How To Make A Graphic That Gets Pinned

make pinnable graphic

Pinterest is a wonderful resource for bloggers, and can be a great way to drive traffic to your blog. If you want to see your content on Pinterest, you need to know how to make a graphic that gets pinned. How To Make A Graphic That Gets Pinned 1.) Go Tall Vertical pictures are a […]

How to Create Food Posts That Drive Thousands of Visits to Your Blog

food posts

Whether or not you’re a food blogger, it can be fun – and so beneficial for your blog – to write food posts.  Especially in the age of Pinterest, well-photographed and well-written food posts can drive thousands of visitors to your blog. And if you are interested in working with sponsors, there are so many […]

10 Things To Try In Your First Six Months of Blogging


Starting off as a new blogger can be extremely overwhelming. You are really sure what you should be doing or where you should focus your attention. Here are ten different things you should try during your first six months of blogging. Your First Six Months of Blogging Are you new to blogging, or maybe you […]

10 Steps to Becoming a Credible & Respected Top Blogger


You’ve probably heard people say that respect isn’t something that’s given; it’s something that’s earned. That couldn’t be more correct when it comes to blogging. Everyone and their grandfather has a blog these days. Just having a blog isn’t enough to make you an authority and a top blogger in your field. Becoming a Credible […]

5 Questions To Ask Your Blog Designer That Will Save You Time and Money


Getting a custom blog design and working with a blog designer is a great way to take your blog to the next level. A custom design can help you create a  brand and reflect that brand through font, layout, and colors. Through design, you set a tone for your unique space on the Internet. And […]

Things to Know Before Attending a Blog Conference


Are you thinking about attending a blog conference? If so you’re mind is probably racing with different questions. What should you wear, what to bring, how to network with other bloggers and much more! Not to worry, every blogger has these questions and concerns prior to attending a conference. It’s normal! What You Need to […]

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