Orange Mint Detox Water Recipe

The best detox water recipe with orange, mint, and coconut.

I am a hopeless Coka-Cola drinker. I know it’s not good for me. My one vice is Mexican Coke in a bottle. I only allow myself ONE a day. Oh, do I look forward to that one. That being said, I typically drink my one Coke at lunch, which leaves me looking for something good […]

Skinny Cupcakes: 5 Guilt-Free Cupcake Recipes Your Family Will Love

You won't believe what healthy ingredients are used in these cupcakes, or how AMAZING they taste until you try them for yourself! These skinny cupcakes are a low calorie way to treat yourself and your family.

Look at these cupcakes. Pretty yummy…right? Let me back up. Every morning, I sit down at my desk and work. While I work, I watch the basic morning lineup. I love me some Hoda and Kathie Lee. Let’s face it…these women have my job. I want to get up have my hair and make up […]

No Bake Key Lime Pie In A Mug

This simple layered key lime pie dessert is easy to make (no baking!) and looks great.

When I say this No Bake Key Lime Pie is good…it doesn’t do it justice. It is amazing. My family loved it, too. In the time it took me to write this post, they were ALL GONE. I only got one bite! I guess that is just a good excuse to make more this week. […]

Heritage in the Kitchen With The Perfect Sugar Cookies

Perfect Sugar Cookies Recipe

My love of cooking and being in the kitchen was sparked at a young age. I have lots of warm memories that revolve around helping in the kitchen, celebrating family, and being around food. I was encouraged to participate, creating an active memory process that helped build a heritage of recipes that I treasure so […]

12 Recipes For The Big Game


Loads of people are gearing up to watch the big game next weekend, and there’s little enjoyed more while watching than some delicious easy-to-eat appetizers. Game day food is serious business. Fortunately, there are some amazing recipes out there to share – so stay with me and get ready to take your taste buds by storm! Game […]

Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

Pink Lemonade Cupcake Recipe

I don’t consider myself a baker. Quite frankly, I have no idea where all of the gadgets in my kitchen came from. Perhaps wedding presents. Let’s go with that. What I lack in actual baking skills, I make up for in my ability to understand and follow directions, while knowing where I want to make […]

5 Foods I’m Learning To Cook This Month

5 foods I'm learning to cook this month.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to pick out some new recipes to try. Today we’re sharing ideas for five classic foods. For each type of food, I’ll share a few recipes to help you get started, so you can master the perfect pancakes, grill scrumptious steaks, bake beautiful brownies, and more…even […]

10 Benefits Of Lemon Detox Water

Adding warm lemon detox water to your morning routine is a simple change you can make with huge results.

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe it’s a commitment thing, maybe it’s because I’m so darn busy I never have a moment to sit down and figure out what the heck I would do…it’s probably the commitment thing. That said, I’m the first one to make little changes that are easy to implement. I […]

Make Dinner Easy With Two Simple Rice Recipes


I’ve been eating Minute® Rice since I was a kid. I had a busy mom who had to get dinner on the table, and now I AM a busy mom who has to get dinner on the table. Thank you, Minute® Ready To Serve Rice, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. There […]

Quick & Easy Asian Noodles

Quick Easy Asian Noodles

I am no chef. I make salmon, spaghetti, tacos, cheese quesadillas…lather, rinse, repeat… Enter The Taste. I became a bit obsessed with this show over the holiday break. OK a LOT OBSESSED. Like…I could watch Anthony Bourdain and Chef Ludo all day. Those chefs are making artwork on one spoon! You know what that means? […]

4 DIY Detox Waters

4 DIY Detox Waters

A new year brings a new you! Healthy living can be more than a resolution, it can be a way of life. Make a few subtle choices and over time, you can make a big difference! Did you know that 75% of Americans are considered chronically dehydrated? Flush those pesky toxins in your system using […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies


I have learned something very important about myself in the last month of cooking: I’m not a fan of measuring. I would much rather just estimate. When the kids are napping, I am a beast in the kitchen (a good kind of beast – a happy, pretty beast). I have absolutely ZERO self control when it […]

9 Food Presentation Tips

food styling tips

You invent a delicious recipe. Then you take the time to write it down and add an engaging story so it can be a great blog post. But do your pictures measure up to your food and word creations? Not always. These tips will help you to think of new food styling ideas so your […]

How to Improve Your Food Photography


When I first started blogging, I didn’t consider myself a food blogger. But, my blog has evolved, and today I definitely think it is my main niche. Food is my first passion, but only after starting my blog did I know photography would be a close second. With blogging, if you don’t have good photos, I’m sorry […]

DIY Patriotic Popcorn Recipe (+Linky To Get Featured)

july 4th popcorn

June is marching on quicker than a verse of Yankee Doodle Dandy! Before you know it, July will be here. And, along with July comes the celebration of our freedom! Be ready for your 4th of July holiday guests and late night firework shows with the perfect Patriotic Popcorn recipe! So get out your mixing bowls […]

How to Create Food Posts That Drive Thousands of Visits to Your Blog

food posts

Whether or not you’re a food blogger, it can be fun – and so beneficial for your blog – to write food posts.  Especially in the age of Pinterest, well-photographed and well-written food posts can drive thousands of visitors to your blog. And if you are interested in working with sponsors, there are so many […]

How To Write a Rockin’ Food Post and Get Readers To Your Blog

how to rock a food post

Recently, we began a series on how to blog successfully in your niche, focusing first on food blogging. Regardless of whether you are a bonafide food blogger or just someone who posts a recipe from time to time, these posts are for you! Our goal is make any post you create about food and cooking […]

DIY Spray Painted Homemade Cookies + Linky to Feature Your Content


Sometimes making homemade cookies can become monotonous and dull.  But, by adding a new and easy decorating technique, it will be fun and exciting again!  Using canned aerosol food coloring, (think spray paint for your cookie) you can create a gorgeous design in seconds!  Seriously, DIY Spray Painted Cookies makes cookie decorating fun! These might […]

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