3 Crucial Pieces Of Advice For a New Blogger

advice for a new blogger

Advice for a new blogger is all over the place but what is the most important advice to listen to? Through trial and error, seasoned bloggers have learned their lessons and now, can share their wisdom with us! This blogger highlights her 3 most crucial pieces of advice for new bloggers and shares them in […]

30 Days of Writing Prompts for April

Looking for writing inspiration? Here's 30 days of writing prompts for April!

We are back with our 30 Days of Writing Prompts. Our goal is to help you keep your editorial calendar stocked with plenty of writing ideas! 30 Days of Writing Prompts Feel free to pick and choose which prompts work well for your site. April Fool’s Day! Tell us your best practical joke story. April is […]

How to Start Sharing Your Blog Posts on Instagram

blog posts on instagram

Do you share blog posts on Instagram? It’s become second nature to share a photo of your meal or your cute kids but with all of the hard work you put into your blog posts and images, why not share them on Instagram, too? This blogger shares her helpful hints for successfully using Instagram to promote […]

How to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

optimize your pinterest profile

If you optimize your Pinterest profile you’re likely to take that source of traffic, drive them to your blog, and turn them into regular readers. What are the important points to cover when it comes to making your Pinterest profile more appealing to the eye? This blogger covers some points you don’t want to forget! […]

6 Reasons Why I Love Pinterest

love pinterest

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? It’s a great tool for planning your ideal Spring wardrobe, your next living room remodel, or finding a delicious dish to take along to a party. It’s also a great tool for promoting and driving traffic to your blog and this blogger shares how she used Pinterest to increase her traffic […]

Facebook for Bloggers: The Basics

facebook for bloggers

Facebook for bloggers- what do you know about using Facebook for your blog? There are some basic points to cover when it comes to optimizing your time spent on Facebook and turning that time into a blog community. This blogger shares her basics when it comes to Facebook. Facebook for Bloggers: The Basics Facebook can […]

How To Make Time For Blogging

Are you having a hard time juggling your blogging schedule and your life schedule? These five tips will help you find the time you need to invest in your blog.

Working moms have a unique challenge – we need to balance the many hats we wear in our lives. This post is devoted to those of you that are having a hard time balancing your work life at home, along side the other hats you wear. I’ll be focusing in on how to make time […]

3 Ways to Promote Your Blog by Sharing Food Posts

sharing food posts

Sharing food posts can be a simple way to promote your blog. The only catch is, it’s not always simple. It can be challenging figuring out what to make and where to submit it. This blogger shares her top 3 avenues for sharing food posts and driving traffic to your blog.   3 Ways to Promote Your […]

10 Things I Wish I Had Known When I Started Blogging

started blogging

When you started blogging, did you have a mentor helping you and guiding you? There are some blogging lessons only time or trial and error can teach you unless, of course, someone who has blogged before you imparts some of their tried and true wisdom. This blogger shares her 10 best tips for the just-starting […]

Mobile Responsive Blog Design & Google Search

Everything you need to know about making sure your blog is mobile responsive and won't get dinged by Google.

The online rules are changing. More people are browsing with their phones and tablets than ever before, and Google is paying attention. A quick look at your analytics will probably show you that people are using mobile devices to read your blog as well. Do you have a mobile responsive blog design? If not, you […]