Cultivate Community: Find Your Blogging Tribe Part 3

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Welcome to the weekly blogging tip and comment game! This week I’m talking about finding your blogging tribe.

As bloggers, we want people to read us, identify with us, and support us. We want to find a tribe — a network of people that share common interests and experiences and show genuine interest and care for one another. We’ve talked about being a part of someone else’s tribe and connecting with the readers who comment on your blog, so you should now have a group of bloggers and commenters that you would like in your tribe. The final challenge in finding your blogging tribe is to cultivate your tribe community.

To cultivate your community, you need to do more than blog and comment. Connect with your tribe on Twitter and exchange pleasantries, jokes, banter, and whathaveyou. Create a Twitter List for your tribe community. Connect with them on Facebook. Or start a Facebook Fan Page for your blog. Answer comments and email them when appropriate. Get to know your bloggy friends on a deeper, more personal level. Blogging is a powerful way to find support and friendship if you make the effort.

Remember to always give back, offer support and provide value to your tribe and you will surely see it grow.

Now, let’s play a game! Here are the rules for the SITS Saturday Sharefest:

  • Leave a comment here with a link to one of your best blog posts (or just your main URL if you prefer).
  • After you leave your comment, visit the link of the person who commented BEFORE you.
  • Comment on their post and be sure to say “Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest” in your comment.

Now, go leave some comments!

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  1. says

    Here’s my URL so y’all can enjoy the musings of me and my three grown daughter co-bloggers. http//

    Happy Sharefest! Can’t wait to “virtually” meet more of you.
    .-= Debby Carroll´s last post: Save Yourself First! =-.

  2. says

    What a great point you make about cultivating community. In this electronic age, we are simultaneously isolated and connected by our glorious technologies. It can be all to easy to forget that there are faces behind the pixels. it only takes a second to shift your perspective and feel into the energy of the living breathing hearts that beat on the other side of your monitor. Goodwill naturally springs forth from that view.

    Molly Burke CPCC MSU
    Queen of Confidence
    “Everyone can use an extra wee dram of confidence every now and again.”
    .-= Molly Burke, Queen of Confidence´s last post: PEARLS OF WISDOM: Get some allies! 2 Part Series Part 1 =-.

  3. says

    Just visited More Than A Mom!
    So I’m a couple days late on this post, oops.
    Come visit me! I’m in the throws of updating.

  4. Cristina says

    I know I am a day late – but I am committed to making good on my promise to catch up! Off I go to visit Kristin @bonbonrose looks like she’s behind too!

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


    .-= Cristina´s last post: My Stella & Dot Trunk Show Launch =-.

  5. Laurie says

    It’s Sunday but I just joined your wondeful group. Happy Sharefest even on the day after. Here’s my website,

  6. says

    I’m chiming in… I like the idea of a blog collective. Today at #mom2summit one of the panelists suggested starting a Stumbleupon Collective. I rarely if ever use Stumbleupon. Anyone else use it? Should I use it? Pros and cons?
    .-= MusingsfromMe/Jill´s last post: #ToyFair =-.

  7. says

    My tribe is anyone and everyone who likes CRAFTY things, especially sewing. Oh, and the SITS girls, I’ve seen lots of those out there this week. Oh and anyone who does the Friday Follow link party. And the PEAR crafty blogs group. I’m not too picky, come say hi and be my bloggy buddy!

    .-= Anna´s last post: Love for Haiti Quilt Auction UPDATE =-.