Getting Ready For Your First Blog Conference

We are almost two months into 2014 and the blog conferences are starting up! Every year we are excited to see old friends and meet new ones as well. The beauty of our Women Get Social conferences is that they are intimate and we can meet everyone that takes time out of their life to come to a live event. If you are attending your first blog conference you are probably racking your mind with questions.

Here are the ten steps to getting ready for your first blog conference!

10 Steps to Attending Your First Blog Conference

Deciding that you’re ready to take on your first blogging conference can be a really exciting, yet really scary step up the ladder in the life of a blogger. There are a million things to consider: Which one to attend? How much will it cost? Will you know anyone? What do you wear? Try not to stress out – here are the top ten things to plan for and consider when you’re getting ready for your first blogging conference.

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  1. Nathaniel says:

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  2. Dangit I really should have gone to the one in the twin cities this past year! Now none of them are close by!!
    Amanda @ Diary of a Semi-Health Nut recently posted..Nutty M+M Power Bites Recipe

  3. I am hoping to attend a conference soon, just unsure which conference to attend at this point.
    Karen recently posted..Just Checking In…

  4. I’m looking forward to attending my first conference this year, the Atlanta one! Thanks so much for these tips!
    Tenns @ New Mama Diaries recently posted..My Struggle Lately…A Sleepless Baby, Daddy, & Mama!

  5. Didn’t even know these existed! Sounds really fun! Thanks for sharing

  6. One of these days I am going to be able to join all y’all at a blog conference!
    Mamapotamus recently posted..House Hunting

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  8. I can’t wait until I can finally get to one of these ;)
    amy sue recently posted..Spring Fling Giveaway

  9. Have a great day!
    almostsinglemom recently posted..My unbroken heart

  10. I am seriously considering attending the one STL!! I will be on the look out for giveaways for tickets…someone said SITS sometimes has giveaways for the camps!
    Would love to meet everyone and learn!
    Emily Doughty recently posted..Stuffed Bell Peppers! Crock Pot Style

  11. Maybe things will turn around within the next few months so I can afford to go to a blogging conference. I wish there were some in Nashville so I wouldn’t have to pay for travel costs!
    Ashlee recently posted..How Much Water Should You Drink Every Day?

  12. Another pinnable post, thanks ladies!
    Jennifer-Mommy Life After Ph.D. recently posted..Clean and Dirty Secrets: Toddlers are GROSS

  13. Thanks so much! I am really hoping to attend my 1st Conference this year so these will be greatly appreciated the closer I get.
    Tiffany recently posted..I’m The Kinda Girl Who…{you should get to know}

  14. I’m actually starting to get nervous about a work-related conference I have in April, so this is perfect timing :) Thanks!
    Charlotte recently posted..Valentine’s Day recap

  15. I haven’t been to one yet, but I REALLY want to go to one!
    Ashley @ Married to the Game recently posted..The Boys Behind the Blog

  16. I took the double leap! I’m speaking at the first blog conference I’ll attend this June! Great post! Thanks!
    Erica recently posted..Yum! Meatloaf Lasagna is a Crowd-Pleasing Fun New Dish! #Recipe

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