Growing Your Blog as a Business: A Daily Checklist

This is part three of my Blogging 101 series. By now, you should be understanding the basics of creating a niche for your blog, as well as the process of building your community. Now it’s time to analyze your Daily To Do’s in order to continue to grow your blog into a business.

growing your blog business

Below is a checklist of things you will need to do daily (or as much as possible) to grow your blog business.

Blog Business Checklist


Post a blog/vlog daily.


  • Tweet 5 articles and/or posts from others (relevant to your niche for the most part)
  • Tweet at least one interesting thing. A quote or something happening in your life that is relevant to your niche.
  • Tweet one question to your followers. Make this as relevant to your topic as possible. Sometimes I do a “complete this sentence” tweet. Sometimes I ask a question with multiple choice. You get the idea.
  • Follow at least 10 new people per day. One easy way to do this is to creep your favorite tweeps “Following” list.
  • Tweet out your blog post. As soon as I finish my blog posts, I schedule three tweets spread throughout the day.


  • Post a daily question then tweet out the question with a link back to your Facebook page.
  • Post your blog post.
  • Follow other blog pages on Facebook. You can tweet out this question daily to find them, “I would love to follow your blog on Facebook. Tweet me the link.”


Same as Facebook.


Every post should have a pinnable photo and you should EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. pin your daily post.


Respond to all emails you get from a PR agency. I have created several stock email responses that I can just cut, paste and personalize.

In Addition to Your Daily To Do’s:

  1. Keep an ongoing list of post ideas either on your phone or in a notebook that is always with you. You are busy and post ideas will pop in and be forgotten just as quickly unless you track them.
  2. Create Google Alerts for your niche and check in daily. You will get news and blog updates in your niche that will inspire post ideas.
  3. Create an editorial calendar. You will have categories within your niche and it will help you create post ideas and will help your readers know what to expect.

So there you go! Tell me, how many of these items do you actually accomplish on a regular basis? Are there any that I am missing? Let’s discuss in the comments below! Be sure to leave your additions to my blog business checklist.

About the Author:
ooph Stefanie Mullen is the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Girlfriend’s Soul and owner and founder of, a site devoted to the parenting of tweens and teens. She is the co-host of Your Family Matters on Stefanie has been featured in the New York Times and has appeared on NBC, Fox, KUSI and NPR. Connect with Stefanie on Twitter @Ooph.

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  1. This was a great resource. I pinned this page to keep as a reminder. Thanks!!
    Laura @ Inspiration For Moms recently posted..Slow Cooker Sunday: Triple Chocolate Brownies

  2. Great list! Sooo much to learn still ;)
    Melissa @ The Melissa Chronicles recently posted..One Crafty Moment

  3. I love reading tips like these! Very helpful and a great reminder for the frequently scatter-brained, like me:) thank you!!
    Pamela recently posted..BLOG CHANGES

  4. Love this list; now to find time to fit it into my schedule! That’s the thing I have the most trouble with–scheduling work, blog, life and everything else into that little 24 hour time slot. I just don’t know how people manage to get it all done (because I drive myself crazy trying!)
    Ann Odle recently posted..Mocafe Matcha Green Tea Cupcakes

  5. This is a great list, thank you!

    One thing I noticed, you didn’t mention commenting on other blogs. Do you think commenting is just not necessary for building up your base?
    Jenn @ Katie’s Charms recently posted..How To Make Killer Facebook Cover Images

  6. I love this article. Thanks for the wonderful tips!
    Michelle W. recently posted..HLNB Summer Challenge II – Day 29

  7. I am at work all day and keeping up with Twitter is just impossible. I never had time to check it since we can’t have it on our work computers. But I will try my best to start using all the ideas in the post. Thank you so much!
    Kyetra Belton recently posted..Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  8. I love this! I plan on printing it out and posting it up in my workspace.
    It looks like some changes are a’comin’ on my blog. :)

  9. I Loved this! Thank you!!!
    Kerry :) recently posted..… MIA

  10. So one thing I thought of that could be added is that beyond pinning your own blog posts, it’s also great to pin other bloggers stuff, assuming that they are okay with their images being pinned.

    I’ve gotten some of my biggest traffic spikes from when another blogger pins something of mine and I love them for it.
    Kristiina recently posted..{Mani Monday} Dea by Zoya

  11. Great ideas. I regularly use twitter to share resources but need to do a better job of using it for blog posts. I would be glad to help anyone too.

  12. Just when I’d become comfortable with my blogging routine, I read this list and now overwhelmed by all the work. At this point, I’m thinking making a business out of blogging will be a tough hill to climb. Please tell me part 4 of the Blogging 101 series will be sharing tips on how to successfully complete this checklist while juggling home, kids, hubbie and full-time job.

  13. Really great advice. Thanks especially for the Pinterest link, was at a bit of a loss on how to use that to engage with my readers, at the moment it’s purely for my personal enjoyment. Blogging daily would be a challenge, but I’ll definitely aim to do so more regularly :-)
    Buhle Goslar recently posted..I got a Facebook friend request from HR manager! CEO followed me on Twitter & other social media dilemmas

  14. Loving this list – a great way to put it in a step by step!
    Emily Lynne // The Best of this Life recently posted..Monday Inspiration :: GO FOR IT!

  15. This is such a great, and very helpful list. I’m going to print this out!! Some of it I do now, but there is definitely room for improvement.
    laura recently posted..9 No-Man-Around Guilty Pleasures

  16. Love this list! Will be printing it out and posting right next to my computer.

  17. I do some of these things daily – Blogging daily is a challenge but I try. I just started the FB pages and it’s kind of hard to get those started but asking a question daily and posting my latest blog posts are great starts. Thank you.
    Sara recently posted..Day 30: 5 Places to Donate A Crochet Hat

  18. These are some great ideas! I can’t wait to start implementing them.
    Tanya recently posted..The Coupon Mom

  19. This is a great article and I have jotted down my own list of daily things to do. I am a list maker and follower and this one will help so much. I am new to this site and look forward to making new friends!

  20. Great tips! Thanks for sharing. Another to print off and check frequently!
    Suzanne @The Wine{a}be recently posted..Giveaway Winner!

  21. So many great tips here! I never thought to post a daily question but it makes sense… especially since I love engaging with my readers. Thanks for this!
    Charlotte recently posted..if money were no object

  22. These are awesome tips! Love them…I love Raquel’s point as well regarding commenting on blog posts. I have been introduced to so many awesome blogs through SITS, this has become a part of my dailing blogging that I really look forward to (Comment Spammers and requests from completely free advertising are the parts that I do not enjoy!).
    Mastering Mommy Brain recently posted..Mom Time and a Celebration Giveaway

  23. PS. Someone should make a printable of this list!
    Kristiina recently posted..{DIY} Marbled Jewelry Dish

  24. Thank you! Great post! I really need to start blogging daily again.
    Kristiina recently posted..{DIY} Marbled Jewelry Dish

  25. This was a great post. I love it! :) I have it all written down to remember. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    Tami recently posted..I L♥ve My Online Friends Monday ‘GFC’ Hop

  26. These are great tips! I do some of them, but not as often as I should. One other thing I do try to do is comment on at least 5 blogs every day. There is such a huge community in the blogging world.
    Thanks for the checklist!
    Raquel recently posted..Attending BlogHer from Afar

  27. Thank you for list. I’ve been floundering a bit on Facebook!
    c @ annuary chit recently posted..Signs Your Pinterest is Hacked

  28. Thank you so much for the tips! I have two questions, and forgive me if you’ve already answered these. 1.) If I post every single day, I do worry that my loyal followers will get annoyed with me…they like hearing from me, but I’m not sure about every day…what are your thoughts on this?
    2.) Are cute pictures of my little babe pin-able? (I write a parenting blog…)
    If you do get a chance to answer these questions, thank you in advance!!
    jessie a recently posted..A Little Mom Vlogging to Taste

  29. Great Ideas!
    DaNelle recently posted..Healthy in the Heat: Week 8

  30. I should definitely try to keep up with social media every day, but I just get overwhelmed sometimes… :-)
    Rachel Cotterill recently posted..Review: Chocolate Wishes

  31. Thanks for a great “kick in the pants” post. You know, the kind that gets a gril motivated!
    Kim recently posted..Dreaming and Blogging

  32. Great article!! I also like to stumble a page or two from the internet, and then browse on stumbleupon for 10 minutes or so!
    Rebecca Rider recently posted..New Game Show Premiering on GSN – The American Bible Challenge!!

  33. Love your tips. Especially, the ones for twitter which seems like an area, I just can’t quite get comfortable with yet. I do google alerts and post relevant articles, but need to personalize it a bit more.

    I am looking forward to holding myself a bit more accountable with your To Do List. :)

  34. These were such great tips!!
    Barbara recently posted..Noah 7 Months

  35. Great advice….really useful…going to apply this to my blog
    Thanks for the amazing tips :)

    Laura x
    Laura recently posted..A Summery Outfit

  36. Thanks for sharing these fabulous tips!
    Nicole {at} Modern Style Mama recently posted..Why Buy Toys When They Will Play With Essentials Around The House

  37. These are really great tips, especially the twitter ones. Thanks so much for sharing. I wish I could give you a BEAR HUG for this.
    Ugochi recently posted..MONDAY’S MARRIED CIRCLE

  38. Great tips! Thank you so much for sharing. I have not ventured into Pinterest but I think today might be the day!
    BusyMomofTwins recently posted..My Favorite Summer Things

  39. Awesome! I love a good to-do list, and this one has tons of great stuff. I’ve been really needing some Twitter guidance, so great timing. Thanks!
    Issa Waters recently posted..Radical Mental Self-Acceptance?

  40. Great advice. Thank you for this series.
    I have a random question about your blog design. I was wondering how many plug ins you currently have installed? Recently my hosting service shut my blog down because of too many plug ins. I didn’t design my own blog and put my trust in my blog designer. Now I’m not sure what to do. Any advice you have would be so appreciated. Thanks!
    Ann recently posted..Gold Medal Blogging Tips Linky Party

    • Sometimes it’s not exactly how many plug ins you have, but some plug ins will cause the server to crash and some are spam and lead to bad links. You really need to get involved in your website or use someone that knows more about servers and SEO. A really good web designer will give you a tutorial and show you how to do the simple things yourself.

      I currently have 7 plug ins on my blog and only two plug ins on my companies website, austinmediaservices (dot) com
      Jen recently posted..Easter Egg Coupons (free printable)

  41. Great tips and I will do the things you have mentioned above…. Thanks again… Big help for someone like me who is starting a blog.
    Ma. Teresa Grech Q. Racal recently posted..A Different Kind of Weekend

  42. This is such a helpful list, and I will DEFINITELY be keeping it for future reference. I do a lot of the things on the list, but I definitely feel like I am a poor Tweeter…I love the suggestions you gave for how to engage your followers. :)
    thedoseofreality recently posted..WOULD I PAY MONEY FOR THIS: Labeling Your Children

  43. So glad to have found this article in my inbox this morning! I’m fairly new to blogging and is great for someone to basically hand me a checklist and say, “here, do this.” I am definitely going to start doing each of these this week.

    I did have a question about the emails section… do some bloggers just get emails from PR agencies? Am I missing something here?

    Also, since Facebook has added the ability to schedule posts I have been utilizing that so I’m not at the computer quite as much throughout the day – though I am still at it a lot!
    Kimberly recently posted..Acupressure as a Natural Stress Reliever

  44. Wow! I had no idea of the potential “to dos” nor how to use social media so effectively! Thanks for this practical post with so many new ideas!
    Lisa recently posted..A Crisis of Enough {come link up}

  45. I am so grateful for this article. I did the 31DBBB earlier this year and have fallen off the wagon with many of my daily blog-building activities. I pinned the article, bookmarked the page, and copied the text into a note to myself on the desk top of my computer. I WILL put this to use! Thanks so much SITS Girls!
    Sandra Kohlmann recently posted..Meatless Monday Breakfast: Banana-Blueberry-Carrot Coffee Cake

  46. I needed to improve my tweeting! Thank you for the tips!
    JDaniel4′s Mom recently posted..Olympic for Kids- A Gold Medal Lunch

  47. This is a GREAT article! I’ve been looking for something like this for quite some time because I’m someone who sometimes needs someone else to give tips on exactly what needs to be done. This will be extremely helpful to me and I’m sure to others as well. Thank you for sharing!
    Felicia recently posted..An Interview with Felicia

  48. Loved this article! I am fairly new to blogging and sometimes it’s hard to get a handle on everything you think you have to do to promote your blog and grow your readership. This is an extremely helpful list. I will start implementing the twitter, facebook, & google+ tips right away!!
    Anna Hettick recently posted..The Journey or The Accomplishment

  49. This was a terrific article – very helpful! I will incorporate the Twitter ideas right away. Thanks, Stefanie!
    Lynn Kellan recently posted..I’ve seen Superman out of his uniform…

  50. Such great tips! I tend to do all of my following/Liking at the end of the week, but I think the big takeaway is to do SOMETHING. Every. Single. Day. I think we forget after we have been blogging for a while that the little tasks we do may not provide instant gratification, but rather their impact is long-term.

    Never let a day go to waste. You will have to make up for it eventually. ;)
    Angie Nelson recently posted..5 Tips To Keep Your Blog Alive During a Dry Spell


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