How To Design Custom Chalkboard Printables For Free

Design Custom Chalkboard Printables For Free

If you are a Pinterest fan or you frequent many blog sites, I know you’ve seen the endless supply of Chalkboard Printables out there. I, for one, love them! There’s just one problem. I like to customize everything! I always wish they used a different font or a different quote. Sometimes I love it and […]

DIY Gift Bags

DIY Gift Bags

For some it’s a chore, but I’ve always loved wrapping gifts. Well, let me rephrase that. I love wrapping gifts that are easy to wrap. Boxes, books, CDs, board games…I could wrap for days! But those pesky, oddly shaped gifts always pose a challenge. As far as I know, there are two solutions (besides a […]

DIY Decorated Bobby Pins: Great Last-Minute Gift Idea

DIY Decorated Bobby Pins

It’s time to start getting those gifts together, making sure you haven’t forgotten anyone on your list. Here’s a little DIY gift that’s quick, easy, and inexpensive- decorated bobby pins! DIY Decorated Bobby Pins You’ll need to get your supplies together first. You’ll need bobby pins, hot glue gun/glue, nail polish, pencil, scissors, and birch […]

Christmas Garland And Advent Calendar

DIY Advent Calendar And Mantle Garland

I’ve always wanted a mantle to decorate for Christmas, and this year I got my wish. Last year, I bought my sons a cheap Advent calendar made of clothespins and foam. They loved removing a pin every day in December, so this year I decided to kick things up a notch with a homemade calendar full […]

10 DIY Christmas Gifts (+Linky To Get Featured)


Finding meaningful gifts is not only tricky, but expensive! Sometimes, nothing you see really fits the bill and you are left empty handed! With December 25th creeping closer and closer, you don’t have much time left! Quick, let’s get crafting and check everyone off of our Christmas list by creating and giving gifts from the […]

DIY Envelope Embossing

DIY Envelope Embossing

I love anything fancy and the holiday season is the perfect time to bust fancy out! Embossing is a SUPER easy way to make almost any paper goods fancy. My favorites are thank you notes, gift tags, and the back of my holiday envelopes. DIY Embossing Embossing powder is available at your local craft store […]

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