How Do I Make My Upload a Download?

how to make your uploads into downloads

Do you want to start creating printables and other downloadable products to give away on your blog? This simple tutorial will help you get them uploaded to your wordpress blog so they can be easily downloaded by your readers. How To Make Your Printables Available For Download Printables are hot right now. A lot of […]

Best Of SITS 2014: Social Media, Photography, and Blogging Tips


We took a look back at all the posts published on SITS last year, and put together a list of The Best Of SITS 2014. From posts that got the most social shares or comments, to ones that we just really loved, this is a great overview of our social media, photography, and blogging tips. Social Media, […]

How To Find Your Blog’s Voice

Find your blog's voice and your writing style

How do you find your voice? Not your singing voice, but your blog’s voice – the writing style that best fits you. These ten tips will help you figure out what kind of writing fits you and your blog the best. Find Your Blog’s Voice The more you develop your voice the more successful you […]

What Is The Perfect Blog Post Length

The Perfect Blog Post Length

This is a question we are asked regularly: What is the perfect length for a blog post? The answer varies depending on your blog and the topic of your post – you know your readers the best – but on the internet, shorter is often better. You don’t want your post to be so long […]

Why I’m Commenting on Blog Posts Less

Why I'm Commenting on Blog Posts Less

Comments are amazing! Bloggers love getting feedback on their work, but are comments really where we should be focusing our attention? Sharing blog posts on social media can be even more important.   Why I’m Commenting on Blog Posts Less Bloggers love getting comments on their posts. As long as they’re not from ugly internet trolls or […]

8 Tips for Changing Your Blog Name


The name of your blog is the first impression you make on people – before they read a single word you write. Does your blog name represent you? Does it accurately represent your blog? Sometimes you start a blog with a certain focus and niche, and find that it changes over time. When that happens, your […]

31 Days Of Writing Prompts For January


We know how hard it can be to come with blog posts topics and we want to give you a helping hand! We’ve created 31 different writing prompts for the month of January. We want 2015 to be a successful year for all of our SITStah’s! 31 Days of Writing Prompts Feel free to pick […]

5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Blog Design

5 tips to help you update your blog design

As we start a new year today, it is a good opportunity to take a look at your blog design. Does it represent you and your writing? Is it clean, or has clutter began to build up in those sidebars? Do you still love it as much as you did the day it went live? […]

The Number One Secret to Blogging Success

Learn the secret to blogging success.

What is your idea of blogging success? Is it a certain number of pageviews or followers? Getting invited on a press trip, or participating in paid campaigns? No matter what goal you are striving to reach, there is one secret that can help you move forward. The Secret To Blogging Success The idea of having […]

How To Reply To Comments On Instagram

Reply To comments on Instagram

Instagram is a fun social media platform, because it is all about beautiful pictures. The social part of Instagram happens in the comments under each picture, so it is important to make sure you are leaving comments that will prompt notifications to the people you want to include in your conversation. How To Reply To Comments On Instagram […]

4 Tips To Help You Avoid Blogging Burnout

Tips For Avoiding Blogging Burnout

Let’s talk about a topic that is probably relevant for all of us: avoiding blogging burnout. Sometimes you can feel like you are just tired of blogging and need a break. We’ve probably all been there and it’s not fun. So today I’m sharing four tips to help you keep your blog fun this year.   Avoiding […]

Where To Find Free Images For Your Blog Posts

Free Images For Your Blog Posts

We live in an image-driven world, especially online. Images are important for blogs. They help you break up text, add interest, illustrate your topic, and (maybe most importantly) give your readers something to pin on Pinterest. But where can you find free images you can use on your blog when you haven’t taken the perfect […]

Being Content with your Blog

I Stopped Stressing About My Blog

Do you have goals for your blog? It is great to know what you want, and have a plan for getting there. Follow that plan. Reach for your dream. But don’t make stress your partner in this journey. I Learned To Be Content With My Blog And Stop Stressing Contentment is something that I have struggled […]

How To Balance Family Life And Blogging Goals

Finding your work life balance

Sometimes you have to get really honest with yourself about how well you are achieving balance between family, life, and blogging. You might have to adjust some of your goals to make everything work. Balance Family Life And Blogging Goals I think if we’re honest pretty much all of us would like to see crazy-high […]

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging

One great place to get advice is from someone who has been where you are going now. This is especially true in blogging. Learning what things experienced bloggers wish they had known when they started out can give you insight into what you should be doing now. 5 Things I Wish I Knew When I […]

Does Your Website Leave A Good First Impression?

Does your website leave a good first impression?

Did you know that most people make up their mind about your website or blog in the first few seconds of looking at it? It’s true. You don’t have much time to make an impression. What is the first impression your website design is giving to new visitors? Website Design: First Impressions When a reader […]

Gorgeous DIY Photography Board

DIY photography board

Bloggers often need photographs of little objects, plates of food, or other things that need a good spot to sit when being photographed with a simple but lovely background. Using the same spot on your kitchen counter post after post doesn’t cut it. A great solution is to make a photography board that can serve […]

How to Brainstorm & Create Brilliant Ideas

Learn how to brainstorm great blog post ideas.

Sometimes, when you sit down at the computer, the words flow like a river. Everything is perfect. Finding something to write isn’t hard, the biggest problem is typing fast enough to get all your great ideas on the screen. But this isn’t always how it goes. On the days when the idea river seems to have […]

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