The Penned Piper

The Penned Piper Featured Blogger

Get ready to expand your reading list. Today’s featured blogger, The Penned Piper, has some great book suggestions for you! Hi, my name is Mandi and I addicted to books. After returning back to the States after teaching abroad, I decided to give into my passion. I am full-time freelance writer who loves to blog about […]

The Kitten Kitchen

The Kitten Kitchen Featured Blogger

Amazing recipes await you from today’s featured blogger, The Kitten Kitchen. Hi! I’m Daniele Cusentino. During the day, I’m an editor at a marketing agency in Cincinnati. At night, my hands morph into spatulas and whisks so I can practice my favorite hobby in my Covington, Kentucky kitchen. Just kidding. I have normal hands at night, […]

SnapGinger, a Lifestyle Blog

snap ginger featured blogger

Learn how to live “snappily ever after” with today’s featured blogger, SnapGinger, a Lifestyle Blog. Hi I’m Jamie from SnapGinger, a Lifestyle Blog. I’m a born and raised Jersey girl, and I spend most of my time enjoying all that this great state has to offer, with my boyfriend, pup, family and friends. And then blogging […]

Blooming in Bedlam

blooming in bedlam featured blogger

You will find great skin care and make up tips, design ideas, recipes, and more from today’s featured blogger, Blooming in Bedlam. I love researching, creating, experimenting and repurposing; really the whole process of creativity is what gets me going. If there is such a thing as a creative analytic, that’s me because I am constantly […]

Hey Love Designs

hey love design featured blogger

Today’s featured blogger, Hey Love Designs, has beautiful, free printables you are going to love. Hi! I’m Michelle Nguyen and I created Hey Love Designs, specializing in print designs, event styling, and custom calligraphy. I want to show people how easy it is to live creatively through DIY tutorials and freebies. Favorite Posts: Free Printable Thank […]

Happy. Pretty. Sweet.

happy pretty sweet feature blogger

Get great baking and reading ideas from today’s featured blogger, Happy. Pretty. Sweet. She doesn’t just write about books, but has great book-ish craft and style ideas, too. You are going to love her! Hi! I’m Ashley. I’m a lover of Jane Austen novels, all kinds of chocolate, and surprise packages in the mail. I bake so […]

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