How to Grow Your Blog in a Year

We don’t always share our traffic or income numbers as bloggers. One blogger focused on growing her pageviews and income for a year, and she is sharing her numbers and encouragement that you can grow your blog as well.

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Grow Your Blog In A Year

A lot can happen in a year, especially in the blogging world! Last year I decided to buckle down and turn my blog into a business. I started with re-branding and redesigning on January first. For the rest of the year, I worked hard and saw the more growth on my blog than ever before.

I started the year getting 300 views on a GOOD day with zero earnings and ended it averaging 3,000 views a day and earning $1,000+ a month. Here’s how I did it!

Read the Full Post Here: How to grow your blog in a year (and start earning over $1,000 a month!)

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