Tips for Outdoor Photography: Golden Hour Magic!

Learn how to capture beautiful pictures during the golden hour. | Golden Hour Photography Tips

There are a few fundamental photo tips you need in your arsenal, ranging from the rule of thirds, to how to straighten photos, to natural light photography. Today, we are turning our attention to outdoor photography and how to take advantage of the golden hour. OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS GOLDEN HOUR “Golden hour (sometimes known as magic hour, especially in cinematography) is the […]

Natural Light In Photography: Make the Ordinary, Extraordinary

Photography Tips | How to use natural light to get beautiful pictures | Lots of tips for natural light photography + tips to capture catchlights.

Lighting can make an ordinary picture become extraordinary! In fact, many photographers say lighting can make or break an image. Natural light is one of my favorite light sources to use. The great thing is, with a little bit of preparation, you can use natural light inside or outdoors. NATURAL LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY It doesn’t matter what type […]

Color and Contrast Photo Tips

Photography Tips | Everything you need to know about color and contrast in photography.

Color theory is complicated. People spend hours in accredited institutions learning about it. There’s a science to picking out colors and putting them together to achieve a desired effect. Once you know how to do it, these concepts can help you in every aspect of your life: from your wardrobe to interior design, right down […]

Self Portraits: How To Take A Picture of Yourself

Photography Tips | Self portraits are a great way to capture your spirit and personality. There are great tips for taking self portraits here - especially for bloggers who need pictures of themselves for their blogs and social media accounts.

Self portrait photos. Does the idea of taking a photo of yourself scare you? I admit it scared me until very recently. You may know by now that readers like to know what you look like. I like to know what other bloggers look like! It helps to draw me into their words & worlds, […]

Photographing People You Love | SITS Summer Photography Challenge Day 7

Portrait Photography Tips | Learn how to capture beautiful photographs of the people you love.

As a photographer, one of the greatest challenges and joys in my life is to photograph the people I love, and to be able to do so naturally, but to the best of my professional ability as well. I can use all of the portrait photography tips and tricks I know, but I also want to capture spontaneous moments. It’s […]