The SITS Girls Cookie Extravaganza: Cookie Swap!

Has the prospect of being in our Cookie Extravaganza e-book (and consuming said cookies) gotten your mouth watering yet? Of course it has. Alison and I have been collecting some pretty enticing recipes from this community’s finest bakers!

cookie swap

Cookie Swap Details

This week we’ll be pairing up our stellar culinary creative types for a truly fun cookie swap. (If there’s anything more gratifying than receiving cookies from a pal, well then, I haven’t heard of it.) Enter your details below by November 15 at midnight PST and await an exciting email on November 16 informing you who your culinary partner-in-crime will be! All cookies must be sent by November 22, giving everyone a chance to a wow their Thanksgiving crowds with these delicious creations.

The SITS Girls will be promoting all of our awesome bakers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest- which should totally make you even hungrier for this edible event.

Please fill out the form below to join our cookie swap. We can’t wait to start matching up our talented gals! Remember the deadline to sign up is this Thursday, November 15.

Holiday Cookie Swap Sign Up

Interested in gifting and receiving a homemade batch of cookies this holiday season with The SITS Girls? Then be sure to sign up below.
  • Mailing address where you may receive packages
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  1. This looks like a fun idea. I’ve done cookie swaps where we’ve exchanged recipes, but this is to actually make and send the cookies?

  2. I recently went gluten-free and don’t feel I could try my hand at baking this way, yet. I hope someone out there gluten-free reads this. I want a Spritz cookie recipe for Christmas. So, Sistahs, anyone out there have a gluten-free recipe they’ve made? I’ve seen some on the internet but I’d rather hear from someone.

  3. A yummy treat in the mail is always nice

  4. Yay! Just signed up! :)

  5. I can’t believe I am going to have to pass on this one of all things but with my broken foot, I know I would be overdoing it. I made persimmon bread this AM and am currently regretting it (not the bread but the effect on my foot). But how about a cookie recipe that is perfect for Thanksgiving and can actually be served as an appetizer if desired with sparkling wine or a Clementhyme cocktail!

    Have fun everyone!

  6. All signed up!

  7. I’m so excited about this!!

  8. did i miss this or is it still open for entry

  9. I will have to make some cookies just to be able to take the picture.

  10. just signed up. Great idea.

  11. I so wish I could! Things are so hectic this time of year and we have so many get-togethers with family and church that I simply wouldn’t have time (nor cash) to do it! If SITS does this again next year, though, I hope that I can! I hope you all have an amazing time! This is a fantastic idea! I really am bummed that I can’t participate. :(

  12. I wished I lived closer so I could participate!

  13. I hate that I missed the deadline for the cookie recipe. I was all set to do it Friday night and then I fell asleep. That will teach me to wait until the last minute. So are we also sharing the cookie recipe with the cookies we send?

  14. I am so loving November.


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