Forum RoundUp: November 9

Hey, everybody. How has November been treating you all?

We’ve got lots of fun topics going on in our forums this week, so check out the links below!

Highlights from the Forum

When you’re running a blog there is so much to do it’s easy to forget where your head is sometimes.

So we’re discussing whether or not you check your spam folder for possible missed comments regularly.

Newbie DesiraeR is looking for someone to swap buttons with, so if you’re interested in finding out more check out her thread!

Are you looking for some feedback on your blog from some new friends? Member toysinthedryer is interested in creating a blog critique exchange, so go check it out.

We hope you’ll join in on some of these discussions, or feel free to start your own. Either way, looking forward to seeing you in the forums!

Saturday Sharefest: November 10th
Using NaNoWriMo To Build Community & Write An eBook

About Andrea Bates

Andrea blogs regularly about being a mom, family and relationships, life in the south, how much she misses New York, lots of great books, and whatever else crosses her mind over at Good Girl Gone Redneck. You can also find her sharing ALL.THE.THINGS over at her Facebook page!


  1. Check out my Thanksgiving recipes!

  2. I’ll have to go and check out some of the posts I missed!

  3. The forums can be such a helpful place! It’s amazing some of the things you find there! :)

  4. thank you i need to go check out the forum

  5. WOW! Usually I am like number 109 on the comments! Must be a busy time for all! I recently talked about how we mothers are earning some medals for our multi-tasking abilities!!! Can you share your best? Your worst? It’s all in how you juggle the balls!!! :)

  6. I tweaked a chocolate chip cookie recipe to make it a little healthier. Check it out at Happy Saturday Sharefest!

  7. Okay, I join the first! Thanks

  8. Happy Saturday! I kicked off my Holiday 2012 – 50 Day Gift Idea Extravaganza.

  9. Happy Saturday everyone! I blogged about my momma’s yummy banana bread

  10. I blogged about my sweet daughter for her birthday! Pray for me, I’m the mom to a teen now!
    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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