger when compared to what is out there. I am not a mommy blogger, food blogger, dating blogger, I don’t do any type of promotional blogging or giveaways – and this probably makes me dull in your eyes. So what on earth do you get when you visit my blog? You get me! Tales from a young, single and fabulous Trini woman who is known for her wanderlust, her sense of fun, her unapologetic snarkiness, a deep love for life and all it has to offer – whether it’s travel, food, fashion, fitness or fun. I blog because I love blogging and to emphasise that you don’t need to have a niche to be kick-ass and awesome!


Some of the Lauren’s favorite posts are:

Mastering Aloneness – a great piece on being comfortable with yourself, partner or not.

Taking a look at nude beaches in Nude Beach Memories

Dating and the Allure of the High-Heeled Woman is all about shoes.

Check in for Roll Call below and then head over to spend a bit of your day with Life in Heels and Flip Flops.

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