How To Write a Rockin’ Food Post and Get Readers To Your Blog

how to rock a food post

Recently, we began a series on how to blog successfully in your niche, focusing first on food blogging. Regardless of whether you are a bonafide food blogger or just someone who posts a recipe from time to time, these posts are for you! Our goal is make any post you create about food and cooking […]

Designing Your Own Category Tabs for Blogger

PicMonkey Collage.jpg.png

Here at SITS we often stress the importance of your blog being on WordPress. For some people this just isn’t an option or they simply don’t want to make the move. One of the reasons we suggest WordPress is because the design options are limitless. You can truly create any kind of blog design your […]

5 Time Management Tips For Bloggers


As bloggers we have a lot of different roles to fill. We need to create content, engage with our readers, spend time on social media, take photos, edit photos and numerous other tasks. So, how do you accomplish all of this in one day? The answer is easy. Time management! Easier said that done? Yes. […]

How to Use Google Plus Ripples


Social media is always changing and in this space we need to ensure we are staying on top of all of the changes. Google Plus has recently made a new change that we are thrilled about! Have you heard of Google Plus Ripples? If you haven’t, then you are not alone. This is a feature […]

Creating a Self Portrait & Why You Need to Get in Front of the Camera


In the day of selfies, it might not be as hard to get in front of the camera as it once was, but it is definitely just as important. I’m not one for taking photos of myself and I’m not a fan of someone else taking  a picture of me either, but as I get […]

10 Secrets to Happiness You Keep Forgetting


When it comes to happiness, it’s easy to just let it take the backseat. Between the drop-offs and pick-ups, the laundry, and the hundreds of unanswered emails, we often find ourselves feeling drained and uninspired, with no energy left for anything else. But the secrets to happiness really aren’t all that mysterious. It just takes […]

5 Ways to Make Your Blog Better


As bloggers we strive everyday to make our sites better. We aim to come up with better content, better engagement and an overall better blog. Trying to make everything about your blog better is overwhelming and can cause you to lose focus on the things that really matter. Try coming up with a list of […]

Valentine’s Day Fonts


With Valentine’s Day only a week away we are feeling a little festive. Spruce up your posts or blog graphics this Valentine’s Day with these 20 fabulous Valentine’s Day fonts. The best part is most of these fonts are completely free to use! 20 Valentine’s Day Fonts My Valentine’s Day font collection is full of […]

How to Perfect Your About Me Page


About Me pages are often the second thing readers go to on your blog. The first is a post that someone shared on Facebook, pinned on Pinterest, or found in a Google search. Once the reader is drawn in, they want to know more about YOU: who you are, what you’re about, and what YOUR […]

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