How To Choose Photography for Your Blog

Having a good image in your blog post can be the difference between someone reading your content or clicking away to another blog. So how do you populate your blog with professional photography when you are not a photographer? Use a great resource. Microstock photography is the perfect way for you to gain access to a wide variety of professional images for use on your blog for little cost to you.

Obtaining Professional Photography

What exactly is microstock photography and how does it work?
Agencies collect images from professional photographers to add to their library for sale. Image buyers browse through the library and purchase images for a variety of uses, including blogging. The agency allows the same image to be purchased by multiple people, giving the photographer a percentage of the profit each time the image sells. By selling the same images over and over again this business model has allowed for prices to remain low enough for anyone to afford.

How can I purchase Microstock Images?
There are two basic ways to purchase microstock images for your blog. If you plan on purchasing a large number of images frequently, many agencies have a subscription where you can download up to a certain number of images per month depending on what plan you choose. If you will only need a few images every so often, you can look for an agency that allows for single image purchases. For blog-specific use, you can purchase small web-quality images (which will be in the cheapest price category).

There are so many images! How do I choose?
The best blog images are simple, clean and professional. You may want to choose an image on white for a “floating” look, or an image with a vibrant background color that may match or contrast your blog. When making your choice looks for images that are sharp, and focus on a single subject without any unnecessary clutter in the background. The image should speak to the topic of your blog post, and serve as an invitation to read the post you worked so hard to write.

Other Popular Photo Agencies {affilliate links}
Deposit Photos


Brooke Becker Brooke Becker is the photographer behind Brooke Photo Studio who blogs about the stories behind her photography at {cupcakes & cucumbers}. Brooke finds inspiration in simple every day life moments which translates into her simple, clean, modern style of imagery.

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  4. I wanted to post my disappointment with deposit photos. I did their trial period and a few hours after it expired I cancelled. They charged me $59 for 1 month and when I asked for a refund they refused to give me the money back and offered me 59 credits to download instead. 59 credits is not even close to what you get for $59 per month which is 10 credits per day. What a rip-0ff! I will not recommend this photo source for your blog and will stick with
    Webly recently posted..Knowing Whose I Am

  5. This information is so helpful. I’ve never used professional photos, so I’m excited to go check out the suggested sites. I’m also looking to find ways to improve my photos..

  6. Since I discovered, I design sets of fashion or fantasy or interior design to add to my blog. I just posted a set design one based on a swimsuit recently I bought–just for purposes of showing my reader something I like in an interesting photographic way. Also did one called “April Showers” for my first April blog. And best of all—it’s FREE to do! And FUN!
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  15. I am a firm believer in photos and the more the better! Two other AMAZING photo stock sites that I have been using for years are and I found Fotalia about six months ago and I like it even more than Dreamstime, but I have been using Dreamstime for so many years that I know my way around there very well and it helps to speed up the process of procuring pictures, making payments when the credits run out etc. I also want to encourage all of you to start taking photos. As time goes on, you will get better, just like with blogging. Snap away and have a wonderful day!
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  19. Anyone looking for free stock images you can use on personal or commercial purposes can visit, Flickr’s creative commons images,,,, or

    With free stock image sites, there’s going to be more bad images than good ones so it might take you longer to find the ideal image so if time is money then absolutely buy the images from premium stock photography sites. I, however, use free images. My go-to sites are the first two I listed. ;)

    (BTW-I think compfight has a WP plugin to find images on their site without leaving your blog post and they pull from Flickr’s API so it might be the easiest way to get free images on your blog.)
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  27. @Karen – In order to use an image on your blog you need to purchase the rights or have permission from the creator of the image (If you are using an image from another blog – ask first!). Searching Google is not the best or legal way to get images into your blog posts, and if you use images illegally you can run into trouble with the law.

    @Angie – I also use and love Fotolia ;)
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  28. The internet can be confusing with copyrighted material and whatnot, which is why I highly recommend that bloggers take their own photos if they don’t want to buy them from the above services. I learned SO MUCH at BBC Boston last year and it has helped improve not only my photography skills, but also how and when I use photos on my blog posts. Great info SITSGirls!
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