How To Add Social Media Icons To Your Email Signature

email signature icons

Are you missing out on an easy way to share your blog and social media links with those you talk to everyday? Adding social media icons to your email signature is an easy way to drive traffic to your blog.   Learn how to drive more traffic to your blog by using this quick and […]

30 Days Of Writing Prompts For June


We are back with our 30 Days of Writing Prompts.  Our goal is to help you keep your editorial calendar stocked with plenty of writing ideas! 30 DAYS OF WRITING PROMPTS Feel free to pick and choose which prompts work well for your site. 1. Tell us about something sweet. 2. What was the last thing that […]

6 Top Tips For How to Make an Infographic

Creating An Infographic

Infographics have been one of the hottest marketing trends to hit the internet in the past few years, and for good reason. When they’re done correctly, they’re visually striking, memorable and contain interesting, easy-to-digest information, which is perfect for this age of shareable, pin-able, and tweet-able media. However, it takes more than bright colors and […]

Your Picture Description Is Important When Creating Pinable Pictures

picture description

Do you make it easy for people to share your posts or pin your pictures? Adding a pinable picture description in each photo only takes you an extra minute, but it will help your pictures to be pinned more often, because people don’t have to type in a description of their own when sharing your […]

How to use Facebook Interest Lists to Drive more Likes, Comments, and Shares

how to use interest lists on facebook

As bloggers, we want to share our content with the people who have chosen to like our pages on facebook, but it isn’t always simple. You might have tried asking your readers to click for notifications or to add you to lists, but that isn’t something everyone knows how to do. What if you made […]

29 Beauty And Style Blog Post Ideas

style blog post ideas

Bloggers are writers at heart. But as much as we love to share our words, sometimes they get blocked. Stuck in our heads. When that happens, it is helpful to look at prompts for blog post ideas. Beauty and Style Blog Post Ideas Now that you have your fancy new blog, it’s time to start […]

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