Easy Oreo Ice Cream

The BEST easy Oreo ice cream recipe to make homemade ice cream without a machine. You only need three ingredients. Plus tips for making sea salt caramel ice cream, too. Delicious ice cream desserts for hot summer days.

We are on vacation in Michigan. It’s a lovely cottage on the beach. It’s not completely primitive. We have wifi, cable, and all the electronics a family could need. That said…it’s been a bit cold, so we’ve been having a little fun in the kitchen with kid friendly dessert recipes. A little bird told me […]

4th Of July Banana Pops

Cool down this summer with easy to make banana pops. Great recipe to get the kids in the kitchen. Give your banana pops a red, white, and blue theme, and they are an instant 4th of July treat.

My kiddos are FINALLY out of school. I’m convinced Chicago has the latest date going for the last day of school. While the kiddos are thrilled, camps don’t start for them until July, and mommy is looking for easy things for them to do. On a completely unrelated note…all they do is eat. So I’m […]

Overnight Oats With Chocolate And Strawberries

The easiest overnight oats recipe in a jar | Overnight Oatmeal With Chocolate And Strawberries | This is an easy breakfast recipe to put together the night before with no cooking - just pull the jar out of the refrigerator in the morning and the overnight oats are ready to eat!

I’ve been looking for healthy breakfast ideas. To that end, there are two things I have been meaning to add to my diet for the longest time: steel cut oatmeal and chia seeds. I’ve always read that steel cut oats are better than regular oats. But steel cut oats take so much longer to prepare, and […]

Mason Jar Salad: The Perfect Summer Salad Recipe

The easy way to prepare lunch: make-ahead mason jar salad recipe. You can make a week's worth of salads that are easy to grab on your way out of the door for work. The perfect healthy lunch recipe that doesn't require a lot of work or cooking.

I hereby declare this summer salad recipe the official dish of summer. In a word…BRILLIANT. I was working on my computer while some random talk show was on…maybe The Today Show. Anyway, this gentleman had lost a hundred pounds. Go him. The talking head woman asked him how he lost the weight, and one of […]

Summer Dessert Recipes: Chocolate Banana Pudding & Fruit Whip Pops

Two quick and easy summer treat recipes that will help you get in a dose of dairy and fun. Chocolate Banana Pudding Recipe | Fruit Whip Pops

Summer is officially upon us, and June is National Dairy month. We are working with The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) to ignite a healthy passion for refrigerated dairy foods, showing the delicious goodness that can come from the refrigerated dairy aisle for culinary and snack time inspiration to create quick and easy […]

Vanilla And Chocolate Pudding Pops

Add a twist of pudding to your classic summer popsicle recipe! Vanilla and chocolate pudding pops are easy to make and full of YUM! Add in chocolate chips for extra fun. | popsicle recipe | summer dessert recipe

We have one week left of school. With warm weather, and kids at home, I need easy treat options. Dixie cup popsicles were fun to make. In the comments, Amanda mentioned Jello popsicles. I wasn’t sure if she meant straight up Jello, or Jello Pudding. I’ve seen some great recipes for both…this round my kids and I […]

The Perfect S’mores Bars Recipe


Summer is not complete with at least a few bonfires that involve making s’mores with the kids. There is something about that roasted marshmallow and melted chocolate that make both kids and adults happy. There is something special about a dessert that you create outside as a group while debating about the technique for the […]

Mozza E Pom Wrap Recipe


What seems like a lifetime ago now, I used to trade stocks. Every day, I’d hop a bus downtown to the floor, stand in a pit, and yell numbers. Buy low, sell high…oh, and send your clerk out for lunch. Yep, I had a clerk. I loved having a clerk. Kinda wish I had a […]