10 Ways To Promote Blog Posts

promote your blog post

It’s not enough to write great blog posts- you also have to promote blog posts. With the help of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter and some other fabulous hints, you’ll be a self-promotion machine in no time, getting the word out to your regular readers and new readers alike. Read along to find out this […]

My Top Pinterest Tips to Boost Your Blog Traffic

pinterest tips

Pinterest tips can be really helpful whether you’re just getting started or brand new and unsure of what it is, how it works, and what it can do for you. From recycling your own content, to the best types of images to pin, or even the most helpful analytical tools, this blogger has got you covered! […]

Why I Changed Blogging Platforms


Don’t be afraid to make a change for yourself and your business if something you are doing isn’t working for you. Even if that change means going back to what you originally began with. You see, I used Blogger when I first started blogging. I loved it, but I wanted to expand so many ideas […]

3 Fail-Proof Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

instagram followers

If you want to increase your Instagram followers, there are definitely some tried and true methods. One of the easiest ways to figure out what works is to look towards successful Instagrammers and their methods. You’ll probably find they’re doing a lot of the same things. This blogger is one step ahead! Here are 3 […]

How to Add a Clickable Button to Your Blog Post

add a clickable button

Being able to add a clickable button to your blog posts is a must and creating unique buttons will give your pages that personal touch. You can create all types of buttons by following a few simple steps. This blogger shares a step-by-step for creating fabulous clickable buttons. How to Add a Clickable Button to Your […]

Unethical Blogging Practices To Avoid

Blogging Tips | We all want to grow our blogs, and it can be tempting to take shortcuts - but there are some lines that shouldn't be crossed. Avoid these unethical blogging practices and build your blog the right way.

Here at SITS, we like to share blogging tips and tutorials. We talk about how to create a blog, how to blog professionally, and what best blogging practices are — but there’s also a dark side of blogging. There are too many bloggers out there who are using unethical blogging practices to create content and […]

5 Powerful Apps to Edit your Photos for Instagram


There are some great apps that can help you edit your photos for Instagram. While photo apps can be a dime a dozen, these apps stand out as great for photo editing and especially great for getting a photo Instagram-ready. Get ready because this blogger shares the inside scoop on the best, least expensive photo […]

Why I Love Blogging With WordPress

Blogging Tips | WordPress Tips | Read the 5 reasons why we love blogging with WordPress.

As a website designer, I get asked quite often which of the blogging platforms I would recommend. WordPress is always my answer. Why blog with WordPress? Here’s the answer: WordPress, like it or not, is very well known, has a pretty good reputation, and for all intents and purposes, it’s king as far as blogging […]

How to Use Twitter for Your Blog or Business

use twitter

Do you use Twitter for your blog? If your blogging persona is not on Twitter yet, it might be time! Don’t let Twitter intimidate you- it’s fun, current, and fast-paced but it’s also pretty easy to get the hang of. This blogger shares how you can get started using Twitter to your advantage! How to […]

Blogging 101: How To Build And Grow Your Audience

Blogging Tips | How To Blog | Let's go back to the basics for a little blogging 101. Learn how to se up your blog, establish a point of view, the best way to promote yourself and the community, and more blogging tips to help you become a successful blogger.

The idea of blogging is appealing to almost everyone I meet. “It looks like so much fun!,” they say. “And you can really make money?” It is, and you can, but just like any undertaking, the bloom can fade from the rose quickly, especially if you’re not seeing the growth you anticipated or immediately finding […]