How To Start A 365 Photography Project

Jumpstart your creativity and work on your photography skills by participating in a 365 Photography Project. Start today! You don't have to wait until the beginning of the year!| Photography Tips

You probably already heard the saying “a photograph is worth a thousand words”. The Project 365 is more than that, it gives you a visual recording of an entire year in your life. What is Project 365, you may ask? Project 365 challenges you to take a photo everyday for 365 days. As you participate in […]

Get Creative With These Beautiful DIY Photo Backdrops

9 beautiful DIY photo backdrop ideas for your next party. These photo backdrops are easy to make and they are great for bloggers, too.

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. It is fun to capture moments of life, loved ones in unexpected ways, and beautiful images. Often times, photos of friends and family are the standard line-up pose with a problematic background. Elevate your photos from ordinary to interesting and fun with a bit of creativity. A fun […]

How To Set Your White Balance

Photography Tip: Control and neutralize the light when you take pictures. Your white balance settings can change the entire feel of your photograph. Learn how to set your white balance with presets, an expodisc, and by adjusting the Kelvin temperature.

Have you ever taken a photo inside and wondered why everyone is orange? Or perhaps you took a photo in the shade and your child was a strange shade of blue? Today we are going to talk about how to set your White Balance. White Balance White balance is how your camera interprets the color […]

Stop Paying for Stock Photos and Take Your Own!

Are you spending lots of money on stock photos every week for your blog? Check out these ideas for photos you can take yourself, and build your own library of blog photos.

I love pretty pictures and creating great graphics to go along with my blog posts. Sometimes I have the perfect image in mind for the background of an graphic, and I can go straight to the search field on Canva and find it. Other times I know I’ll need a stock image, because I have […]

3 Tips for Photographing Your Everyday Life

Our lives are made up of small moments strung together. Use these tips to inspire you when you are photographing your everyday life, and hold on to all the small moments.

Our daily life is made up of small moments that, when put together, form lifelong memories. I love documenting my everyday! It is the ordinary, everyday things that tell my story. Photographing Your Everyday Life If you often find yourself in a rut when photographing your everyday life, here are a few tips to help […]

7 Tips For Awesome Product Photography For Your Blog

Bloggers often have to take photographs of products for their blog. These seven product photography tips will help you get the best shots that your sponsors will love! | Blogging Tip

I know as bloggers, we all work hard to make sure we get our photos just right for our blog posts. Most of us don’t have professional studios and have to work with what we have! As a Photography blogger, I get asked a lot of questions about product photography. I’ve learned a few photography […]

What Is Aperture And How Do I Control It?

Learn how to use control aperture to take your best pictures | photography tips

Humans are visual creatures thriving from the visual delights in our everyday existences. We naturally seek out images that delight, inspire, or for some, horrify. Regardless of the subject, we want to look at interesting images. This is never truer than in the world of blogging. Certainly blogging is about great content but the other […]