Forum Round-Up: January 4

Happy New Year, friends!

A lot has been happening around here and we’ve got loads of fresh discussions to kickstart the year off right.

forumroundup (1)

Highlights from the Forum

I helped start off the year’s chatter with a Will You Recap? discussion to find out how many people recap the previous year and how many choose not to. Where do you fall in the mix?

Newbie aanika shared some info on her Snapshot Saturday Blog Hop and asked you to join her!

And our friend Paloma returned to start a chat about getting back into the groove of things.

Our Pinterest thread is still hopping, so consider stopping by and leaving your username info for everyone to connect. We’ve got nine pages of people so far!

We hope you’ll join in on some of these discussions, or feel free to start your own. Either way, looking forward to seeing you in the forums.

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    very happy to be here among all the beautiful and intelligent women!!! I am new to blogging and picking my way very slowly round the maze. I am going to stick around and check out some great blogs :)

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    I blogged about the top 10 places I visited in 2012 and my top 10 hum-along tunes of the year. It was fun to recap for myself the goings-on from 2012; I find it will help me to focus on the upcoming year a bit better. And I just love reading my fellow bloggers recaps, too!