DIY Wooden Welcome Sign


Looking for a tutorial on how to make wooden sign? We’ve got a great tutorial on how to make your own wooden welcome sign! This might sound like an intimidating project but even the non-crafty people will enjoy tackling this project. And don’t forget to link up your craft or recipe post at the bottom of […]

5 Wearable DIY Projects


Everybody loves a good DIY project!  But, add in the intrigue of a wearable DIY project and my heart starts beating faster! Making something you can wear is a definite plus in my book.  Even better, giving a handmade wearable piece of jewelry is a great way to show someone that you care. And don’t […]

Looking for Spring Crafts? This DIY Wreath is the Answer! (+ Linky To Get Featured)


Just in case you haven’t noticed, spring is here!  And, in honor of one of my favorite times of the year, I thought it be only fitting to make a diy wreath!  But, in search of fresh wreath ideas I noticed an alarming trend… they all look the same!  And, not only are they all […]

DIY Coasters: Coaster Making Fun with Watercolors + Weekly Linky


When winter bows out and spring starts to wrap her warm arms around us, I can’t help it but crave a bit of color!  We see color popping everywhere, why not inside too?  Creating your own set of DIY Coasters is the perfect way to bring a bit of the outside color in!  Even better, […]

7 Spring Crafts to Kickstart Your Creativity


Watching winter turn into spring is one of the happiest moments of the year!  The air smells sweeter, the birds chirp louder, and the earth is full of color once again.  Celebrating spring brings all kinds of new inspiration, fresh ideas, fun art projects and breezy adventures all waiting at our fingertips!  Are you ready […]

How to Make Infinity Scarf in Three Easy Steps + Linky to Feature Your Content


Looking for a tutorial on how to make infinity scarf? We’ve got t shirt scarf ideas galore here today! Read on to learn how to make a T shirt scarf with only a t shirt and a pair of scissors. And don’t forget to link up your craft or recipe post at the bottom of […]

DIY Leather Bracelet + Linky to Feature Your Content


I love the look of leather!  Not only are leather accessories trendy right now, but they can also be very expensive.  You can create your own DIY Leather Bracelet with minimal sewing, a little cutting, and some imagination.  The best part, you can do it for a lot cheaper than what you could find in […]

DIY Personalized Door Mats + Linky to Feature Your Content


Looking for a great way to jazz up your front porch?  DIY Personalized Door Mats is a quick solution that can be customized to fit any décor!  Using a blank door mat, and a few simple supplies, you can easily add a bit of character to your front door and a welcome message for your […]

6 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips to Declutter Your Home + Linky to Feature Your Content


It may be hard to imagine, but spring is definitely on its way!  The days are getting longer, the snow is thawing, and the birds are building their nests, anticipating the warm welcome of spring!  I don’t know about you, but my nest needs a little re-organization and tidying.  The cold winter has turned me […]

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