How to Create a Contact Me Form For Your Blog

Interested in creating a contact me form for your blog, but not sure where to start?

We’ve got the answer you’re looking for!

contact me form

Creating a Contact Me Form for Your Blog

Would you like people to contact you but want to avoid spam emails getting to your inbox? Contact forms are the best way to allow visitors to your site to send you emails without the need to directly put your email on your site.

Editor’s Note re a Contact Me Form:
Sometimes, readers are looking for a quick and easy way to get in touch with you. We certainly are when trying to contact you regarding our sponsored post opportunities! In addition to a contact me form, you’ll want to include an address that looks something like this:

thesitsgirls {@} gmail {dot} com

Your goal is to make your blog as user friendly as possible!

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  1. says

    I’ve tried several times (several days) with Kontactr & save the link but alas, can’t be added to my blog!!
    Please help….

  2. says

    This is so great. Thanks so much I have been wondering how in the world to make a easy and SAFE contact form. :)

  3. says

    I prefer to only use contact forms since you can see the IP address. I had one “advertiser” offer me $30 to place an ad on my site. The IP address was from Pakistan & further research showed that it was known for dictionary attacks to retrieve passwords. Scary stuff!

    • says

      Wow thanks for mentioning this! I’ve been contacted by companies like this but not really researched..I have turned them down..wondering why they would want to advertise on my blog..glad I followed my instinct. Not that all advertisers like this are bad..but I never thought to reserach the IP address before!