10 Secrets to Better Press Trip Coverage Your Audience (and Sponsors) Will Love

better press trip coverage

You know you’ll want to provide your readers and sponsors with the best press trip coverage possible whether you’ve been invited on your fourth trip or are awaiting your first invitation. From remembering extra charged camera batteries to checking on publishing dates, this blogger has you covered. Get your bags packed because she’s sharing 10 secrets […]

The No-Fail Formula For Getting More Traffic to Your Blog

more traffic

Who doesn’t want more traffic to their blog? More page views translates to more regular readers, more blog attention, and better money-making opportunities.This blogger has a no-fail formula that perfect for getting more traffic to your blog. The No-Fail Formula For Getting More Traffic to Your Blog There’s nothing more depressing than spending hours crafting […]

Group Effort: Why Blogging Communities Are Amazing

Will your blog benefit from time spent in a blogging community? YES! Read these three reasons why blogging communities are amazing, and get inspired to write more and grow your blog. | Blogging TIps

I sat down to write on blogging communities, ready to wax poetic over all of the amazing benefits I have discovered since joining a few of my own. I thought hard about how to best express the value of hanging out with people who think like I do as a writer. But when I started […]

What No One Is Telling You About Pinterest’s Guided Search

pinterest's guided search

If you use Pinterest you probably consider yourself familiar with Pinterest’s guided search feature. Even if you’re using Pinterest every day, you might not know that search feature has a sweet, little secret. That special little secret can guide you right into creating great content that’s ready to pin and trend! This blogger shares a […]

31 Days Of Writing Prompts For July


We are back with our 31 Days of Writing Prompts. Our goal is to help you keep your editorial calendar stocked with plenty of writing ideas! 31 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS Feel free to pick and choose which prompts work well for your site. 1. What superhero powers would you NOT like to have? 2. How do […]

How to Add Pinterest to Your Blog

add pinterest

Connecting readers from your blog to your social media platforms is a must, but how do you add Pinterest boards and your profile to your blog? It’s might just be easier than you think! This blogger walks you through, step by step (with great screenshots!), how to incorporate Pinterest into your blog.   How to Add Pinterest to Your […]

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

bounce rate

Your blog’s bounce rate refers to the visitors who arrive to your site and, after viewing that first page, navigate away from your blog. What if there were some simple tips for reducing your bounce rate and engaging your blog visitors? This blogger share a few great ideas you can implement TODAY! Simple Ways to […]

Six Tips to Tame Your Social Media Addiction

social media addiction

Social media addiction can be very intrusive. Your phone lights up anytime someone interacts with your online presence and it’s so easy to feel obligated to reply as quickly as possible. While timely interaction is great, obsessively checking and rechecking can steal your focus from other important areas in your life, like your family and friends. […]