Is Your Blog Ready For Google’s Big Change?

Is your blog or website mobile-friendly? If not, Google is going to penalize you in search! Find out how to check if your blog meets their standards and what to do if it doesn't! | SEO

The rules for Google are about to change, and if your website or blog isn’t mobile-friendly, or doesn’t have a mobile responsive design, those changes are not going to be pretty. April 21st is the day Google’s changes go into effect. Usually when Google makes a change to their search system, we don’t what is […]

How to Find Keywords in Google Analytics

Learn how to find the keywords that are brining people to your blog | SEO

Google Analytics is not only a great resource for finding information about your website traffic but also your keywords. Once you learn how to find keywords in Google Analytics, it can help you understand what terms are being searched to find content on your website. How To Find Your Keywords In Google Analytics When you first […]

Everything You Need To Know About Links For Your Blog

An overview of the different kinds of links you can share in your blog, and some of the ways to links to drive more pageviews and build authority in your niche.

Content is king. Along with the great words you write, knowing how to strategically use links in your posts, and what kind of links to use, is super important. I’m going to give you an overview of the different kinds of links for our blogging tips and tutorials series, and share with you some of the […]

The Top 5 SEO Tips For Blogger

If you are blogging on the blogger platform, here are the top 5 SEO tips for helping your blog to be found in search. All easy to do, even for beginning bloggers.

I could have titled this post “SEO Optimization 101” because this is an extremely basic tutorial on optimizing your Blogger blog content. Lucky for bloggers on Blogger/Blogspot, Google has made it super easy to manage your SEO settings within the Blogger dashboard. These five small SEO tips for Blogger will give you the most SEO bang […]

When Should I Use A NoFollow Link?

when and how to nofollow a link

A NoFollow Link is a way publishers (bloggers like you and I) can tell search engines robots not to follow a link. This means you won’t give ‘votes’, or pass pagerank and anchor text, to sponsored or paid links. But why would you not want to give good Google juice to the very companies that pay […]

5 Ways To Draw Readers To Your Blog


We write on the internet because we want our words to be read, otherwise we would all stick to journaling in those little pink books with locks on the side. But how do you draw readers to your blog? That is the question of the day! 5 Ways To Draw Readers To Your Blog There are […]

What Is A Good Keyword?

What Is Good SEO Keyword

One question that I’m asked often by bloggers is, “How do I know which words to SEO?” It’s confusing, sometimes overwhelming, and it takes a bit of time and practice to understand keywords and SEO fully. Let’s start at the basics–what exactly is SEO? I’ll make this easy and tell you exactly what you need to […]

How to Use Google Analytics

how to use google analytics

There are a lot of websites out there geared toward gathering traffic and search stats for your website. However, if you’re not using Google Analytics, then you’re missing out! Google Analytics is far more accurate tool, and more trusted by advertising companies. It’s one thing to have Google Analytics installed, embedded, and tracking your website, […]

How To Find And Fix Broken Links


When you’ve been at the blog game for a while, things happen. Posts you wrote about many moons ago have a broken link or two in them. I’ve been blogging for 10 years. You better believe my blog has broken links in it. It is important that you fix broken links on your blog. How […]

Insider Tips to Increase Traffic To Your Blog

increase traffic to your blog

If you wanted to just write things for yourself, you could buy a journal. But you want your words to be widely read. To make that happen, you need to increase traffic and pageviews on your blog. Tips To Help You Increase Traffic To Your Blog Get Involved In The Blogging Community Visit other blogs. […]

How to Optimize Images for SEO

Optimize Your Images for SEO

You want search engines to find your blog, but when they do, can they see your pictures? It is easier than you might think to optimize images for SEO. Following these simple steps will help your blog to rank higher in image searches. How To Optimize Images for SEO Chances are if you’re a blogger […]

15 Best Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

wordpress plugins

So you keep hearing about it.  This thing called a plugin. But what is it really?  Without getting into all the technical jargon a plugin is a feature on WordPress that allows bloggers to optimize and customize their websites.  With everything from detailed site statistics to a customized sidebar, the best plugins can help you […]

Grow Your Blog With Dynamic Strategic Planning


Do you have a strategic plan for your blog? If not you might want to start thinking about creating one. Having a strategic plan for your blog can not only help you grow your blog but help keep you on track. It can be easy to lose focus of what your blogging goals are. Having […]

8 Knock Em Dead Content Marketing Tips for Your Blog

content marketing

We’ve all heard “content is king”, after all it has been an online cliché for years now, but it’s just not true. Content by itself, no matter how good the content is, is just content. Content won’t transform your blog or business into what you want it to be, and it won’t get you where […]

How to Create SEO Friendly Blog Post Titles


So you’ve got terrific, original content- fabulous! But if you don’t start off with a strong, clickable blog post title, your genius will be relegated to the fifth or sixth pages of search engines. Fear not! I’ve culled the top five tips for creating better blog post titles; ones which will be SEO friendly and […]

Does Your Blog Pass the Health Test?


Many of us start our blogs for fun, or as a way to share with our family and friends.  And then as time goes by, we find ourselves more interested in the world of blogging and ways to analyze and improve our blogs.  We study our stats, hop onto forums to ask for opinions, and […]

5 simple SEO tips


As bloggers we all want organic search engine traffic. But how? The answer is simple, SEO. Figuring out SEO however is not that simple. Learning how to optimize your site and blog posts for search engine traffic takes time! There 5 SEO tips will help get you started on increasing your search engine traffic. How […]

SEO Tips for Blogger


Blogger might not have all the fancy SEO plugins that WordPress has, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give your SEO a boost. There are several tips to increase your SEO without plugins like Yoast. Follow these seven SEO for Blogger tips and you will be well on your way to some search engine traffic. SEO […]

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