Magnify Your Adsense Earnings With This Simple Trick


Are you using AdSense? Are you making any noteworthy money? The trick to boosting your earnings is not in just using AdSense and writing great content. This blogger shares her techniques for discovering the right posts to promote and subsequently, magnify your earnings. Magnify Your Adsense Earnings With This Simple Trick Do you look at your […]

How To Make More Money With Your Affiliate Links

6 affiliate link tips to help you make more money.

After you sign up for an affiliate account with an online retailer, the first order of business is how and where to share your link so you can generate some referral income. I am fortunate to bring in a little income from my cloth diapering blog through affiliate sales, so here are a few things I’ve […]

Tax Deductions All Bloggers Should Know About

Everything you need to know about filing taxes when you are a blogger.

Are you making money from your blog? If you can answer yes to that question then you need to claim that money on your tax return. Throughout the  year you should be keeping a running list of any income you receive from blogging as well as any expenses you paid out. We’ve put together some […]

How To Start A Photography Business

Learn exactly what you need to start a photography business.

Many bloggers work hard to learn how to use their cameras, and find that they have a real gift for photography. It is a natural progression to think about making money with those skills. But just having a camera isn’t enough if you want to start a professional photography business. How To Start A Photography […]

How To Turn Blog Posts Into An eBook

Learn how to turn your blog posts into an eBook. With tips to help you decide which posts to use, cover design hints, and formatting help, this is everything you need to know about self-publishing an eBook.

I distinctly remember being asked early in my blogging (circa 2010), if I was going to write a book. My response was to laugh, “Are you kidding? Blog post size is just my speed right now!” But blog post after blog post and… five years later, I found I’d created a significant body of work. Very […]

4 Ways To Make Money From Home

4 Ways To Make Money From Home

Learning to make money from home can be extremely confusing, especially with so many “experts” telling us this, telling us that, and then completely changing their minds about that same advice later. I’ve been working online – from home – since 2006, and am excited to share some tips to get you started. 4 Ways To […]

How To Sell Your Digital Products This Holiday Season

Make Money Selling Ebooks

The holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or something else entirely, is filled with people buying and giving gifts. Most retailers of tangible products find this to be their busiest, often most profitable time of the year. But what about those of us who sell eBooks or other informative digital products? How can […]

When Should I Use A NoFollow Link?

when and how to nofollow a link

A NoFollow Link is a way publishers (bloggers like you and I) can tell search engines robots not to follow a link. This means you won’t give ‘votes’, or pass pagerank and anchor text, to sponsored or paid links. But why would you not want to give good Google juice to the very companies that pay […]

Who Do You Write For: Yourself, Readers, or Sponsors?

how to write a sponsored post that is makes you and your readers happy

At some point in your blogging career, you’ll probably give some thought to what blog writing topics you should focus on. It’s often a challenge to balance your own desires with the desires of your audience. Today, 2012 BBC Speaker Kimberly Gauthier shares how she approaches this dilemma in her own writing! Choosing what to write […]

How To Get Paid To Manage Other People’s Social Media

get paid to manage social media

Are you organized? Do you love social media? Can you get amazing interaction because you rock at building a community? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you can get paid to manage social media accounts! I know it sounds a little like an infomercial, but it really is that simple! Many bloggers […]

FTC Guidelines For Sponsored Blog Content And Social Shares Made Simple


Whether you are new to blogging or a seasoned veteran, you need to understand the FTC Guidelines for bloggers and influencers on how to properly disclose sponsored content for advertisers on your blog and social media channels. Understanding the FTC Guidelines for Bloggers If you’re new to blogging, the FTC Guidelines for Bloggers may seem a […]

Creating And Selling Printables On Your Blog

create and sell printables

A great way to monetize your blog is to make printables or other easily downloadable items to sell. What you sell is up to you. It can be an artistic image, poster, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, photo booth props, organization plan, or anything else you can imagine. How do you make printables? If you […]

How To Make Money Online With Google Adsense


There are so many ways to grow and monetize your blog that it might feel overwhelming. Knowing where to begin or how to implement money making strategies can be daunting. While I’m not an affiliate of Google, I will say that you can make a living from your website using an advertising network like Google […]

Steps To Writing An Awesome Sponsored Post

how to write a sponsored blog post

Today is a great day, you’ve gotten that coveted sponsored blog post! Now it’s time to write it, not so great. First time or five hundredth time, it causes everyone a little stress. Will the brand like it? Will anyone read it? Will it inspire other brands to want me to write for them? Steps […]

Virtual Assistant: Do You Need One?

how to find the right virtual assistant

As your blog grows, so does the list of things you need to do to keep it moving forward. Eventually you can start to feel buried under all the work, and wish you could just hand some of it off to another person so you can focus on the love of writing that led you […]

What I Wish I Knew Before That Post Went Viral

what to know before your blog post goes viral

Having a blog post go viral is a dream for most bloggers. It can be an incredible experience, but just like most things in life, there are also downsides. It is impossible to plan for a viral blog post, but here are some things you can keep in mind if it happens for you in […]

How To Make An Awesome Media Kit

how to make an awesome media kit

When you become a blogger, one of the things that you will find yourself encountering is wanting to grow your blog, work with other bloggers, and working with brands and businesses. You want to be able to promote yourself and your blog in the best light possible. One of the easiest ways to do this […]

7 Must Haves To Be PR-Friendly Site & Make Money From Your Blog


There are many different ways to make money online with your blog: sponsored posts, reviews and giveaways, advertising, ambassadorships, and other special programs. If you want to make money from your blog, you need to make it PR-friendly. There are certain pieces of information people are looking to find on your blog when they consider […]

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