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This has been a great week of Featured Bloggers and today is no exception. Fran and I are both Work At Home Moms and so now the craziness of that lifestyle!

Meet Jen of Take 2 Mommy.

Hi SITStahs! I’m Jen, a former NYC corporate workaholic who recently quit the rat race to slow life down and watch my kids grow up. I started www.take2mommy.com to document this second “take” at being a mom and I blog about the daily crazy that is my life as a WAHM with two young, high-energy boys. I also write about being a vegetarian in a house full of carnivores in the “Veggie Mama” section of my blog. Can’t wait to get to know more SITStahs today!

These are a few gems for your reading pleasure:
Mothers of America, So Nice to Meet You

Date with B in 2020

Inlaws, Mallomars and the Crazy Factor

Roll Call below and then head over to Jen’s place and do your SITStarly duties!

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    What an adorable momma! And her boys look so sweet :) Can’t wait to get to know her a bit better (as a fellow veggie, and someone who also currently works in the NYC rat race). Happy SITS day!

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    Happy SITS day. I love reading about moms who quit the rat race for the best job in the world, being a mom. I did too and I don’t regret it. You can never replace the special moments your kids.

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    Congratulations and enjoy your SITS Day! I look forward to hoping over to your blog and reading more! On my way right now! :)

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    Happy SITS Day! I’m just returning to work after my year of maternity (which was fabulous) and I’ve been thinking a lot about just staying home with my little guy instead of going back outside the home to work. I look forward to reading your blog to hear about your adventures!

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    Happy Sits day! Going to head over after work to check you out.

    I finally blogged about something some people are finding controversial. Can you please come give me YOUR opinion?

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    Happy SITS Day! Lucky you :)

    The “veggie mama” section looks really fun (and a challenge in a house full of meat-eaters!) and your boys are so cute!! Off to check out your blog now :)