Display Popular Posts Without a Plugin or Image Map

Display Popular Posts

A great way to give a your readers an overview of the fabulous content on your blog is to display popular posts in a sidebar. Creating a display that’s informative and appealing to the eye can start out easy, but it can easily get complicated, especially if you plan on hosting the image on your […]

10 Fun Free Fonts

10 Fun Free Fonts

It’s easy to get lost down the rabbit hole that is looking for fun free fonts. Wouldn’t it be great if someone weeded through the thousands of fonts out there and presented you with a cream of the crop collection? Guess what…you’re in luck! 10 Fun Free Fonts It’s easy to spend hours searching through fonts […]

How to Put the YOU in YouTube in 9 Steps

How to put the You in youtube

Are you putting YOU in YouTube? YouTube videos are a great way to invite your readers to get to know you a little more personally. You can make your channel a direct reflection of you and your blog and this post will give you 9 simple steps how. How to Put the YOU in YouTube […]

Avoid Blogger Burnout

Avoid Blogger Burnout

Are you trying to avoid blogger burnout? Before you started your blog you might not have realized how much effort it takes to keep a successful blog going, but it takes hard work. Here are 9 tips for keeping your blog HOT! Avoid Blogger Burnout We often hear of bloggers walking away from their beloved […]

Create A Favorite Posts Image For Your Blog With PicMonkey

favorite posts

I recently had one of my sidebar widgets die. It was the widget that held all of my most popular posts, which as every blogger knows, is a very important part of almost any blog’s sidebar design. I tried to revive it, but I couldn’t get it back up and running. This got me thinking about […]

Post Scheduling Changes on Facebook

Post Scheduling Changes on Facebook

Facebook post scheduling enables you to plan ahead and share posts with your readers when you want to. The problem is, Facebook is constantly redesigning and re-imagining itself, eliminating functions, adding new ones, and hiding your favorites in the process. Read on for some Facebook post scheduling tips. Post Scheduling Changes in Facebook…What You Need […]

How to Stay Motivated to Keep Blogging

How to Stay Motivated to Keep Blogging

Starting a blog is so much fun but it can be hard to know how to stay motivated to keep blogging. Where can you find that bloggy boost when motivation runs dry? This blogger shares her secret to finding the motivation to keep writing. How to Stay Motivated to Keep Blogging It’s fun to think […]

Three Tips for Using Facebook as a Blogger

Using Facebook as a Blogger

Using Facebook as a blogger is a great way to stay in touch with your blog readers. The only catch is, Facebook constantly changes the science behind how they decide who sees your posts, leaving some readers without that Facebook connection. Here are three easy tips to keep you consistently involved and in touch with your readers. Three […]

How To Find Pageviews For A Specific Blog Post

How to find pageviews for a specific blog post

From time-to-time, you might get asked how many views a specific post received on your blog, especially when you have written a sponsored post. Or you just might want to see what your top performing posts are, so you can create more content around those topics. Google Analytics can feel overwhelming, but it is actually […]

Blog Building Strategy – Link Parties

Blog Link Parties

Link parties are a fabulous, fun way to network with other bloggers. Is it enough to just participate and add your link? Here are a few suggestions to make those link parties really work to your benefit.   Blog Building Strategy – Link Parties Have you been struggling to get traffic to your blog? Increase your […]

Customize Your Shareaholic Tweets

customize shareaholic twitter button

When someone shares your post on social media, you want to make sure to interact with that share and say thank you. But what if people are sharing your posts and you aren’t seeing those shares? You might need to customize your Shareaholic Twitter button to get notifications when someone shares your post on Twitter. […]

What I’ve Learned as a New Blogger + Resources to Help Get You Started

What I've Learned as a New Blogger

Are you thinking about starting a blog or returning to blogging after a hiatus? It can be difficult to pick a starting point and decide what needs the most attention. Read on for 10 tips and resources to help get you started. What I’ve Learned as a New Blogger + Resources to Help Get You […]

How I Tripled My Blog Traffic in One Day

Tripled Blog Traffic in One Day

Everyone wants more readers for their blog, but how can you increase blog traffic? Would you believe it’s possible to *triple* your traffic in one day? Read on to find out how. How I Tripled My Blog Traffic in One Day If you’re new to blogging it is quite normal to wonder if your blog […]

Six Tips to Prevent Facebook Burnout

Six Tips to Prevent Facebook Burnout

Are you feeling a little burntout on Facebook? It’s a great tool for keeping in touch with friends and blog-readers, but the downside is, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the filtered and edited view into what can appear like people’s perfect lives. Here are some great tips on keeping Facebook friendly and easy! Six […]

Blogging Tips From a Newbie

Blogging tips from a Newbie

As a blogging newbie, there is TONS of helpful information out there but it can be difficult to sort through all of it when you’re just starting to find your way. Here are some blogging tips from a self-proclaimed newbie who shares a bit about how she is successfully managing and growing her blog. Blogging Tips From a Newbie […]

How To Use Overlays In PicMonkey To Make The Text On Your Pictures Pop

How To Use Overlays In PicMonkey

An important piece to making pinnable images is adding text to your pictures. But what do you do when the background of the photo is busy and your text doesn’t show up well? We have your answer! Learn how to use overlays in Pickmonkey to make your text pop. How To Use Overlays In PicMonkey […]

How Do I Make My Upload a Download?

how to make your uploads into downloads

Do you want to start creating printables and other downloadable products to give away on your blog? This simple tutorial will help you get them uploaded to your wordpress blog so they can be easily downloaded by your readers. How To Make Your Printables Available For Download Printables are hot right now. A lot of […]

Best Of SITS 2014: Social Media, Photography, and Blogging Tips


We took a look back at all the posts published on SITS last year, and put together a list of The Best Of SITS 2014. From posts that got the most social shares or comments, to ones that we just really loved, this is a great overview of our social media, photography, and blogging tips. Social Media, […]

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