Calling All Guest Posts!

It’s time for all of us here at SITS to begin looking ahead to 2012. We’re planning some fabulous content for the new year, but having some help from our community always makes our programming even better! We want you to write a blog post for us!

Guest Pots

So, we’re opening up another call for guest posts for the first quarter of 2012.

We’ll be looking for posts on the following topics:

* In the food and lifestyle channel, we would love to see posts on organization, cleaning, Valentine’s Day recipes, St. Patrick’s Day recipes, planning Spring Break vacations, and improving your look or image in the new year.

* In the education channel, all posts on how to blog better are welcome. Pitch us your ideas!

Go here to learn more about guest posting for SITS. And if you’re ready to submit something, shoot us your idea or post at We’ll be getting back with everyone over the next 30 to 45 days.

Happy writing!


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  1. Awesome! I’ve got a few ideas. : )

  2. I’m putting my thinking cap on!

  3. Sweet! I may have a few ideas in the future but I need to figure them out first and plan accordingly.

  4. hmmm…. thinking…

  5. My wheels are turning! :)

  6. I think I’m going to go with “Improving look/image in the new year.” Already have something a-brewin’ :)

  7. My brain is churning!

  8. Thanks for the opportunity. I have to go cook up something!!

  9. Optimistic Mom says:

    Thanks for sharing another great opportunity! Hmmmm let me think. ;)

  10. how do you feel about some gluten-free, casein-free recipes?

  11. Let me see what I can come up with!

  12. I am going to have to start thinking!

  13. Will start thinking of things to contribute.

  14. Planning for travel sounds like my cup of tea.

  15. Thinking… ;-)

  16. Great, I’ll start thinking of some ideas!

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