Free Sponsored Post Seminars Starting This Spring

We’ve got very exciting news to share with you today. Starting this spring, we’ll be traveling around the U.S. offering FREE sponsored post and networking events. It will be your chance to connect with the women in our community, while getting the education you need to ensure you are selected for our next sponsored post campaign.

Interested? Because we’d love to come to a city near you.

Fill out the below survey and let us know what works best with your schedule. We’ll be compiling the responses and making our spring schedule very soon.

Can’t wait!

Sponsored Post Seminar Sign Up Form

We would love to bring our sponsored post seminar to your part of the world! Please fill out this form and let us know where we should go.
    Please check all that apply.
    Please check all that apply.
  • Tell us about upcoming spring break schedules when you will not be available.
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  1. Chicago, PLEASE!!!! I need you guys!!!!

  2. Clearly Oregon should be on this list.

  3. Can’t wait to hear where you will end up! I’ll drive near or far to attend anything with the SITSGirls!


  5. My first preference is Orange County, CA but Los Angeles and San Diego work too! :)

  6. Virginia Beach, VA would be a great city to hold a seminar.

  7. Just occurred to me, but why go to all the tried towns/states where all the blogging events always go and instead try place between or around, like Madison Wisconsin, or even Milwaukee? And other such areas that are largely ignored. No offence against Chicago but to say those of us from Wisconsin are not welcome in large areas there would be an understatement.

    Some people take rivalries a little too far and I’ve had a pretty horrible experience in Chicago in the past. I’m not likely to ever actually set foot in that area again.

  8. Denver or Nashville!

  9. I would be interested, but I’m in Mississippi and these cities are too far for me to drive (with gas at $3.11 a gallon).

  10. Will love to see you at New York :) :) :) :) Waiting for you :) :)

  11. Come to Atlanta!

  12. Boston would be great – New Hampshire would be AMAZING! :)

  13. Kansas City is nice and central. *hint, hint, hint*

  14. Would love you to come out to Dallas-Ft. Worth.

  15. Houston!

  16. Sacramento! We never get any good blogging stuff here.

  17. Oh oh oh…Seattle area PLEASE..lot’s of bloggers around here :)

  18. Come to Utah! We would love to have you.

  19. Voting for Vegas! Phoenix & LA are the closest on the list but they’re each 4 hours away in opposite directions. :)

  20. We would love to come to your free seminars.

  21. Washington, D.C. is calling!! It’s time to answer the call! :)

  22. Voting for the bay area!!! Please come to San Francisco or anywhere in Northern California! :)

  23. None of these cities up there are really anywhere close to me. I’d love it if you’s come to Florida at some point!

  24. I hope there’s enough demand for St. Louis!

  25. I would love if you all came to Nashville, TN… even Atlanta would be better! A lot of blogger events don’t ever make there way here and it would be great to be able to attend an event like this locally.

  26. Please plan a trip to Detroit. I would love the opportunity to share my Quick Tips and Fun Ideas for Busy Moms!

  27. Please come to Minneapolis! There’s a huge group that would love to attend. Plus we’ve got the best Mall!

  28. This is great news!!
    Looking forward to this!

    Eileen :)

  29. Atlanta!!!! There are so many bloggers here!!

  30. Come to Utah!! We have tons of bloggers here who would probably love to come to a seminar!

  31. Come to Salt Lake City!!! Utah has a TON of Bloggers who would probably love to come to a seminar!

  32. Another vote for Baltimore DC area! I haven’t met up with any events in the area but would love to provided I can either bring my kiddo or possibly find a sitter.


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