The Advertising Trick That Will Get You Noticed on Twitter

noticed on twitter

With everything that people can fit into 140 characters, it can be hard to stand out and get noticed on Twitter. You have to get noticed if you’re going to grow your audience, but how do you ensure you don’t get lost in the fray? This blogger has a trick up their sleeve and shares it with […]

11 Pro Blog Tools for Full-Time Bloggers

blog tools

What blog tools are you using? Over the last few years blogging and the tools of the trade have evolved and now bloggers have an arsenal at their fingertips. Some tools are better than others and this blogger narrows down some blog tools that are pro- approved! 11 Pro Blog Tools for Full-Time Bloggers It took […]

2 Sentences That Will Change Your Blog Forever

change your blog

What if there was a quick way to update your blog and make a positive, lasting impact? Does your mission statement express what your blog is all about? Do you even have a mission statement? This blogger walks you through writing a stellar mission statement that will help keep your unique perspective in the limelight! […]

Bring Your Logins Under Control

logins under control

Do you need some help keeping your logins under control? With your email, blogging platform, and social media accounts alone, you’ve got a LOT of passwords to remember, especially if you’re changing them regularly! This blogger feels your password pain and has come up with a great solution to keeping your logins accessible and organized. […]

5 Pinterest Optimization Tips for Blogger Users

Learn how to optimize your Blogger blog for Pinterest. | Blogging Tips | Pinterest Tips

Are you using Blogger and Pinterest? Have you wondered how to boost your searchability on Pinterest? This blogger loves both Blogger and Pinterest and has compiled a list of some great tips that will help with your Pinterest optimization! 5 Pinterest Optimization Tips for Blogger Users There never seems to be great tips specifically geared […]

So You Want to Be a Blogger


So, you want to be a blogger, eh? There are all sorts of hoops bloggers have to jump through and some of them are evident and some of them can be a bit of a surprise. This blogger shares a tongue-in-cheek response to the some of those unexpected twists! So You Want to Be a […]

Social Networking and Blogging: How to Authentically Connect With Readers


Imagine with me, will you? Everything you write connects to the core of the person reading it. You have a fangirl (or guy) audience that gobbles up every word you type and it’s easy. How can we make that daydream a reality? This list gives you a rock solid foundation to authentically connect with readers while social […]