Best Bill Cosby Quote

This past weekend we spent a wonderful day with 140 wonderful women {and 2 men!}.

We spoke about blogging, SEO, and all the topics you’d expect at a blogging conference.

But we also talked about life. Because blogging is about life.

My presentation was simply slides with quotes that moved me personally and worked to start conversation. I thought it would be fun to share them with you as well.

So, here is the first:

Is that the truth or what? This Bill Cosby quote just reminds me to stay focused.

To follow my gut.

To stay true to myself.

So important to remember in life, and in blogging.

Do your thing.

Don’t worry about everyone else.

Follow your bliss. Live your passion.

Stay true to you and magic will happen.


  1. Well I don’t know about success, but pleasing everyone else has definitely kept me from saving my legs this week!
    Jennifer@ The Mommy Mambo recently posted..When I Look in the Mirror

  2. Love this quote. Bill Cosby is the best. I miss the Cosby show. One of those classic shows that you find yourself watching if it comes on while flipping through the channels.
    Mindi recently posted..Wordless (ish) Wednesday: About the Weekend I Ditched My Camera

  3. That such a great quote! No one can please everybody. I say focus on those that are most important to you first and worry about the others later.
    krystle recently posted..Knight of the Dragon Toddler Costume [Review]

  4. What a great quote!
    Joyness Sparkles recently posted..Miss Pettigrew Live For A Day, By Winnifred Watson

  5. Yes! Well said Mr. Cosby!!! :)
    Kassi @ Truly Lovely recently posted..Pallet Welcome Sign

  6. that’s such a great quote – so funny, i recently blogged about this very topic – not letting the opinions of others dictate your path….the post is called “courage”….check it out sometime :)

  7. Absolutely wonderful!
    misssrobin recently posted..Post-it Note Therapy

  8. Love Bill Cosby! Probably because I grew up watching The Cosby Show. Every time I dress my kids in snow suits I think of the episode where he gets the youngest all dressed in her snow suit and then she has to go to the bathroom. I have a new appreciation for how fun he is now that I’m a parent!!
    Stephanie’s Mommy Brain recently posted..Menu Plan Monday :: April 23, 2012

  9. I followed my gut. It led me to making pasta with sardines.
    None of my family went along for the ride.
    But I knew I was right.
    Come read about it!
    Susan in the Boonies recently posted..Sicilian Style Pasta with Sardines

  10. Tiffany, BBC was great! I learned so much. You and Fran brought great energy and information to the day! And I totally agree, trying to please everyone is the path to disaster. Thanks!

  11. Great advice! So simple and so true!
    Ashley recently posted..Lucky in Love – Casino Date Idea

  12. Great advice. And a nice post to ready on a rainy Monday morning. Thanks!
    another jennifer recently posted..Perspective

  13. I love Bill Cosby. Though I’ve never heard this quote. Last year my husband and I got to see him LIVE. It was a treat. I still can’t get this old routine about chocolate cake out of my mind.
    Laura recently posted..In Case You Feel Like the Wrong Mama For Your Kids

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