How to Brainstorm & Create Brilliant Ideas

Learn how to brainstorm great blog post ideas.

Sometimes, when you sit down at the computer, the words flow like a river. Everything is perfect. Finding something to write isn’t hard, the biggest problem is typing fast enough to get all your great ideas on the screen. But this isn’t always how it goes. On the days when the idea river seems to have […]

How to Comment on Blogs

How to leave amazing blog comments.

Comments are the love language of most bloggers. We all love them. But not all blog comments are created equal. It is important to leave comments that create value for the blogger on whose post you are commenting, as well as value for you. How is that possible? How To Leave Amazing Blog Comments A lot […]

How To Write Blog Posts People Actually Want To Read

write blog posts people actually want to read

You put a lot of time and work into your blog, because you want to draw people in to read your words. Sometimes small changes in how you present your words can make a big difference. How To Write Blog Posts People Want To Read Having great ideas isn’t the only step involved with writing […]

Resources for Life: Blogging Tools

Great blogging resources.

There are so many great blogging resources out there, it can be hard to keep them all straight. Plus it is easy to miss some of them unless you are looking really hard. Today’s Blog Tip gives you a list of some blogging resources you don’t want to miss. Blogging Resources Over the years I […]

Best Sites To Submit Food Posts And Increase Traffic

Best Sites To Submit Your Food Posts

High quality blog posts about food can dramatically increase traffic to your blog, whether or not you are a food blogger – if you know where to submit food posts in order to get noticed and get people to click right over to read your work! Best Sites To Submit Food Posts And Increase Traffic […]

How To Feel More Connected In The Blogging World

How To Feel More Connected In The Blogging World

I remember the exact moment things changed for me in the blogging world. I had joined SITS Girls about a week or two earlier at the request of a fellow blogger, and I was participating in my first SITS Sharefest on Twitter. I shared a photo of my six-month-old son wearing a moose snowsuit, and […]

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