Tips To Help You Get Started Vlogging

Vlogging Tips that will help you make a great video.

Have you tried vlogging? A lot of bloggers start a blog because they are all about the words, and they never imagine themselves making videos. But videos are becoming more and more popular – with brands and with your regular readers. Plus, they are a lot of fun! Vlogging Tips Do you like to watch […]

5 Elements of a Great Vlog

great vlog elements

Have you taken the vlogging plunge yet? Are you still a little intimidated to put yourself in front of a camera? Here are 5 elements of a great vlog that will help you create fun, professional and entertaining videos to add to your blogging bag of tricks. 5 ELEMENTS OF A GREAT VLOG Adding video to your blogging […]

Why You Should Incorporate Video Into Your Blog


Creating a vlog probably sounds a little scary. But if you want to take your blog to the next level it might be the time to start thinking about incorporating video into your blog posts. Using video on your blog gives you an opportunity to create a great connection with your readers and makes you […]

YouTube For Bloggers


I’ve been to a handful of conferences for mom bloggers and one thing I consistently hear about is how bloggers need to incorporate video into their sites. Brands want videos. Your readers want videos. Video sets you apart from every other blogger out there who is developing similar content to yours, etc. I’ve always had […]

7 Tips To Become A Vlogging Brand Ambassador

7 tips to help you become a brand ambassador and make money blogging and vlogging.

Ever thought about becoming a brand ambassador? As a website owner, this can be a compelling opportunity. The financial benefits, as well as the chance to build your portfolio, are great for bloggers. However, to land this type of job, you first need to have experience in front of the lens. Read on to learn […]

Video Blog: How to Get Started Vlogging!


More and more bloggers are starting to incorporate vlogging into their blogs. Learning how to do a video blog can bring in more readers, higher engagement and attract more brands! Getting started with vlogging can be scary especially if you are not comfortable on camera. There are some tips for making the transition to vlogging […]

Vlog Series: Enhance Your Video with Basic Techniques


With video, it’s often best to record more footage than you need and to edit the clips together, just like we discussed in the second post in our series on how to create a vlog. But once you have your clips all pieced together, there is still a little more work to do to be […]

How To Create A Vlog: Know When To Hold ‘Em, Know When To Fold ‘Em

create a vlog

Figuring out what you should keep and discard when it comes to creating a vlog can be tricky. Just like editing a traditional written blog post, you have to figure out what is vital, entertaining and intriguing information for your video. When you really analyze and edit, you’d be surprised at what you can truly […]

How To Video Blog {Vlog} Series: Be A Bang, Not A Bust

Everything you need to know about vlogging!

Jessica Torres is back with us again today for our series on vlogging. All week, we’ll be dishing on how to video blog {aka how to vlog}, giving you the expert advice you need to get started on camera like a pro. How to Video Blog Most people decide whether or not they will watch […]

5 Elements of A Great Vlog


Have you been wanting to learn how to vlog? It’s a great way to expand your bloggy horizons. Today the masterminds of VlogTalk are here to walk you through the 5 key elements to creating a fun, professional and entertaining vlog. Read this and youʼll be on the road to adding video to your blogging […]

Pixorial For The Win

Video Conversion

I finally stopped being lazy and sent my videos in to Pixorial for conversion to DVD. I’m proud of myself. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. I have no idea why just getting myself to the post office for delivery was (and always is) the hardest part, but I did it. I sent […]

Video Converter: Preserving Memories with Pixorial

video converter

I have a computer filled with short clips of video I’ve been taking with my point and shoot for the last six years. The videos are not stored anywhere. If anything happens to that computer I will lose every moving picture I have since my seven year old was a baby. Why haven’t I protected […]

How To Be A Vlogging Superstar

how to become a vlogger

My love affair with the blogosphere started years ago.  I was deeply in love in the beginning, but like all great infatuations, things cooled down over time.  My brilliant post ideas did not come as fast and furious.  I was faced with the challenge of figuring out how to continue to discuss topics that mattered […]

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