How to Curate Content on Social Media

curate content

If you curate content on your social media accounts, instead of constantly promoting your blog, you can promote posts from like-minded bloggers or with like-minded ideas, saving yourself from coming across as self-centered or pushy. How do you curate content? This blogger shares her techniques for 5 social media platforms. How to Curate Content on Social […]

Get Results From The Time You Spend On Social Media

Learn how to use social media to your advantage with these social media tips to get results from the time you are spending online.

Social media is so accessible. Have smartphone, will tweet, pin, post, or comment. Those minutes you spend giving social juice to others can work for you, and I have 5 tips to help you squeeze more social media juice from the time you spend on it. If you are hoping to get results on social media, […]

Twitter Strategy: 10 Tips For Gaining Followers

These 10 Twitter tips will help you grow your followers and increase interaction on Twitter | Social Media Tips

It’s taken awhile for me to get used to Twitter, but I think I finally have a handle on it! Twitter can be complicated to understand and follow, but gaining followers on this social media profile is a must! The steps below are the Twitter strategy that I have come up with to help me […]

5 Tips to Organize Email and Spring Clean Your Inbox

Organize your email with these five tips for spring cleaning your inbox.

March is here, making it the perfect time to think spring and how to organize email! It’s a different kind of cleaning – one that doesn’t even require a bucket! Let’s look at some easy ways to organize email and clean out your email inboxes. Mine can get more cluttered than my boys’ toyroom when they are on a […]

How To Reply To Comments On Instagram

Reply To comments on Instagram

Instagram is a fun social media platform, because it is all about beautiful pictures. The social part of Instagram happens in the comments under each picture, so it is important to make sure you are leaving comments that will prompt notifications to the people you want to include in your conversation. How To Reply To Comments On Instagram […]

Five Apps To Increase Social Media Productivity For Bloggers


Blogging has certainly changed since I started it as a hobby back in 2004. Social media is an important part of a blogger’s marketing plan, but it can be overwhelming, especially if you only have time to do it outside of your nine to five job or whenever the kids are down for a nap […]

How To Create Twitter Lists


Have you ever logged onto Twitter only to feel like logging off the second you saw your stream? Twitter lists are a great way to organize yourself on Twitter, and help you to find more of the tweets you want to see. Lists are one of Twitter’s best features, but they are underused. How To Make […]