Forum Roundup: November 23

SITS-tahs, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Are you braving the crowds for Black Friday? If you are, good luck!

If you are not out shopping, perhaps you want to check out the Forum, there are some great discussions going on.

In view of the holidays, Community Lead, Denise asked if food bloggers did anything special, such as holiday recipes to drive traffic to their blogs.  Are you a food blogger and can contribute to the discussion?

Tabitha is doing her first giveaway and wants to know how to promote it. Do you have any suggestions?

Have you ever thought about the timing of your blog email subscriptions? What is the best time to send them out? Carrie wants to know!

So many great topics, do join in!

Did you sign up for the SITS #CookieTime Swap? If you did, write a blog post and link up with us, so that we can visit you, leave some comment love, Pin your delicious recipes and share it on our Facebook page.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday Sharefest: November 24th
The SITS Girls Community Event: Cookie Swap Linky!



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    I try to do some posts related to the holidays of the month since my kids enjoy that kind of thing plus the traffic is a nice addition too

  2. says

    I will do everything I can to avoid any stores today. In fact, I’m hoping I won’t even have to leave my house. This is my crash day to recover from yesterday.

    Best wishes for great deals and happy shopping to those of you going out.

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    Unfortunately and fortunately I’m spending Black Friday at work. This is the universe saving me from myself. I would have run through Macy’s and Target (and every store/mall in between) like a lunatic, so thank goodness I’m getting paid rather than spending money on this sunny Friday morning. P.S. I’m making a mad dash for the mall as soon as I get off work…lol. Shoppers beware.

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    Can’t wait to go read about the timing of emails, as I feel like that is something I am always thinking about! Hope everyone had a happy Turkey Day! :)