Facebook for Bloggers: The Basics

facebook for bloggers

Facebook for bloggers- what do you know about using Facebook for your blog? There are some basic points to cover when it comes to optimizing your time spent on Facebook and turning that time into a blog community. This blogger shares her basics when it comes to Facebook. Facebook for Bloggers: The Basics Facebook can […]

How To Make Time For Blogging

Are you having a hard time juggling your blogging schedule and your life schedule? These five tips will help you find the time you need to invest in your blog.

Working moms have a unique challenge – we need to balance the many hats we wear in our lives. This post is devoted to those of you that are having a hard time balancing your work life at home, along side the other hats you wear. I’ll be focusing in on how to make time […]

3 Ways to Promote Your Blog by Sharing Food Posts

sharing food posts

Sharing food posts can be a simple way to promote your blog. The only catch is, it’s not always simple. It can be challenging figuring out what to make and where to submit it. This blogger shares her top 3 avenues for sharing food posts and driving traffic to your blog.   3 Ways to Promote Your […]

10 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Blogging

started blogging

When you started blogging, did you have a mentor helping you and guiding you? There are some blogging lessons only time or trial and error can teach you unless, of course, someone who has blogged before you imparts some of their tried and true wisdom. This blogger shares her 10 best tips for the just-starting […]

Mobile Responsive Blog Design & Google Search

Everything you need to know about making sure your blog is mobile responsive and won't get dinged by Google.

The online rules are changing. More people are browsing with their phones and tablets than ever before, and Google is paying attention. A quick look at your analytics will probably show you that people are using mobile devices to read your blog as well. Do you have a mobile responsive blog design? If not, you […]

10 Useful Blogging Websites Every Blogger Should Know

blogging websites

Blogging websites can be like a personal assistant- relieving some stress by taking on some of the workload and helping you streamline your processes, ultimately saving you time. We could all use a little more time, right? This blogger has narrowed it down to her 10 favorite and most helpful blogging websites.   10 Useful […]

How to Start a Successful Blog

start a successful blog

You’re trying to start a successful blog, but what’s the first step? Where should you really focus your time and attention? From picking a name to picking a design theme, this blogger shares her top 5 tips for starting a successful blog.   How to Start a Successful Blog Have you ever thought about starting […]

How to Conquer Pinterest & Harness it for Major Traffic to your Blog

conquer pinterest

If you can successfully conquer Pinterest you can drive fresh traffic to your blog on a daily basis. What are the most important things to focus on when you’re trying to make your blog’s presence know on Pinterest? This blog shares some great tips for making Pinterest work for you. How to Conquer Pinterest & […]

Free Blog Planners & Spreadsheets

blog planners

Blog planners are a great tool for keeping yourself on track. There are some great spreadsheets available to help keep you organized and on top of your game. This blogger has done the tough work for you- the research is in and these are her favorite FREE blog planners! Free Blog Planners & Spreadsheets Blogging can […]

Self Hosting and Your Blog

self hosting your blog

What are the benefits of self hosting your blog? By self-hosting, you can control every aspect of your blog. But are all hosting services the same? Some services may suit you better than others and this blogger shares her host and why it was the best for her!   Self-Hosting and Your Blog There are […]

5 Things to Know Before Transferring From Blogger to WordPress

Knowing these five things will make your transfer from Blogger to Wordpress smooth.

There are so many cool features that WordPress offers that Blogger does not. I’m happy I decided to transfer from Blogger to WordPress. There are awesome plugins to make life easier, its so easy to customize your theme just the way your want it, better SEO capabilities, and I OWN my blog. That was something huge […]

Increase your YouTube Views and Subscribers | 6 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube

increase youtube views

How would you increase YouTube views and subscribers? There are a few tried and true tactics for increasing your YouTube traffic and more traffic on your YouTube channel translates to more clicks through to your blog. This blogger shares 6 ways to get more views and subscribers on YouTube. Increase your YouTube Views and Subscribers| […]

Must-Have Tools for Increasing Social Media Reach & Engagement

increasing social media reach

Tools for increasing social media reach aren’t hard to find regardless of whether you’re trying to reach out to Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest followers (or even all 3!) The question is, which tools are the best? This blogger shares her 5 favorite tools to increase your social media reach. Must-Have Tools for Increasing Social Media Reach […]

9 Ways to Beat Writers Block

writers block

Writers block is something even the very best writers deal with. If you haven’t already fought your way through a blockage, the likelihood is it will probably sneak up on you sometime sooner or later. Whether you’re in the middle of a block or just preparing for the future, these tips are great to have […]

How Pinterest Became My Blog’s Top Referrer


Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic your blog’s way. If you really use it to your advantage, it can even be your #1 traffic source! What can you do to make sure you’re using your pins to your advantage? This blogger shares some helpful hints for maximizing the value of your pinning-time. How Pinterest Became […]

You Need a Content Calendar for Your Blog

content calendar for your blog

A content calendar is a great tool for keeping yourself and your content organized and being able to see where you are at a glance. How do you create one and what are the most important tidbits to include in your calendar? This blogger shares her how-to and more! You Need a Content Calendar for Your Blog This […]

Best Blog Designs: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Online Space

From focusing your content to having a great blog design, these tips will help you get your blog noticed in the crowded online space.

Is your blog starting to look cluttered? Have you lost sight of your blogging goals? Are even your most loyal readers thinking of jumping ship because they’re confused about what your blog is really offering these days? Don’t worry, because most blogs become cluttered over time. It happens to all bloggers. An important key to successful […]

How to Refresh Old Blog Posts in 5 Easy Steps

refresh old blog posts

Refresh old blog posts with a polished, more current feel? Yes, please! You probably had some really great post ideas when you first started out and now that you have some regular readers and the means to acquire more, you can upcycle your content. With a few helpful hints from this blogger, you’ll be well on […]

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