Signs Your Pinterest Account is Hacked! {Spam Pinterest}

Do you know how to recognize whether your Pinterest account has been hacked?

Learn the signs you need to keep an eye out for and how to identify spam links.

Spam Pinterest

This isn’t the first time hacking has happened on the social media megasite, Pinterest, but it is the first time it’s hit so close to my own boards. At first, I thought it was just spammy links. Then, the light bulb finally went off and I realized it wasn’t just sneaky spam, but hacking.

Could you be hacked or repinning hacked pins on Pinterest?

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    My website,, offers a solution for protecting your pin data from hackers, accidents, and computer glitches. A Pin4ever backup lets you save a copy of all your pins, boards, and likes on your own computer. Anyone can get a free backup right now, so be sure to check it out!

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    Thanks! I was hacked for the second time…the first was what was described above. This week I was made to follow dozens of fake accounts with millions of followers (so someone is selling followers and hacking our accounts to follow those fake accounts)…very frustrating.

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    Wow, this is scary. It didn’t take long for the spammers to make their way into Pinterest. I’ve seen some really trashy pins lately that aren’t “pinterest worthy” from a lot of these shady internet marketers. Stay away! LOL

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    Twitter was hacked once, which I can understand. Like some others commenting here I’m thinking too “Really? Hacking Pinterest? Who has the time…?” Haha but, of course, it just still happens.

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    Yep, I’ve been hacked. Changed my password and deleted it…good to go. I agree with the previous poster though: who has time to hack something as silly as Pinterest? Sheesh. I mean, I love pinterest, but it doesn’t seem like there’s a big benefit to hacking a large bookmarking site. Is that my ignorance showing through?

  7. says

    My twitter account has been hacked into about two times, I am a lot wiser now, thanks for the enlightenment.

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    I just opened a Pinterest account but I will probably handle it like my other social media accounts and change the password frequently. I hate hackers! Seriously, who has time to hack into random people’s accounts?

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    My pinterest account was hacked a few weeks ago. Someone created a board about making money from home. Luckily this doesn’t happen to me very often. Changed my password and deleted the board.