10 Tips for Building Your Blog

From my five plus years of blogging, I share ten tips that have worked for me to build my blog and increase my traffic, from using social media to being real.

How to Build A Blog

When I began blogging over five years ago, it was a hobby, a way to encourage myself to write and to share what I wrote with my family and friends. Since then, as I’ve seen the potential of blogs as a writer, especially with the explosion of mommy blogs in recent years, my blog has become much more than a hobby. It is now part of my business and career plan. Here’s what I’ve learned (from fellow bloggers and personal experience) about building a blog.

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    Such great tips! I would love to know how you found your blogging community/FB pages. I have “met” a couple of bloggers and we reach out fairly regularly via email, but a FB page or something would be awesome….any suggestions (or group willing to open up their arms to an enthusiastic newbie), would be so helpful!

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    these are all great tips! I definitely love to see photos in a post. It’s the first thing that draws me in. Great post!

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    Great post! Very useful tips! I have grown my blog by using these tips over the last few years, but I’d love to know what I can add to take it to the next level? Any tips for that?