Turn those Pinners into Followers!

We all know that Pinterest can be a great source of traffic for bloggers. The problem with Pinterest is turning those quick click-throughs into loyal readers. We want to turn every person that clicks on your blog through Pinterest into a loyal reader. But how?

Converting Pinterest users to readers isn’t easy, but you can do this! These tips will help you increase your page views and grow your readership.

How to Turn Pinterest Traffic into Long Term Traffic

Pinterest is the hot, new traffic source that is blowing all the other social media platforms out of the water. Are you using the power of Pinterest to reach a new audience? With a few tips and tricks you can harness the awesome power of Pinterest for your blog.

If you ask many popular bloggers they will say that most of their traffic now comes from this one source. It doesn’t replace other forms of social media, which can still be used effectively in other ways, but one well-done and well-placed pin on Pinterest can bring more traffic and people who might never have found your blog any other way.

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    All the points you mentioned over here are not just practical but also bring better results than any other. This guide is really going to help newbies learn going viral over social networks.

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    I only recently began noticing how beneficial it was to pin my posts and interact with my pin-friendly followers! Thanks for the advice on making my posts more pinnable! 😀