According to Kelly


Today’s blogger is so cute I can hardly stand it. Plus, I’ve road-tripped with her so that make this even more special! This is the fabulous, crafty and uber-talented Kelly of According to Kelly. Here is what Kelly has to stay for herself. I’m Kelly, a cherry coke drinking, crushed ice loving, world-traveling, bike riding, […]

Waisting Time

Waisting Time

Good mornin’! Empty nesters and reformed yo-yo dieting go hand in hand with today’s featured blogger. Welcome Karen from Waisting Time! Here’s a little bit about Karen: My name is Karen and I’m a reforming yo-yo dieter, on my way to what I now consider a never-ending journey of healthy living.  I blog about my progress […]

Sharm’s Outlet

mom blogger

Hello! Today’s featured blogger is a former Montessori teacher who now blogs about her life and craft projects, as well as running her own Etsy shop with Montessori toys! It’s Sharm from Sharm’s Outlet. I am a mother to almost a 3 year old and a 13 year old and a wife to my best […]

I’m Domestic… Not Dead!

i'm domestic, not dead

I love the name of today’s featured blogger. She is a happy housewife and proud of it! Please welcome Alethea from I’m Domestic…Not Dead! Here’s a bit of Alethea’s story: One year and a few months ago, my children decided to grow up and skip off to elementary school.  I disagreed, but the state of […]

Freaky Perfect

Freaky Perfect

Hi there! We hope you all had a fantastic weekend. First up this week on our featured bloggers is a gal who celebrates the idea that nobody’s perfect. Say hi to Amy from Freaky Perfect! Listen to the origins of Amy’s blog: As a freelance writer, I started my blog as a way to rebel […]

{Not} So Single

interracial marriage

Happy Friday! It’s time for our last featured blogger this week. It’s a fascinating peek into interracial marriage. Say hello to Celina from {Not} So Single! Celina and her blog, in her own words: I am the MRS. A 20 something newlywed. I work full time, have [crazy/big/curly] hair and a laugh larger than life. […]

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