Among the Pots and Pans

Among The Pots And Pans Featured Blogger

Today’s featured blogger, Among the Pots and Pans, seeks to share good news about how you can make a positive difference in the world. Have a seat and pour yourself some coffee as we explore sustainable living, healthy foods, great books and more. My inspiration comes from Teresa of Avila’s words: “God walks among the pots […]

Diary Of An Urban Housewife

Diary Of An Urban Housewife Featured Blogger

You will love reading about all of the daily adventures of today’s featured blogger, Diary of an Urban Housewife. Hi, I’m Kate, my blog is about being a housewife in the city! We’ve lived in a number of large cities and are now taking on Amsterdam, Netherlands. I love writing about our traveling, raising our teenager […]

Shelly’s Cabaret


Today’s featured blogger, Shelly’s Cabaret, shares her life and what it is like to raise three girls in Hawaii. A cabaret is a place to let your hair down. Spirits may or may not be involved, but there is definitely live entertainment and at least one companion. That companion is Shelly and the place is Shelly’s […]

Southern Couture

Southern Couture

Get ready to get organized and take your craft game up a notch with today’s featured blogger, Southern Couture. Hello, I’m Bethany and I find joy in the small things in life. There is a certain happiness and satisfaction in imagining a new craft or project and then being able to create it yourself. I enjoy […]

Krafts and Kiddos

Krafts & Kiddos Featured Bloggers

You will get great ideas for fun crafts with your kids from today’s featured blogger, Krafts and Kiddos. Hello, I’m a crafty California native with 2 spunky kiddos. I absolutely love sharing creative ways to have fun with your kids at home, in the kitchen, outdoors, or wherever the day takes us. Crafting and baking are […]

Fruitful Vine Wife

Fruitful Vine Wife Featured Blogger

If you are looking for encouragement in your life as a stay-at-home mom, you are going to love today’s featured blogger, Fruitful Vine Wife. Hello! I’m Katie, a wife and once a corporate career woman turned stay-at-home mom. I write about my flourishing and floundering moments in marriage, motherhood, womanhood and natural living. I walk and […]

JO Social Branding

Jo Social Branding Featured Blogger

You will get great social media and marketing tips from today’s featured blogger, JO Social Branding. I started my blog to develop thought leadership with my digital media consulting business. I dedicated myself to blogging twice a week, to assist with SEO & cut down on the coffee invitations to prove my knowledge. Over time, the […]

Some Delightful Life

Some Delightful Life Featured Blogger

Get inspired to eat healthy and live compassionately as you read today’s featured blogger, Some Delightful Life. This blog is all about living as naturally and compassionately as possible, striving to be the healthiest you can, accepting you for you, embracing one another for our differences, exploration, my modeling adventures, motherhood and yummy plant-based recipes. My […]