Add a Custom Signature to Your WordPress Posts

Looking for a fun and easy way to add a little personality to your blog? Creating a custom signature to your WordPress posts is easy to do in just a few short steps. Creating a custom signature allows you to really show off your personal style and add some fun to your posts.

Add a Custom Signature to Your Blog

How to Add a Custom Signature to Your Posts

If you blog, you know you want to sign off each blog post somehow. Many bloggers use a signature in a unique font, or even an image or social media follow buttons. But including a signature often includes a hefty chunk of code, and the code needs to be copied into each post. And what if you change your design? Old signatures may no longer match your new and improved look. I’m sure there are plugins to take care of this, but why install a plugin when all it takes is a little code tweaking? Sounds terrifying? Never fear! This detailed tutorial has plenty of code snippets for some awesome Copy-Paste action to take you through the process step by step. Now, if you blog on WordPress, you can add a custom signature to all your posts – past, present and future! Your signature can be text, an image, or even an image map. If you ever need to change your signature to match a redesign, just change the code once and all of your old and new signatures will reflect the change!

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  1. It is definitely a terrific in addition to handy bit of info. I am just content that you simply embraced this helpful details around. Make sure you stop us up to date similar to this. Thank you for expressing.

  2. Do you have a simular tutorial for Blogger?

    Xoxo Anne

  3. Wow, what great information…now I just need to move to WP :)

  4. Awesome post! I was able to deactivate yet another plugin on my site because I did this. Thanks so much for sharing! I have a new blog to follow now as well.

  5. Yay! I’ve been wanting to do this since forever and never figured out how. Thank you!

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  7. This is great! I never would have figured it out on my own.

  8. This is something that I definitely need to do. Great tutorial!

  9. Kind of confusing at first for me (not very html minded) but helpful once I knew what I was doing.

  10. What a great post!

  11. Love this post when I first read it on One Dog Woof…love it the second time! So happy to see it here today! (Go, ChiWei!)

  12. Thanks for sharing this !

  13. Great post!

  14. I’ve been wondering how to do this! Thank you!

  15. can’t wait to share this with my techie son who does all my code work for me…I’m so lucky!

  16. Can’t wait to do this!

  17. Very cool! Thanks for the great tip :)


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