All About Domain Names: Forum Round-Up

It has been another great week here on The SITS Girls, where we’ve been focusing on blogging fundamentals, especially when it comes to domain names and who you are in blogland. In particular we covered, why it is important to own your domain name and finding your writing path: are you a blogger or a writer?

Not only are we bringing you posts on these topics, but we have our fabulous leads in our forum helping to continue the conversation. If you haven’t joined our discussion forum yet, what are you waiting for? We’d love to have you!

This Week in the Forum

Must Have WordPress Plugins

Alison, our forum lead from Mama Wants This, is asking for and recommending must have plugins for WordPress. It is a fabulous conversation filled with all kinds of plugin goodness. {I’ll fully admit to reading this string and jotting down a few ideas that I want to follow up on!}

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Owning Your Own Domain Name

Sam from My Life as Wife is asking whether you own your own domain name and if it identical to your blog name.

Even super new bloggers who have only jumped into the online space in the last few weeks, such as The Inspired Momma, have responded that even though they are still learning, they own their domain name.

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Changing Your Blog Name

Lindsay from GF|Photography has got a question that all of us consider at one point or another: changing your blog name. Have you ever thought about it?

Here are a few of Lindsay’s thoughts:

Although I am happy with my streamlined blog title, there are days when I just want to throw both the blog name and the URL away and get a new one. Something catchier. Or more whimsical. Something that would look great as a watermark and sound awesome if I were ever to turn my photography hobby into a career. But I haven’t gotten the inspiration for that new name just yet and I’m not sure I’ll ever switch. That would mean creating an entire new blog – name, URL, watermark, etc. Seems a bit overwhelming!

Such a great conversation we can all relate to!

Read more: Change Blog Name

It’s been a great week of blogging inspiration and conversation. Be sure you don’t miss a thing!

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