Why You Should Attend a Blog Conference & Giveaway!

Kelly from Mom Got Blog! is here today to share a very special idea that she pitched to Tiffany and I many weeks ago.  We’re inspired by Kelly’s generous heart and her willingness to help others move their blogs forward…

Time to Get Engaged

No, I am not talking about someone grabbing a knee to pop the question, but if that is the case for you, Congratulations!!

This is a little bit different.

Now that I think about it, maybe I am grabbing a knee to offer a gem. Will you accept? I hope so!

Last October, after hearing so much about the Bloggy Boot Camps (BBC) put on by The SITS Girls, I decided it was time for me to put my fear aside and attend a conference. I was a tad too late for the one in Philadelphia, so I looked into Boston. This was within driving distance and tickets were available. I put my fear aside and bought my entrance to my very first blog conference.

Now, you may be asking yourself why on earth I was fearful of going to a conference. Well, for one, I had not met a single blogger other than through my computer screen. I was a little nervous.  I didn’t know what to expect. Second, even though I have been blogging for two years, I still feel like a newbie at times and wasn’t sure if I would get the information I needed.

blog conferenceWhen the big day finally arrived, I was thrilled with my decision to go!  Not only did I meet bloggers, but I also became fast friends with most of them! Everyone was so warm and friendly and all there for the same purpose: to learn how to make our blogs better. Speaker after speaker stepped forward to give their presentation and each brought a wealth of knowledge to share. The content that was scheduled was nonstop and fantastic. I was challenged to really think about my blog and the goals I have set both now and in the future. I learned how to post pictures, how to write headlines, how to properly pitch a brand, and how I could make my blog into a business, if I chose to do so.

With so much information, I felt empowered to make the changes I needed to bring my blog to the next level.  It felt as though I could breathe life into a few ideas I’d had on the back burner. I was able to focus on a plan and start the process of taking steps toward my goals. For the first time in two years, I was surrounded by a group of people I was proud to call peers.  These were all women who understood and shared a passion for writing and the medium of blogging.

I am so glad that I bought that ticket!

One idea that floated around my mind for a few weeks after BBC was how could I take what I learned and help another blogger? How could I help someone to…

Engage in their audience, conversation, education, knowledge, and themselves?

Then I realized that WAS the idea! To help you engage in all of those things.

Here is my proposal:

I want to invest in YOU and help you set goals and learn how to take your blog to the next level. I want you to engage in yourself, your audience, your knowledge, in conversation with your peers, but most of all, in your education.  If you have wanted to attend a Bloggy Boot Camp conference but have been on the fence about going, get down and go! It is so worth it! You will benefit from all those things and more!

I want to make it easier for you to attend the Denver and Atlanta Bloggy Boot Camps, and The SITS girls are helping me turn this idea into a reality!

The SITS Girls have been kind enough to provide a ticket to the Denver Bloggy Boot Camp on September 17 to a reader on my site, Mom Got Blog! Not only will there be a ticket to attend Denver, but there will also be a ticket to Atlanta on October 22 that I provide!  That’s right! Two lucky readers will have the opportunity to win a free ticket through SITS and Mom Got Blog!

To enter, simply stop by Mom Got Blog and answer this question:

Why you would like to attend a Bloggy Boot Camp and how will you engage?

Comments will be accepted through Monday, August 1, and winners announced on Tuesday, August 2.

Will you say yes?  Will you be engaged?  Head over to Mom Got Blog and enter today!

And if you are feeling particularly brave, be sure to send The SITS Girls your video to become a Bloggy Boot Camp speaker!  You can read more details here.  It’s a fantastic way to build your public speaking skills and grow your audience.

More about Kelly…

women conferenceKelly is a wife, mom of 2 teenagers, and has recently started her freelance writing career. When not running here or there for after-school activities, she can be found running or cycling the roads, speed skating on the ice or working on finishing her latest book. Kelly is the author of Mom Got Blog, a unique place on the web where she shares her passion for writing, family, and the quirky-ins-and-outs of daily life. You will also find she has a passion for food, writing great family recipes and kitchen tips on Mom Got Food and the latest on sports and fitness on Mom Got Game.

About Francesca

One of two behind The SITS Girls and Bloggy Boot Camp. Believer that this community is a movement, and not just a website. Currently on a quest for unending free WiFi & stronger caffeine. I'd love to get to know you better: Find me on Twitter @FranBanducci and on Google+.
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  1. says

    I’ve signed up for the Atlanta SITS bloggy bootcamp! (eek!) My first blog conference, but I happened to be going to Atlanta that week anyway with my jewelery, so tagging this on at the end.

    Very nervous and excited too – any tips?


  2. says

    I am really, really putting a conference wish on my 2012 wishlist. I want to go to one next year!

  3. says

    Oh, what a wonderful idea! I was able to go to the Seattle BBC and had a great time. Like you I was so glad to have made the move and bought my ticket. Both Denver and Atlanta are too far for me right now, but I hope someone great wins and has an equally great experience.

  4. says

    I would love to attend the Bloggy Boot Camp to help learn more tools to make my blog (and me) better. My blog’s fairly new, still small and growing, doesn’t have a ton of followers and I’m not made of money unfortunetly. For the time being, winning would probably be my only opportunity to attend. I would engage by seeking out other bloggers to chat with and learn bits of wisdom from them as well. I’ve heard such amazing things about blogging conferences so I couldn’t imagine meeting so many amazing people.

    • says

      Every kind of blogger attends. In fact, there were people in attendance that did not have a blog yet! They were thinking about starting one and wanted to learn more about it! How awesome is that?

      You will gain so much, you will be amazed.

  5. says

    I’ve never gone because A: It’s been a few years and I only have a few followers, so I’m thinking it would be rather lonely. B: I can’t figure out how to do anything with Facebook other than get a page to sometimes post, so wicked networking skills aren’t working here. C: I have no interest in trying to earn $ on my blog. If someone lectured about HOW to do more with social networking, and not just saying “do it!”, I might go. (As in, how to personalize a FB page, where to attract more followers who will actually read the blog, etc.)
    I would love to learn, but I’m not entirely convinced it would be beneficial, and the $ is tight.
    I’m glad other people enjoy them though; good on them. :)

    • says

      Rest assured you do not need a ton of followers, networking is easy as talking to a friend and not everyone at the conference wants their blog as a business. And I know at the Boston BBC there was a session for Facebook! I never felt talked at, and was impressed that inbetween speakers, Tiffany & Fran gave “mini” presentations, like how to get post ideas from Keywords and Google Adwords. I learned so much in one day it was amazing.

      If you have an opportunity to attend, I know you will enjoy it.

  6. says

    I already have my ticket to Atlanta, and I can’t wait! Only the hotel left to book, and I’m looking forward to meeting many of you there!

  7. says

    I attend my first blog conference (BBCSEA) in June. I was just as nervous in the beginning about going too…but am so glad I went. It was one of the best times I have had in a long time. I now feel like I can do more conferences…but this was the perfect one for my very first one! :)

  8. says

    I’d love to go to a conference, especially Bloggy Boot Camp. And I would, but it’s not just the registration fee. It’s transportation, hotel, and this annoying need to eat, like, three times a day.

    • says

      I completely understand- Some cost saving tips could be sharing a room, & carpooling (if close enough). This is just a small way that I can help someone save and hopefully put that cost toward trans/hotel/food.

  9. says

    I knew I should have attended the conference in San Diego. I’m not a young mommy blogger like I always see in the pictures from your conferences, so I didn’t figure you’d want an old lady like me partying it up with y’all but after reading this blog I think I could brave it. Thanks for always including such great info and blogs on your site. Keeps me in touch!

    • says

      You should soooo brave it!!! The Bloggy Boot Camps are not just for mommy bloggers, but for ALL bloggers. I met some amazing food bloggers and craft bloggers too. Young and “Well seasoned” and ages inbetween made up a room full of fun, laughs and brain power. I would bet you a cookie you would learn volumes and meet fantastic friends! :)

  10. says

    Wow, that is such a generous offer. How wonderful of you and SITS! When I first joined the conference was in San Francisco but I was so new and green I didn’t attend. I could kick myself now. I live so close to the city. Even with a free ticket, I still couldn’t manage to travel to these other ones. I’m trying to prepare for the Las Vegas one in 2012. Wish me luck!

    • says

      I think you will be so happy to attend Vegas! I have that on my list too…maybe we will be able to meet eachother! FIngers crossed!

  11. says

    Aw. That sounds like it was cool. Right now, with my busy life I’m lucky I get a couple hours away with a babysitter sometimes. Maybe one day a conference would be fun to go to.

    • says

      The BBC is fantastic! The SITS girls work very hard at bringing topics and speakers that address universal things that bloggers want to know. Check each conference for the speakers and what they will be speaking about. It’s all good!

  12. says

    I definitely encourage you to go to Bloggy Boot Camp! It’s terrific! I’ve been to two, and learned so much both times. So fun to meet bloggers you read, and you’ll come away with gazillions of ideas.

    • says

      I could not agree with you more Lynn!! I loved my Boston BBC and I hope to add more next year. I really learned so so much!

  13. says

    Bloggy Conference sounds great, but the conference needs to come a little further South for me to be able to attend :(

    • says

      I hope that will happen for you!! I’m sure you would enjoy this conference. If you cannot attend, be sure to follow the current hashtag on Twitter- Lots of great info is tweeted out!

  14. says

    I can’t get over how supportive and lovely this idea is! It inspired me to get on the Chicago waitlist, even though I am scared of going to a conference and seeming like a blogging fraud!

    • says

      Dear Angela- you are nothing of the sort!! You are a true blogger and a wonderful one at that!! I am so glad you went for it and got on the wait list! Chicago will be amazing!!

  15. says

    Oh I wish I knew about all the boot camps when it was in San Diego. I am new so I had
    No idea how wonderful it was. I hope someone takes advantage of your generous opportunity
    If I lived closer I would be there. Vegas will be my turn can’t wait.
    Thanks ladies

  16. says

    Brilliant idea on your part: this should generate a lot of interest, and get a lot of folks moving in a potentially life changing direction! Good job! Heading over to your blog, now!

    • says

      Thank you Susan!! I hope it does generate some interest! :) This conference series is fantastic and I think everyone should try to go at least once!