Saturday Sharefest: August 4

Wow, can you believe it’s August already? We hope you’re having a fantastic summer so far. Some of us and I’m not naming names, have been glued to the idiot tube watching the Olympics, ahem.

And on to the Saturday Sharefest! This weekend beauty is where this amazing community go back to its roots of “The Secret to Success is Support”. In blogging, support often comes in the form of comments. So, every Saturday, visit the SITS Girls and comment on Sharefest with a link to your best post of the week. Then go visit the commenter ahead of you and show them some comment love!

Don’t feel like you’ve got to stop at just one! Go on ahead and choose a few posts that interest you and show the love!

And now, some highlights from last week’s Sharefest!

Honey Mommy shows how she and her family are enjoying the summer at their local pond.

Jillian of Smart Phone Foodie made me hungry with this recipe of Stuffed Eggplant.

Emma all the way in the UK shared her post on the Olympics – in tweets!

Now it’s your turn! Share your week’s best post in your comment and then go make us proud with some Sharefest love!


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    I’m more than a little late I also hope that everyone had a great weekend.
    I agree that “comments are a form of support” but if somebody writes you as a comment something like “hi visit my blog and follow me please” I can’t call it a support :)

  2. says

    Had a wonderful weekend with my hubby in Door County, WI. We left the kids with friends and went on an adults only mini-vacation for the first time in a few years. It was great to spend some quality time with my husband and see the great outdoors of Northern Wisconsin. And eat some amazing food… got to love a camping trip where all we were hardly even at the campground. It truly did not feel like camping. LOL.

    Now back home and ready to read some fantastic blogs and hop around the blogging world. If you’re looking for an awesome blog hop- we’re shooting for 300 blogs linking up to Mom’s Monday Mingle today. Love to have you join in the fun!

  3. says

    I’m late this week, but wanted to post my rhubarb pie recipe! It’s a great addition to your summer menu!

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    I’ve been in the process of moving and didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, but wanted to share this neat challenge I’m doing with my blog community and friends. I did post it yesterday and thought some SITS ladies would be interested in taking part!

    I found it through another site and it’s called 40 in 40 challenge. I’d love it if the SITS community would take part in this :) Thanks SITS ladies! Love this site.

  5. says

    Happy Sunday SITStahs!! Just got out of church not too long ago, just made it back from Vegas at like 2am in the morning…and now I’m in my hubby’s singing group practice…and I AM POOPED!!!!…But in the words of Tony Toni Tone, “IT FEELS GOOD!” to be back here with my SITStahs wrapping up the weekend.

    Now I REALLY love my Friday Letters posts so…unfortunately…here’s another…PEACE OUT DIVAS…

    Happy Reading and getting to know each other!!

    Be Blessed <3

  6. says

    I was MIA from blogging for a few days this week since I was entertaining out of town visitors- but we had such a great time. I always seem to only take advantage of living in a touristy area when we do have visitors. Hope everyone had a great weekend!