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One of the things I like best about reading through the posts shared by SITS-tahs is that they are so diverse. It is such fun to find new recipes, great insights, exciting announcements, and so much more while reading through them. For me it  is like visiting a wonderful buffet filled with blog posts.

This week was no exception. Here are some that caught my attention:

She’s Write shared an amazing discussion she had with her son in a post called Talking About Race With My  Biracial 5 Year Old. 

The Space Shuttle and Moon Birthday Cakes shared by Creatively Blooming are amazing. They have inspired me to try to decorate my son’s birthday cake in a few months.

Jo of Jo, by Gosh shared that her husband is back home on leave for two weeks in a post called I Have Been Waiting for This for 7 Months.  She is going to be on a blogging break for two weeks, but I bet she would love to have us leave a comment on her post.

Finally Bellaboo Gloss shared a post about dancing in the rainstorms in your life instead of waiting for them to pass in a post called Learn to Dance in the Rain. I love her wonderful reminder!

Now it’s your turn? What do you have to share with us?


Last week several changes in the Saturday Sharefest were shared. I thought you would like a reminder of what they are.

How We Are Highlighting Your Content

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Sharefest Linky

In the past, we’ve had our community members just leave comments on this post to highlight their best post from the previous week. Now, we’re giving you more ways to share! You can link up your post using the below Linky AND leave a comment, giving you the chance to really describe what your post is about.

It is easier than ever for people to find your content and for you to visit your fellow bloggers. Even a visit to one or two people ahead of you in the Linky can make all the difference in the world!

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We started a Pinterest board on The SITS Girls just for our Sharefest participants. Our community leads will be helping to pin content that really stands out, so be sure that your posts include a pinnable image!

Finally, definitely don’t forget our #SITSSharefest Twitter Party happening at 10:00 AM EST / 7:00 AM PST on Saturdays. It’s a great way to get one of your posts some extra love on Twitter!

You ready? Let’s do this!

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Deirdre Smith writes/owns JDaniel4’s Mom. After twenty years as a teacher in Northern Virginia, she became a stay at home mom of a wonderful little boy in upstate South Carolina. Deirdre can also be found on twitter as @jdaniel4smom and on her blog's Facebook page and Pinterest account.
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    Unfortunately I missed Saturday’s Sharefest. Fortunately my husband and I spent the day enjoying couple massages, movies and eating out. KID FREE!!!


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    Hi Everyone :) I just found out about this site thanks to a Biannual Blogathon Bash! I messed up on the link above by just posting my blog. The entry “Purple Lightning” is the one I wanted to share. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and checking out your blogs! :)

  3. says

    Hi everyone – what a whirlwind last week was! I taught my first-ever cooking class yesterday and it worked out great but WOW! I had no idea how much work it was to prepare for teaching a cooking class. Holy cow! It was worth the effort but I am glad to be done and have time to be social again! Hope you are all having a great weekend. I made this middle eastern egg dish called Shakshuka – which I love to say as much as I love to eat it! It’s a great dish to make for dinner with supplies you most likely have in your pantry. Fast, delicious, and satisfying.

  4. says

    Participating in the Biannual Blogathon Bash and posted my blogging goals for this weekend. Of course, I gave a shout out to all you SITS girls who are so supportive and helpful for inexperienced bloggers like me. I even won an SEO book during the twitter party tonight!!

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    This is such a great new look! Well done!

    My blog post is of a heart wrenching thing that happened to me in Sea World, which gave me the inspiration for a really awesome reality TV show… now if I can just get ahold of someone from CBS?

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    My favorite post this week that I want to share is about when my 2 year old used my white ottoman as a canvas and decided to fill it with purple and orange markers – permanent markers – and the valuable lesson (for me) that came from it. #189

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    I included my post on my top ten things I am addicted to. I am not ashamed. I am so glad to be here and I can’t wait to read some of the great posts on here.

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    Thanks for letting me linky. Newbie here! I’m figurin’ out life one clumsy day at a time. Today, I’m figurin’ out blogging one clumsy day at a time. #184

    The Happy Handicap

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    Just submitted the link to my recent post, “What’s New?” from my blog In My Life. Anyone who reads it can feel free to comment below my post. My post is number 182 on this webpage here on SITS girls. And if you wanna be a reader, feel free to subscribe. :)

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    Love this new idea of connecting us! Will be checking out the other blogs.
    Thanks SITS & Blessings,

    The How to Guru

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    This is my first time linking to Saturday Sharefest! I just linked up a fun Valentine’s Day gift sure to get some laughs and appreciation for those who don’t celebrate this holiday the way the media wants us to! (#174)

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    I’m trying to get some serious modeling gigs after years as an exotic entertainer and currently working a job as a webcam model. I hate being stereotyped.

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    My share is for Moms too busy to go to the movies, but still would like to keep up with what’s playing – Here’s my take on the new action/heist movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham -

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    I linked my FAVE post of the week called: Skillet Turkey Cheese steak. It’s a recipe alternative to the traditional Philly cheese steak sub. I hope you enjoy!

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    My favorite post this week is about questioning whether it’s too late for me to follow my dreams. I’m going to try to read as many post as I can…let the sharing begin, although I’m late.

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    My Kindle Fire is so much more than an electronic library and game console – it’s also finding a place as my creativity muse!

  17. says

    This post includes my first attempt at a poll – so if you aren’t inclined to comment you can always just click on the appropriate answer!

  18. says

    Excited for my first Saturday link-up since I just joined SITS last week!! Looking forward to reading some of these great posts:)