An Italian in my kitchen

Italian In My Kitchen Featured Blogger

Do you love Italian food? We do! Today’s featured blogger, An Italian in my kitchen, shares amazing recipes and stories from Italy that you don’t want to miss. Who would have ever thought that I would have left my country, Canada to marry an Italian, but I did. And I did learn a lot in my new […]

Working Mom Magic

working mom magic featured blog

Are you looking for tips to make your journey as a working mom easier? Then you are going to love today’s featured blogger, Working Mom Magic. Hello! I am a multi-tasking mom of 2 who loves her job! Currently, I’m an executive producer at Local 10 News in Miami. When there isn’t breaking news, I stay […]

Me! MaDonna!

Me Madonna Featured Blog

You will find a whole lot of cuteness and fun crafting and style ideas when you read today’s featured blogger, Me! MaDonna!. Hi! I have been blogging on Me! MaDonna! for a few years, but my love affair with online journaling (read: LiveJournal) goes back over 15 years. On Me! MaDonna! I write about some of […]

House of Golds

House Of Golds Featured Blog

Family fun and the preservation of special memories are the focus of today’s featured blogger, House of Golds. My name is Marina Oros. I live in San Diego and have 2 crazy boys. My last name means golds in Spanish, which is how I chose the name for my lifestyle blog, House of Golds. I started […]

Little Holly’s Big World

Holly's Big World Featured Blog

You will find a great look at life in the big city and beyond for your four-legged friends, from today’s featured blogger, Little Holly’s Big World. Hi! I’m Mary and I blog over at Little Holly’s Big World. My blog is a pup lifestyle blog focusing on all the fun and fabulous things New York has […]

Love the Here and Now

Love The Here And Now Featured Blog

You will love getting to know today’s featured blogger, Love the Here and Now, as she shares stories from her life and helpful blogging tips. My name is Anne and I blog over at Love the Here and Now. Love the Here and Now is the space where I share my life, as it is happening; […]

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