6 Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog

The love language for all bloggers is expressed through comments. Sometimes it feels like you pour out your heart, just to hear crickets in your comment section. These tips will help you to write posts that invite blog comments.

get more blog comments

6 Ways To Get More Blog Comments

I wrote this post to share my best tips for you about writing engaging (comment-inviting) posts. These are things I’ve learned from my own experience writing on my blog, and from reading other blogs.

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    So true! This is a terrific post. I appreciate the additional ways to get people to comment. I’m guilty of just saying “What about you?” at the end of my posts. Going to try some of your tips! Thanks!

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    Great idea.You offered excellent tactics that are easy and doable.It was much more positive and hopeful for those of us newbie bloggers than some other advice posts I have seen.Thanking you for these wonderful tips and reminders.