Power Down Returns as a Google+ Hangout This Thursday


Some time ago we added Power Down, an inspiring reminder to us all that we have to take breaks from social media in order to be good at any endeavor we take on in the online space. It began with a podcast, but we ran into a few technical difficulties and wanted to give you the […]

Best Podcasts for Bloggers and Busy Moms

best podcasts

In a sea of choices, how do you know which are the best podcasts to listen to? If you read our first Podcast 101 segment, you know what is a podcast, where to find them, and how to listen to them. But which free podcast should you tune into? Just like blogs, there are literally […]

What Is A Podcast? And How Do You Tune In?

what is a podcast

Are you trying to figure out what is a podcast? Or maybe you’ve heard of our Power Down movement and are wondering how to get connected. Whatever the reason, this post will give you the background you need to better understand what is a podcast, how to tune in, and why it is worth your […]

Introducing the Power Down Podcast

the sits girls

Do you ever feel the need to: Disconnect? Log off? Unplug? Sign off? Power down? It’s a common thread, running through online conversation. People are talking about improving their writing by spending uninterrupted time away from the computer. People are talking about how technology today is too overwhelming. All of us are talking about not […]