Five Ways to Thank a Fellow Blogger {How to Thank}

If you’re a blogger, you probably spend a large part of your time reading other peoples blogs. And as a blogger you know how much you love to receive comments, and how great it is to see you readership numbers rising.

You’re probably already aware of the more obvious ways to thank a fellow blogger, such as becoming a follower, or leaving a nice comment.

But how else do you show your appreciation?


How to Thank a Blogger

How to thank another blogger is not always easy, but here are five ideas to get you connected and build lasting relationships online.

Think of it as leaving a “virtual tip” to show appreciation for the blogs you love to read…

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  3. Vicki M Taylor says

    This is a great post and a helpful way to thank other bloggers. We all need to go the extra mile.

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    First of all, let it be know that the new design looks AMAZING!!! :) Secondly, I cannot wait to check this out, as I am a big fan of thanking fellow bloggers…without the support of community, what are we really? 😉

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      I totally agree with you re: supporting fellow bloggers. I try not to be a sideline supporter and blog hop as often as I can. Btw, I enjoy your blog. Hilarious!