Page Rank: Should You Care About It?


Increasing your Google page rank is something all bloggers want to know how to do. The problem is Google uses an algorithm that is not shared with the public. There is a lot of speculation on things you can do to increase your page rank and thinks not to do so you don’t lose your page […]

Product Reviews: Tips for Working With Brands

Building Relationships

If you have blogging for any length of time you have probably seen all the cool products bloggers often get. If you have any interest in working with brands and doing product reviews there area  few simple “rules” that can help make your new adventure a successful one. Knowing what to do and what not […]

How to Create a Blog: 5 Easy Steps!


If you are in the beginning stages of your blog, or just starting to think about starting one the process can feel overwhelming. Knowing how to create a blog and where to start often feels like an impossible task. If you are serious about getting your blog up and running then don’t give up! Blogging […]

How to Make a Printable On PicMonkey: Part 1 of 3

How to Create a Printable Using Photoshop Elements.

Today, we are kicking off an awesome guest post series by Jennifer from PinkWhen and Kimber & Ashley from The Pinning Mama. Over the next week these lovely ladies will show us all how to make a printable on PicMonkey, Microsoft Word and Photoshop Elements. Knowing how to make your own printable is a great way to […]

Google + for Bloggers


As bloggers we are always looking for ways to promote our blog posts. Social media is one of the best ways to get exposure to your blog but do you really want to sign up for another social media site? Yes! The answer is yes you want to sign up for this one if you […]

Create a Successful Blog by Building a Tribe


One of the most common mistakes bloggers say they made is not creating a tribe. You create great content, promote your posts yet it doesn’t bring you the results you want. If you want to have a successful blog, it is so important to build a tribe. Building a tribe of other bloggers is crucial […]

Finding An Alternative to Google Reader: What You Need to Know!

alternative to google reader

If you haven’t heard the news about Google Reader, you will want to read closely! It’s time for you to find an alternative to Google Reader ASAP! Google Reader will be shutting down on July 1, 2013. Now is the time to find another way to keep up with all those wonderful blogs out there. […]

Blog Comments: Is There a Secret Formula?


Getting more traffic to your blog is usually based on trial and error. Try this, try that and just see what works. Paying close attention to your Google Analytics is very important when figuring out what is working and what isn’t. One way that normally always drives traffic to your blog is leaving blog comments […]

Free Blogging Planner & Weekly Printable


If you are serious about blogging then you need to get serious about organization. There are so many things that go into blogging and without a plan it really is hard to accomplish it all. Knowing what is important and prioritizing those tasks is key to making your blog run smoothly. Having a blogging planner […]

How to Balance Your Social Life and Blogging

Balancing Your Social Life & Blog Life

I’m sure we can all relate to the fact that blogging and social media can easily take over our life. It is easy to forget about the offline world! Blogging is an important part of our life but we need to remember it isn’t our life. There needs to be a middle ground between the […]

Craftgawker: How to Get Your Submissions Accepted


Any craft or DIY blogger will tell you all about their love, hate relationship with Craftgawker. You love Craftgawker because it has the potential to bring great traffic to your blog and get your awesome work exposed to thousands of people. You hate Craftgawker because it seems almost impossible to get your submissions accepted. Are […]

Blog Conferences: The Ultimate Guide!

blog conference

If you haven’t been to a Bloggy Boot Camp Conference, I highly suggested getting a ticket! I attended BBC Phoenix and it was by far the best investment I have made into my blogging career. You still have time to register for Bloggy Boot Camp Minneapolis, October 12, 2013 & Dallas, November 8 – 9, […]

How to Use Pinterest Responsibly


Pinterest is a major source of traffic for a lot of bloggers. Pinterest can bring hundreds if not thousands of visitors to your site every day, but there are some dangers with Pinterest as well. Are you pinning content correctly? If you pin someone else’s content are you giving them credit? Knowing how to use […]

How to Increase Productivity: 10 Tips to Keep You on Task!

Increasing Productivity

Increasing productivity is something we are all striving to do. As bloggers we have so many tasks that need to be accomplished during the day, on top of raising children, taking care of the house, going to school and for some working out of the home. It is easy to start to feel overwhelmed. It […]

Running a Collaborative Blog: How to Make it Run Smooth


Running a website that is made up of several authors is a great way to bring a wealth of knowledge to your site. If you are currently running a collaborative blog or thinking about starting one, there are a few things that will help make your website run a little smoother. Having the right plugins […]

Balancing Work and Family: 5 Tips for Moms Who Blog


Do you struggle with finding time in the day to do it all? I know that most of us Moms who blog would love to find a solution to balance work and family life. There is no magic formula or calendar that can do this for us, but I have found a few tips that […]

Gravatar Image: How to Set One Up


One of the easiest ways to brand yourself and your blog across multiple platforms is your profile picture. You can easily do this by setting up a gravatar image. Setting up your gravatar image is free, quick and easy to do! Having your picture the same across all platforms will help your readers and potential […]

Guest Posting: The Do’s and Don’ts!

how to invite guest bloggers

Guest posting can be a great opportunity to drive traffic to your blog, gain exposure and build long-lasting relationships with other bloggers. But…before you jump in to the world of guest posting there are some things you should do and some thinks you should NOT do. Following these tips could be the difference between an […]

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