Top 20 Best Spring Crafts And Recipes

20 amazing crafts and recipes to bring spring into your home decor, your wardrobe, and your kitchen.

It’s hard to believe that spring is right around the corner when you are buried underneath mountains of snow, but we are on the cusp of that time of year! Don’t be left behind when the grass starts sprouting and the birds start chirping. Catch spring fever early this year! Check out our favorite ideas for […]

7 St. Patricks Day Crafts (+Linky To Get Featured)

7 St. Patrick's Day crafts to add a bit of luck to your world. From bracelets and shirts to edible gifts and kid crafts, find your four leaf clover and rainbow craft inspiration here.

Spring is on its way! We know it doesn’t feel like it for many of you who are still buried in snow, but it really is coming. We promise! With spring comes St. Patrick’s Day. We are so ready for the warm weather, we are already looking for the perfect green shirt and dreaming of […]

Glitter DIY Canvas Art


Creating your very own piece of sparkly art is not as complicated as you think! Using a piece of glittered paper and some scissors, you can do some serious decorating on a small budget and time scale! Glitter DIY Canvas Art is simple and only takes a few steps. Let’s get sparkly! Glitter DIY Canvas Art […]

5 Healthy Dinner Recipes You Must Bookmark

If you need some new healthy dinner recipes, you've come to the right place! We've collected five of our favorite's from last week's DIY link up. From gluten free and vegetarian to a remix of a classic comfort food, there is something here that everyone in your family will love.

If you need some new healthy dinner recipes, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve collected five of our favorite’s from last week’s DIY link up. From gluten free and vegetarian to a remix of a classic comfort food, there is something here that everyone in your family will love. 5 Healthy Dinner Recipes A […]

10 Food-Free Printable Valentines

Perfect for last minute valentines, or for parties where you need food-free valentines. Free printables.

When did Valentine’s Day turn into a second Halloween? I remember bringing home an empty tissue mailbox filled with Valentine’s cards and the occasional heart-shaped lollipop or box of conversation hearts. But these days? It is totally different. My son came home from school last year with a paper sack FULL of candy. Thankfully, this […]

DIY Painted Glass Bottle Vases

Turn glass bottles into beautiful vases with this easy painting technique. A perfect DIY for Valentine's Day.

Creating something new from things that are going to end up in the garbage is always so rewarding. It takes the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to a whole new level. Making your own DIY Painted Glass Bottle Vases are a perfect example of that concept! They are as easy as pie […]

6 Valentine’s Day Crafts For The People You Love

6 easy to make Valentine's Day crafts you can make for your loved ones. Includes super cute tutorial on a Valentine mailbox.

It is the final count down to Valentine’s Day, and we are still looking for great craft and gift ideas. From homemade cards and gift bags to Valentine Mailboxes, we’ve collected 6 great Valentine’s Day craft ideas that are sure to impress the people you love. 6 Valentine’s Day Crafts Here are our favorite picks from […]

Peek-A-Boo Ribbon Valentine

I love this sweet Peek-A-Boo Ribbon Valentine's Day card. This would be fun a fun project to do with kids.

I love adding a personal touch whenever I can. These days, time seems to be the key as to whether or not I “can.” This Peek-A-Boo Ribbon Homemade Valentine card is just the sweet little ticket. You can put it together in about 30 minutes, and you probably have most, if not all, of the supplies […]

Decorating A Small Bathroom With Easy Contact Paper Stripes

One of the best small bathroom design ideas I have seen. Use contact paper to create stripes on your wall. This is a simple and easy bathroom redo, and a great design idea for renters.

Finding ways to decorate your home on the cheap is not always easy! Even so, sometimes a cheap decorating idea can take hours and hours of preparation. Not the case for today’s simple DIY for adding pattern to your walls. You can have your cake and eat it too when you use contact paper to create stripes […]

5 Bite-Size Dessert Recipes

Perfect for a dessert bar - 5 bite size dessert recipes.

We are always looking for more ways to eat dessert. When looking through last week’s link up, we were inspired by small desserts. Because if the dessert is small, you get to have more than one, right? Of course you do. With that in mind, we’ve collected 5 bite size dessert recipes we want to […]

You + Me And A Family Tree

Birch Log Vase Family Tree

Shut the front door. No, really. Shut it. You have nowhere to go except back to the couch. Grab your favorite snuggie, curl up and get cozy because I want to talk about love. Or rather, the day of love. It won’t be long before Valentine’s Day is among us and partners world wide are forced […]

Ideas for Valentines Day: Decorate Your Mantle On a Budget

Turn your mantle into a Valentine's Day celebration without breaking into your piggy bank. These budget-friendly decorating ideas will inspire you to add a little extra love to your home.

Looking for original, even super affordable ideas for Valentines Day? We have a step-by-step tutorial to help you turn your mantle into a Valentine’s Day celebration without having to break into your piggy bank. Decorate Your Mantle (On A Budget) for Valentine’s Day This year, after the yards and yards of Christmas greenery and glitter […]

5 Easy Things To Make For Valentine’s Day (+Linky To Get Featured)

5 Great Valentine's DIY Ideas

We are so excited that Valentine’s Day is on the way. We’re ready to watch sappy movies, only eat heart-shaped foods, and craft things with lots of extra love. It seems like we are not alone in our Valentine’s day excitement, because last week’s DIY link up was full of great ideas to make February […]

DIY Coconut Vanilla Lip Balm

coconut oil lip balm

Have you ever put on lip balm only to have your lips end up feeling drier? Some balms contain ingredients that can actually dry your skin, making you feel the need to apply more, thus starting a terrible cycle. This homemade lip balm contains only natural ingredients and will provide protection against the elements while […]

From Cereal Box To Magazine Holder


I have magazines, kid’s school papers, coloring books, medical forms, and other papers all over my house. I found a way to organize almost anything with a simple DIY home decor project that turns cereal boxes into magazine holders. Now, for just a few bucks and about an hour, I can repurpose old cereal boxes […]

DIY Coconut Oil Salt Scrub With Rosemary And Mint


It’s amazing how many self-care products you can make or replace with coconut oil. I figure, with all of the health benefits it has to offer, why not use it wherever I can, right? You can make deodorant, diaper cream, vapor rub, shaving cream, cuticle ointment, toothpaste…I mean, the list goes on and on. You […]

DIY Pattern Ear Warmer (+Linky To Get Featured)


Keep in mind this DIY when cleaning out your closet! Don’t toss those unwanted sweaters into the donate pile just yet! Repurpose your old sweater into a fancy pattern ear warmer head wrap with a bow! It doesn’t require any special machines or tools, just a trusty pair of scissors, a needle and thread, and […]

Oil Pulling (Yes You Should!)


If you’re not already on the coconut oil bandwagon, you should be! It has so many uses around the house. There’s the obvious ones like replacing any vegetable oils in recipes, stir-frying, melting on popcorn, or spreading on toast. Beyond that, some people swear by it’s health benefits. One use I was really curious about […]

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