Blogging Question: How Often Should You Post?

Blogging Tips | How often should you post on your blog? Find out what a long-time blogger has to say. The answer might not be what you are expecting.

It’s so easy to start a blog. Find your platform, come up with a name … well, maybe it’s not that easy. But when it comes to writing, if you’ve started a blog and know what you want to write about? It’s easy. It becomes simple. You write every day. You’ve got things to say. […]

50 Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic

blog traffic

Do you want more blog traffic? Of course you do! Other than regularly updating your social media platforms what else is there for you to add to your repertoire of self-promotion? Plenty. This blogger shares 50 free ways you can capture new readers’ attention and drive more traffic to your blog starting TODAY! 50 Ways to Boost Your […]

Blogging Organization For Visual Types

Blogging Organization | Blogging Tips | When you have sponsored post deadlines, monthly goals, and other things planned in advance for your blog, you have to get organized. There are a lot of planners out there, but this is a system you can build yourself that is perfect for people who like physical notes and being able to see everything at a glance.

We all know how important an editorial calendar is, but do you struggle with finding just the right format to suit your blogging needs? I have been experimenting with a new format for my blogging organization, and I’m more productive and on top of my deadlines. Blogging Wall Planner For Visual Types I have tried […]

Social Media | Why You Should Be Regularly Auditing Your Social Media Platforms


If you aren’t keeping your social media platforms up-to-date and relevant, guess what…it could be hurting you instead of helping. Making sure your blurb is current and your links are active are just the first steps. This blogger walks you through auditing your social media platforms and subsequently, boosting your numbers! Social Media | Why You […]

What are Long Tail Keywords And Why Should You Use Them

How To Blog | SEO | What is the difference between a keyword and long tail keywords? Click through to find out, and learn how to make your blog rank high in Google searches.

I’ve never met a blogger who didn’t want more traffic, yet it seems like a lot of us find that getting organic search traffic is one of the most hardest things to figure out. But there’s really no secret to getting search traffic – you simply have to take the right steps to optimize your […]

My Essential Blogging Tools

blogging tools

When it comes to building a great blog, the right blogging tools can make the job easy! There are SO many tools out there- which tools are the right ones for you and your blogging needs? From web-based tools, to smartphone apps, to the blogging must-haves for your purse, this post has you covered! My […]

How To Add A Call To Action To Your Blog Post

Your blog post isn't complete without a call to action. Use these call to action examples to grow your social media, get more email subscribers, or buy your products. | Blogging Tips | How To Blog

Adding a simple call to action at the end of your blog posts can help you grow your social media following and gain new connections with people who are already reading your content. If you’re a blogger and you’re not already doing this at the end of each post, you could be missing a valuable […]

Social Media | Mastering Twitter

mastering twitter

Mastering Twitter can be easier than it seems at first glance. Twitter can seem like a different language with everyone abbreviating to make it under 140 characters and adding #hashtags all over the place, but with this guide you’ll learn what there is to know about tweeting. Are you ready to be a Twitter master? Read […]

Landing Pages: What They Are and Why Your Blog Needs Them

Blogging Tips | Do you really need landing pages for your blog? Yes! They can be really helpful and a great asset. Click through to learn about how landing pages can work for you!

When you first start blogging, it can often feel like you’re having to learn a whole new language! Words like hyperlink, widgets, favicon, and long-tail keyword quickly become a part of your everyday vocabulary. One phrase that many bloggers have heard but may not understand well is “landing page”. It’s a term that’s been used […]

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your SEO

improve your seo

Would you like to improve your SEO? Good SEO is essential to your blog’s search engine success and SEO improvement is just 5 easy steps away! Get ready because this post shares those simple steps you can implement today. 5 Easy Ways To Improve Your SEO Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential! SEO will help you […]