7 Best Photo Apps for Your Smartphone (for Android too!)

best photo apps

As social media aficionados, I’m sure we’ve all seen many photos shared over the years on various platforms. The quality of photos varies, with some being so amazing that you may wonder how the photographer managed such impressive photos, especially on a smartphone. Of course the quality of smart phone cameras has improved greatly over […]

Top 7 Phone Photography Tips: How to Use Your Phone Camera to Take Awesome Pictures


Every great blog post deserves a great photo to go along with it, and sometimes, there just isn’t a stock image that works, especially for those personal posts. I’m here to tell you that you CAN take an awesome shot with your camera phone and provide you with seven phone photography tips to capture a photo that’s […]

6 Top Tips For How to Make an Infographic

Creating An Infographic

Infographics have been one of the hottest marketing trends to hit the internet in the past few years, and for good reason. When they’re done correctly, they’re visually striking, memorable and contain interesting, easy-to-digest information, which is perfect for this age of shareable, pin-able, and tweet-able media. However, it takes more than bright colors and […]

Your Picture Description Is Important When Creating Pinable Pictures

picture description

Do you make it easy for people to share your posts or pin your pictures? Adding a pinable picture description in each photo only takes you an extra minute, but it will help your pictures to be pinned more often, because people don’t have to type in a description of their own when sharing your […]

How to Optimize Images for SEO

Optimize Your Images for SEO

You want search engines to find your blog, but when they do, can they see your pictures? It is easier than you might think to optimize images for SEO. Following these simple steps will help your blog to rank higher in image searches. How To Optimize Images for SEO Chances are if you’re a blogger […]

DIY Bottle Cap Photography Magnets (+ Linky To Get Featured)

bottle cap magnets

Are you looking for a perfectly unique gift for Mothers Day? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! A set of DIY Bottle Cap Photography Magnets make a personalized gift that is not only simple, but incredibly fun, and absolutely foolproof! What a fun crafts for mothers! You are going to have the cutest fridge on […]

Creating Pinworthy Blog Photos


Pinterest can be a major source of traffic for bloggers! To maximize what Pinterest has to offer you need to have great photos. Spend thirty minutes looking through your Pinterest feed and you can quickly see which photos pop out. Take the time to create Pinterest images that are pinworthy and you could be well on […]

Video Tutorial: How to Make a Blog Button in PicMonkey


Are you tired of paying a graphic designer to do small tasks for you? Maybe you’ve thought about adding a blog button to your sidebar, but weren’t sure where to start? Good news! Creating a blog button in PicMonkey is an easy task that anyone can do, no design skills necessary. Knowing how to create […]

Animated GIFs in a Jiffy {without Photoshop!}


Have you ever seen a really cool blog button or blog graphic that included animation? Ever wonder how to make one yourself? You don’t have to hire a web designer, own any expensive photo software or even be a graphic designer! Anyone can make an animated photo and this post will show you how to […]

Creating a Self Portrait & Why You Need to Get in Front of the Camera


In the day of selfies, it might not be as hard to get in front of the camera as it once was, but it is definitely just as important. I’m not one for taking photos of myself and I’m not a fan of someone else taking  a picture of me either, but as I get […]

How to Perfect Your About Me Page


About Me pages are often the second thing readers go to on your blog. The first is a post that someone shared on Facebook, pinned on Pinterest, or found in a Google search. Once the reader is drawn in, they want to know more about YOU: who you are, what you’re about, and what YOUR […]

12 Tips to Improve Your Photography Skills

PicMonkey Collage.jpg.png

Photography plays a huge role in blogging. In fact some of the most successful bloggers have made it a point to learn at least the basics of photography! With social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Google + being more visually based it’s more important than ever to brush up your photography skills. 12 Photo […]

Building My Photography Business: Ten Things I Learned

building a photography business

Photography is a huge part of blogging! Bloggers typically end up being great photographers since they are always trying to capture perfect pictures for their site. Have you ever thought about taking those skills and turning them into a photography business? If so keep reading.   How to Build a Photography Business This post is […]

Where to Find Free Images for Your Blog

sitsPicMonkey Collage

Having images for your blog posts is crucial! A great image will help you promote your post on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes we don’t have the time, tools or graphic knowledge to make a great image. When this happens you need to find a stock image. But where do you find stock photos? Better […]

5 Best Photo Editor Apps for Smartphones…Perfect for the Holidays!

photo editor

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Instagram then you’ve probably came across some stunning photos! Ever wondered how some of these photos are created? Surprisingly, a lot of these photos are created with powerful photo editing apps. If you’re ready to take your photos to the next level, then keep reading for our […]

How to Take the Best Self Portrait| Self Portrait Tips for Bloggers


Having a picture of yourself on your blog, is something we strongly suggest doing! However, you might not have the money to hire a professional, most of us don’t. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing self-portrait on your site. Taking a self-portrait is fun and fairly easy with the right skills.  Tips […]

10 Pieces of Advice from 10 Years of Freelancing


10 Pieces of Advice from 10 Years of Freelancing I recently realized that I’ve been freelancing in one form or another for 10 years. I’ve gone from writing for free (way too much) to slugging out keyword articles for a couple of bucks each to ghostwriting ebooks and emails, working for About, writing my own […]

October Instagram Challenge


Welcome to the October Instagram Challenge! We absolutely love Instagram, and seeing all of the pictures our community shares. That’s why we’ve created this short mini-challenge and would love for you to join us. October Instagram Challenge Check out what we have in store starting this Sunday, October 20: Pumpkins Sunday, October 20: Post a […]

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