Finding Images For Your Blog Posts – Saturday Sharefest!

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Welcome to the weekly blogging tip and comment game! This week I’m talking about finding photos for your blog posts.

As I wrote in a previous Saturday tip: photos in your posts are good. But how do you find photos and properly attribute them?

Texan Mama writes:

I think a lot of bloggers could benefit from learning what the rules and etiquette are for posting photos other than their own. And, hopefully, you could hook us up with a couple of sites where it’s totally okay to take the photos without worrying about violating copyright or creative commons or hurting anyone’s feelings or whatever.

The rules are simple: unless you have taken a photo yourself or obtained the photo from a PR person, you should credit the source. Simply add a line at the end of your post that says “Photo credit:” Following is a list of ways to find photos for your posts:

Now, let’s play a game! Here are the rules for the SITS Saturday Sharefest:

  • Leave a comment here with a link to one of your best blog posts (or just your main URL if you prefer).
  • After you leave your comment, visit the link of the person who commented BEFORE you.
  • Comment on their post and be sure to say “Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest” in your comment.

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  1. says

    I liked your web site , it’s filled of great information. You have earned one constant visitor and a fan of your webiste.

  2. says

    I totally had my hand slapped once, so this is a fabulous PSA. I had credited the site, but they only allowed links to be used. Lesson learned!

  3. says

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  4. says

    hello lassies! i hope u all are having a great weekend..i’m totally kicked today as i changed my blog template, and i think the new one looks fab!
    this post is very helpful indeed.
    p.s have some fab pics as well =)

  5. says

    Great list of resources.

    I would love to add, PLEASE do not ever use photos from another blogger without prior permission, not even with a backlink or credit to that blog.

    I think I can safely speak for food bloggers as a whole when I say we are very protective about those photos – the recipes are our creations, our physical work is involved doing the cooking, and it’s our camera work & editing – not some fake food styling done in a studio for a corporate test kitchen! Off soapbox now… :)

    Well… I’ve been all about Thanksgiving prep the past couple of weeks, so if you’re still looking for ideas, check out my Southern Thanksgiving Menu and Recipes Page:
    .-= Mary´s last post: Southern Sweet Potato Pie =-.

  6. says

    Someone please send me a message so I know how to post my profile picture when I post a comment…I can’t figure it out, and I know it can’t be that hard…sheesh, it’s been a long day :)
    .-= Erin´s last post: Inmates =-.