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It’s Saturday again. You know what that means. It’s time to get back to sharing comment love and giving you the chance to show off your best post from the week.

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We like to make things easy here at The SITS Girls. To participate, simply comment below with a link to your best post.

Then visit the commenter above you and show them some comment love!

And heck, if you have the time, why not visit more than one blog? Commenting is a great way to branch out, make friends, and start building your community.

Just to show how much we value those who take the time to comment, we’re highlighting a few posts we came across this week in the comments left here on The SITS Girls. Check out these posts after you visit the commenter above you!

Blog Posts from the Comments on The SITS Girls

New York Cliche had us smiling with her post on How to Brighten a Rainy Day. The short bio for her blog also caught our eye: “A 20-something actress looking for her big break and Mr. Right in the city of dreams.”

Funny girl Heather McPhaul from Aging wrote a post entitled, 10 “Hip” Words to Embarrass Your Grandchildren, which is an absolute hoot!

And finally Ashley from Never a Dull Date is sharing her Cinco de Mayo celebration ideas, from grapefruit margaritas to guacamole!

Now it’s your turn! What was your best post this week? Tell us in the comments and show some of that SITS Girls support!

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  1. Love all the links! My favorite post from my site over the past week is Here Comes the Sun.

  2. I just found the site, so clearly I am very late to the party :) Here was my favorite post from last week. It received some great feedback!

  3. I’m late as usual but here’s one from this weekend

  4. Oh thank you so much for the shout out & for reading! I had a terribly busy Saturday (weekend, really)- no computer time- and it was so nice to find this today!

  5. I didn’t make it here on Saturday either! Here’s my favorite post from last week:

    I’m the second daughter, so this is a special topic for me to write about!

    Have a great day, all!

  6. Hey there. I also didn’t make it on Saturday. Here’s my post for the week.

  7. Hey there. Also didn’t make Saturday – family time. My best post for the week was about my Mother’s Day Present.

  8. Hi all,
    Yes, it’s Sunday, but I did want to share and I have time now to go to your sites and take a look around and comment!
    Here’s my fav post from this past week. It’s about my latest accomplishment {named 84th in the nation for Moms in Business!!!} and PHOTOS of my GREATEST accomplishments and myself … they are, of course, my young boys!!! SWOON!!!

  9. Can you ever be too late for a party? If so, I know I am. Booo! Oh well, I was out of town. Thanks for hosting, SITS :)

  10. Hey everyone! My favorite post from the week is

    Iced Mocha or Mocha Frap


    Books to Read Before You Die

  11. OK. I’m pretty late on the Saturday Sharefest. But, I’m technically on vacation. That’s a good excuse, right? Here’s the blogger’s pre-vacation checklist I went through:

  12. I know, it’s Sunday, but hey… better late than never :)

    How about a little tour around an Estonian museum/park:

  13. I don’t know if this is my favorite, but I do feel it is the more important. I encourage bloggers to check out how this got started and read others posts. Really beautiful stoff!

  14. This is odd, I didn’t get the Sharefest email until 7:08 this morning (Sunday). Same thing happened last week.

  15. Happy Weekend – didn’t quite make Saturday but the intent is there :-) My favorite post this past week was about a great granola recipe:

  16. This was not only my favorite post from this week, it was my only one! It was a rough week, but here it is: Thanks for the opportunity.:)

  17. Hi everyone!
    This was my favorite post from this week:
    10 fellow bloggers shared their most inspired posts.

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