Snapshots and Snippets

featured blog snapshots and snippets

If you need great ideas for food, organization, gardening, or pretty much anything else, you are going to love today’s featured blogger, Snapshots and Snippets. Hi My name is Amber and I live in a small corner of Ireland with my two daughters and many, many pets. I started blogging in 2006 and just used it […]

The Organized Dream

featured blogger the organized dream

Do you need more organization in your life? Then you are going to love today’s featured blogger, The Organized Dream, as she helps you organize everything in your life – even your blogging. Hey! I’m Kate and I’m the founder/author of The Organized Dream. My blog pertains to everything home and life. Creativity is my thing. […]

Amateur Nester

featured blogger amateur nester

Today’s featured blogger, Amateur Nester, writes to share her journey with infertility. But more than that, she write to share her hope, and that is always a beautiful thing. I chronicle my own journey with infertility while encouraging other women going through the same experience. My goal is empower women to realize that infertility does not […]

Los Gringos Locos

featured blogger Los Gringos Locos

Today’s featured blogger, Los Gringos Locos, made a huge life change when she and her family moved to Mexico. You will enjoy reading about all their adventures, and maybe even be inspired to make a move of your own one day. Tina lives abroad in Mexico with her husband and four children. She is busy homeschooling, […]

Victoria Secret Window

featured blogger victoria secret window

If you are looking for a little inspiration today, you are going to love our featured blogger, Victoria Secret Window. Victoria Secret Window is dedicated to the spirit of a WOMAN. What a woman maybe thinking, how she may be feeling, and what makes a woman feel SPECIAL. Victoria Secret Window offers a view of “how […]

Mama in the Now

mama in the now featured blogger

You are going to love today’s featured blogger, Mama in the Now, as she shares pieces of her life, thoughts on parenting, and strives to live every moment of life in the NOW. It is a great goal! Hejsa! I am a Danish American mama to four boys! I report live from the trenches of motherhood, […]

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