Forum Roundup: October 26

It’s the end of October already.  Where does the time go?  We hope we’ve been keeping you busy with our fantastic Blogtober series as well as some great discussions in the forums.

A hot topic this week is how you feel about being asked for a follow back.  Alison said:

I don’t mind if they ask nicely but I don’t always follow back, unless their blog/ FB page/ Twitter profile/ Pinterest boards interests me. When I follow someone, I don’t expect reciprocation at all, though I appreciate it.

Angela wanted to know how long it took you to get consistent blog readers.  Tell us, have you found your tribe?

Finally, Kim asked if you run ads on your blog.  If you’ve wondered how to make some money on your blog, this thread has some great information to get started.

Have a great weekend everyone!  And remember to save some Halloween candy for next week!


  1. If theirs is a blog that I will genuinely enjoy and continue to read, I will follow back. Otherwise, I always visit their blog and try to leave a comment
    Stephanie recently posted..Closet Project & Things

  2. I always check out the person’s blog, whether they comment or ask for a follow back, although the latter is a little off-putting to me. But I only follow on Facebook or Reader if I am interested in reading more. I’m more likely to follow back on Twitter, though.
    Deb recently posted..There But for the Grace of God Go I

  3. I try to follow people who follow my blog. I find that if people like my style, if my writing appeals to them, their stories will usually appeal to me. I agree with the other comments – I’d rather have fewer loyal follwers than hundreds of random comments and “one-hit wonders”. I am trying to build an audience. If you visit and don’t leave a comment – that’s cool. I love to know that people are reading – that takes enough time! Taking the extra time to comment would be great – but people don’t always have the time.
    Mary Ruff recently posted..FRANKENSTORM 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. In the beginning, I would follow, leave a meaning full comment and let them know I was following, hoping they would reciprocate.
    Now, I follow only if their blog interests me. I want people to follow my blog if it interests them and they find it enjoyable.
    What good does it do if you have over 1000 followers and only twenty percent are active readers? I would much rather have 200 active followers who I can get to know!
    If you follow me, you can be sure I will be checking out your blog… I don’t need a comment asking that I visit your blog, but I would love a comment just saying you stopped by and if you liked the read, say so! ;o)
    Emma recently posted..The Week Away

    • I agree, a comment giving feedback is always welcome. It helps me with knowing what content to continue writing or what to write less of.
      I too would rather have less subscribers who I know are readers than lots of subscribers and few reading.
      Grace recently posted..Care for the Skin You Are In

  5. I often notice when I am asked to follow for a follow back, it doesn’t always happen. So I will follow if it is of interest to me. Otherwise I at least visit the blog to read and leave a comment in support.
    I’m not sure how many consistent blog readers I have as of yet. I’ve only just started working to increase my readership. Just because they subcribe, I’m not sure that means they’re reading.
    As for running ads, I have google adsense but I am also beginning to work with affiliates (2 so far) to see how well that works out.
    I am really benefitting from the resources theSITSgirls offers. I am learning and growing and enjoying the whole process. Thanks for all you do!
    Grace recently posted..Care for the Skin You Are In

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