The Beauty Section

beauty section featured blogger

Today’s featured blogger, The Beauty Section, is going to inspire you to up your style game. Hey everyone!! I’m Anna, born and raised in Georgia. I seriously think I love everything girly, but especially all things beauty. I love trying out new products and telling you exactly what I think about them. Believe me girl, I’m […]

Becomin Neurotic


Today’s featured blogger, Becomin Neurotic, reaches deep into her heart to share stories, life moments, and great self care ideas. You will be inspired by the honesty and realness in her writing. My name is Tia. I write about my life with chronic illness, depression, and anxiety. Some stories are happy, some are not, but they’re […]

Coffee Beans and High Heels

coffee beans and high heels featured blog

If you have been looking to orangize your blogging and your life, this is your lucky day! Our featured blogger, Coffee Beans and High Heels, has some great organization tips that will set you on the right path. Orly is a 19-year-old girl, who will be majoring in Journalism this fall. She loves to read, drink […]

Thrifting Diva

Thrifting Diva Featured Blogger

Do you wish you could update your wardrobe without having to break into every piggy bank in your house? Today’s featured blogger, Thrifting Diva, is going to be your new best friend. Navy lawyer, wife, mom and thriftaholic! I might be allergic to paying full price for anything but absolutely love to look great. This thrifting […]

Pretty Lil Mudder

Pretty Lil Mudder Featured Blogger

Today’s featured blogger, Pretty Lil Mudder, will inspire you to get up off the couch and get healthy. I’m Montana, a 28 year old runner and obstacle course racer! I started my blog to document my fitness journey, love of racing, and general fitness tips I pick up along the way. I never liked running when […]


Featured Blogger Whimsicle

Blogging is more fun with friends. Today’s featured blog is run by two friends who share the ups and downs of parenting, and lots of great ideas to make your parenting journey easier. We think you will enjoy Whimsicle just as much as we do. Life with kids is fun but also a tad messy, thus our […]

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