How To Make Friends and Banish the Lonely

make friends

Happy Friday, y’all! Welcome back to our two-part series on friendship. Lori Rogers from My Evident Faith is here again to help us understand ways to make new friends and banish the lonely. We started with a focus on how to maintain friendships and live your best life. Now, we’re striking out and talking about […]

Learning How to Keep Friendship Alive: Time & Effort Required!

old friendships

Learning how to keep friendship and live your best life becomes a much more complicated task as you get older. Work, kids, family obligations, holidays, they all pile up and take time away from maintaining friendship. Lori Rogers from My Evident Faith is here with us today to help us learn how to keep our […]

How To Enjoy Valentine’s Day – Whether You’re In A Relationship Or Not

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is nigh! Some of us relish the day as we get showered with gifts and pampered. Others…not so much. Charlotte from My Pixie Blog is here to help all of us make the most of the holiday – regardless of our relationship status on Facebook! Just before Christmas, a coworker returned from a […]

How To Help Raise Awareness for Congenital Heart Defects

Congenital Heart Defects

Did you know that it’s Congenital Heart Defect Week? There is so much awareness that needs to be built up, as Nanette from Heart Baby Home shares with us today. Do you remember being almost 16 years old? High school. Driver’s Ed. Boys! When I was nearly 16, my oldest sister had her first baby. […]

5 Ways To Go From Blah to Bliss

How To Be In a Good Mood

Our third installment in our series on well-being will help show you how to be in a good mood more often. Kim from Adventures in Blogging shares 5 ways to go from blah to bliss! Do you ever have one of those days? A day when you’re unhappy for no specific reason? A day when […]

How To Reduce Stress

reduce stress

Continuing in our series about your well-being is a great post today about how to reduce stress in your life. Are you up to the challenge that Gina from Slappy In The Face is doing? A few months ago I went to the doctor for headaches. They couldn’t find anything wrong, but suggested that it […]

How To Spot and Treat Depression – A Personal Story

Spot Depression

This week, Food and Lifestyle focuses on YOUR well-being and state of mind. Identifying and getting over depression is something that many, many women struggle with – often in silence. Today, Lindsay from Leelala shares her personal story about her struggle with depression in a very lovely way. I am so excited to be here […]

How To Organize The Home As A Visual Processor

Thinking Businessman Staring at Empty Chairs

We’re finishing up our series on organizing today with a fascinating article from Eternal Voyageur. Did you know that how you process information best can help guide how your home should be organized? Well, it can! This piece provides tips for people who are visual processors. It’s awesome! Are You A Visual Processor? We all […]

How To Get Your Kids Out The Door Without Pulling Your Hair Out

time Management for Children

Time management for children is never an easy thing to teach. My child, Princess Pokey Pants, can’t get out the door on time with 3 hours to spare! Good thing Sharon from Mom of 6 is here to teach me, and all of you, how to change all that lolly-gagging! So when you were working […]

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