Powered By BLING

powered by bling featured blog

Do you want encouragement to get healthier and reach your goals? Then today’s featured blogger, Powered By BLING, is a perfect read for you. Cassandra Burke is a nerdy scientist who does triathlons and runs races to justify her love of eating. Cassandra is the Executive Editor/Owner of Powered By BLING, a website dedicated to encouraging […]


smithwit featured blog

Do you want to laugh? And possibly dish about the latest reality tv shenanigans? Then you are going to love today’s featured blogger, SmithWit! Debbie began blogging in 2009 in order to cope with the perils of dating. She is neither a Mommy Blogger nor a mommy and has zero desire to offer advice on either. […]

Bungling Housewife

Bungling Housewife Featured Blog

Today’s featured blogger is Bungling Housewife. She is not your average female, and you will enjoy reading her thoughts on all the big and small things in life. A one time academic navigating the treacherous waters of housewife-ing, motherhood, and everything in between. Favorite Posts: How to be the best housewife in all the land Dear moms-to-be […]

Dreaming of Leaving

dreaming of leaving featured blog

You will find beautiful pictures and great stories when you read today’s featured blogger, Dreaming of Leaving. Hello! I am Jessica, a wearer of many hats, who is lucky enough to call Long Island, NY home. I am a devoted wife, avid animal lover, and all around goofball. I love the beach, music, cooking, and anything […]

A Ginger Mess


You find a little bit of everything when you read today’s featured blogger, A Ginger Mess, from yummy recipes to stories about being a mom with a busy family. And you will get a lot of great ideas for your own busy family. My name is Jess, and yes…I’m a ginger and I’m a mess. I’m […]

Healthy Disney Family


If you are looking to take your family on a journey of health, you are going to love all the tips and help offered by today’s featured blogger, Healthy Disney Family. Hi I’m Denise! I’m a work from home blogger mom and wife who loves Disney, travel, healthy cooking, fitness, and running. I started Healthy Disney […]

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