Things to Know Before Attending a Blog Conference


Are you thinking about attending a blog conference? If so you’re mind is probably racing with different questions. What should you wear, what to bring, how to network with other bloggers and much more! Not to worry, every blogger has these questions and concerns prior to attending a conference. It’s normal! What You Need to […]

The SITS Girls’ Secrets for Growing Your Facebook Fan Page Revealed


Facebook, like social media, is an ever-evolving phenomenon. While there is no magic formula that will increase the number of fans or engagement, there are techniques that you can use to ensure that you are not missing out on the platform’s benefits and to grow your Facebook fan page. How to Grow Your Facebook Fan Page […]

15 Best Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

wordpress plugins

So you keep hearing about it.  This thing called a plugin. But what is it really?  Without getting into all the technical jargon a plugin is a feature on WordPress that allows bloggers to optimize and customize their websites.  With everything from detailed site statistics to a customized sidebar, the best plugins can help you […]

5 Ways To Grow Your Blog


We all want to increase page views, social media following and email list. But how? The best way to grow your blog is by doing it naturally. Don’t focus on the numbers, focus on the quality readers and followers you do have. Some simple techniques can help you increase your following all while maintaining the […]

Turn those Pinners into Followers!


We all know that Pinterest can be a great source of traffic for bloggers. The problem with Pinterest is turning those quick click-throughs into loyal readers. We want to turn every person that clicks on your blog through Pinterest into a loyal reader. But how? Converting Pinterest users to readers isn’t easy, but you can […]

How To Double Your Productivity in 5 Minutes or Less


A common question I see asked in blogs, forums, and the the SITS Girls facebook group is, “How do you find time…?” Time to write? Time to comment? Time to be active on social media? For most of us, blogging ins’t our full time job, and we have to fit it in between all the […]

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