Homemade Natural Lip Balm

Homemade lip balm recipe with coconut oil and honey. This is the best DIY moisturizing lip balm I've tried. It is easy to make and uses natural ingredients.

The one beauty product I use on a daily basis is a moisturizing lip balm. Whether I’m heading out to work, a play date with my kids, or a date night with my husband, I always have lip balm on hand. The weather can really dry out your lips and make them appear rough and chapped, […]

Homemade Honey Body Scrub

Homemade honey beauty scrub great for keeping your skin smooth and healthy. It also makes a great DIY gift.

The Transition from spring to summer is my favorite season. I get to enjoy the gorgeous blue skies, the cool breeze and the warm sun all day long. You’ll catch me outside enjoying time with my husband and 3 little ones while we bike to the beach, do a little shopping, and catch a few […]

DIY Coconut Oil Salt Scrub With Rosemary And Mint


It’s amazing how many self-care products you can make or replace with coconut oil. I figure, with all of the health benefits it has to offer, why not use it wherever I can, right? You can make deodorant, diaper cream, vapor rub, shaving cream, cuticle ointment, toothpaste…I mean, the list goes on and on. You […]

Oil Pulling (Yes You Should!)


If you’re not already on the coconut oil bandwagon, you should be! It has so many uses around the house. There’s the obvious ones like replacing any vegetable oils in recipes, stir-frying, melting on popcorn, or spreading on toast. Beyond that, some people swear by it’s health benefits. One use I was really curious about […]

Invisalign: Does it hurt?

Invisalign for Teens

“Does it hurt?” This is question I hear often as a member of Invisalign’s Mom Advisory Board. Those of us that grew up with traditional wire and brackets as our only teeth-straightening option automatically associate pain with our experience. The tightening, the scraping, the overall discomfort. Since my son began his complimentary treatment with Invisalign, […]

Does Invisalign Work?


Since beginning my work with Invisalign’s Mom Advisory Board and starting my son’s complimentary treatment over a year ago, I have been asked over and over again, “Does Invisalign really work?”. For my son, the answer is a resounding, “YES!”. Invisalign is an excellent alternative to traditional wire and brackets for straightening teeth. He loves […]

DIY 10 Minute Citrus Sugar Scrub (+Linky To Get Featured)

diy citrus sugar scrub recipe

With summer here, so is the manicure and pedicure madness! But, how do you keep your fingers and toes (not to mention your elbows and knees) looking their best? A DIY 10 Minute Citrus Sugar Scrub is the perfect solution. It’s gentle on skin, it’s all natural, and it smells divine! Keep reading to learn […]

29 Beauty And Style Blog Post Ideas

style blog post ideas

Bloggers are writers at heart. But as much as we love to share our words, sometimes they get blocked. Stuck in our heads. When that happens, it is helpful to look at prompts for blog post ideas. Beauty and Style Blog Post Ideas Now that you have your fancy new blog, it’s time to start […]

Smile Down the Aisle


Oh weddings. Don’t you just love them? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said, “If only Pinterest were alive when I was planning my wedding. Sigh.” So many beautiful, creative and unique ideas to make a wedding wonderful. Have you seen the gorgeous center pieces made of succulents that are all the rage? […]

Braces or Invisalign?

Invisalign for Teens

My son is 12. Officially a tween and “enjoying” all the glorious changes middle school and puberty bring. We knew braces were coming up and we had some decisions to make regarding orthodontics. Since my son plays travel baseball year round, traditional braces were a bit scary. We had seen a player hit with a […]

French Manicure How To: Complete with Pedicure Pics!

french manicure how to

Looking for a french manicure how to? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place! This DIY tutorial takes you through a how to french manicure…for your toes. And we’ve even got pedicure pics to boot! French Manicure How To Every spring when the weather begins to change, I cringe to think of all of […]

13 Holiday Hair Styles To Make You Look & Feel Fabulous

holiday hair

Holiday Hair! Is there anything more intimidating than trying to figure out hairstyle ideas to make you look and feel fabulous during the holiday season. Here are 13 holiday hair styles that are sure to be the answer you are looking for. 13 Holiday Hairstyle Ideas Hair can be an intimidating thing. We all want […]

Spring Makeup 2012: Color You Just Can’t Miss

makeup looks 2012

Natalia, our French connection from Ma Nouvelle Mode, is here again today to get us ready for spring. She is chatting about makeup looks for the fabulous spring makeup 2012 season. You might remember Natalia from when she was with us in December. She wrote about how to wear lipstick in a bold, bold way, […]

How To Have A Great Holiday Hairstyle

We’re back today with another post in our holiday party look series! Monday, Natalia showed you how to wear lipstick in a bold and beautiful way. Now, she’ll share some great party hairstyles! Now I don’t know about you ladies, but I am a mother of two boys. Two very active boys. I don’t have […]

How To Wear Bold Lips

It’s holiday party season! If the idea of having to take off your yoga pants and fix your face fills you with dread, no worries! SITStah Natalia is here this whole week with three fabulous posts on creating fabulous holiday looks for your face, hair and wardrobe. We’re kicking off today with a tutorial and […]

How To Make A DIY Hair Bow Holder

We’re continuing our series of great how-to craft tutorials with SITStah Mandy from The Fabulous Baby Striblings today. On Monday, she showed you how to make a no-sew growth chart, and today, an adorable hair bow holder for all of your daughter’s hair accessories! Here is how you make a DIY hair bow holder. I […]

Weekly Wrap Up & Makeup Tips

makeup tips and tricks

Another fabulous week came and went on SITS. Here are the posts you’ll want to make sure you read… Education Angela England, our resident ebook guru, provided us with tips on how to get started creating an ebook. She also provided a FREE worksheet to help you tap into your personal passion and choose a […]

Make Up and Beauty on a Budget

tips beauty

You all know how much I love Sephora. I delight in all the make up and beauty goodness they pedal to women like me who swoon over a new lipstick color and a product that brightens, lightens and makes you glow. But I also love a deal. Today, I thought it would be fun to […]

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