Saturday Sharefest: December 15

Our hearts are broken over the tragedy in Connecticut yesterday.

Trying to go on as if nothing happened feels wrong. Our weekly #SITSSharefest twitter chat is canceled for this week.

We will continue with Sharefest this week, where we support one another, because that seems in the right spirit. Share a link to your favorite post this week and then visit the commenter ahead of you. Maybe you’ve written about the tragedy or maybe you’ve written about something else- something that might lift our spirits. It’s times like this that community is so important.

While we usually featured some highlights each week from those of you who took the time to comment on posts here at the SITS Girls, this week, we are highlighting a few posts that have been written about the topic that is on all of our minds.

Sandy Hook School Tragedy: Helpful Tips for Talking to Your Kids from Techsavvy Mama

Just for Today, Be a Human Being from All That Sass

Men Shoot, Cars Crash, Diseases Surprise: How to Live in This World from Let Me Start By Saying

Thanks to one of our Community Leads, Kristen from The Preppy Girl in Pink for expressing how so many of us feel.

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    I hope everyone had a nice weekend and kept those effected by the school shooting in their thoughts and prayers. So sad.

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    It’s hard to go on and pretend like nothing happened but to try and shake off this funk the tragedy has left most of us sloshing through, I tried to find a little beauty in the world with some photography. My entry to the Scavenger Hunt is up and I would love to share it

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    This weekend has been really about taking good care of myself and my family. When stress like this happens, we all want to reach out to those who are really suffering and struggling right now. My wish is that everyone finds a way to do something positive for their fellow man or pet or animal shelter. Extend the olive branch and show others what heartfelt kindness is really about.

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    I took the weekend to just hold the kiddos, the post I had started was a gift guide and it went unfinished. I can’t find the words to share with my middle schooler and I don’t want to scare my tender-hearted kindergartener. Today I finished a book review on a self help book whose goal is to help you accomplish your goals and finish what you start. As the queen of procrastination, I needed some of its common sense lessons. But it’s back to reality, youngest caught pink eye so he and I will be staying home tomorrow from work/school.

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    Like so many of you, I can’t seem to shake the events in CT from my memory either :( It is an important reminder to us that this life is ever so precious and we must make the most and love the most every day that we can.

    Off to read some of your blogs now. XOXO

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    My heart is broken for those affected and I just hope that those sweet babies rest in peace.

    I wrote a post earlier this week about watermarking photos. After writing it, I saw that someone had a photo taken from them without their permission and without credit. Watermarking will not prevent this from happening but it will help to deter someone from doing it.

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    So saddened by this tragedy and the tragedy in China. I will continue to pray for the families affected. Sigh…I have a hard time even watching the TV coverage of the shooting. Sooo sad.

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    Yesterdays news was devastating. I have not written about it . There are no words. Right now my focus is on answering my children’s questions and keeping those affected in my prayers.

    One of the lighter things that had dance fans talking this week was the Finale of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition so I have decided to share that post.

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    I am heartbroken. Every done today (holiday shopping, running around town) seems so trivial. I am praying for the families of the victims. God bless Newtown.

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    It’s hard to call it a favorite post, but I had a craft scheduled to post that read “Joy” which didn’t feel right. I included the craft because I do think we will feel joy again but also talked about the day that left us all with broken hearts, praying for people we don’t know and asking “Why?” when there is no answer. I did not however share the Joy photo on Facebook but instead put up a candle in the memory of those lost.

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    I am devastated by the events. It is unfathomable.

    My favorite post from the week is on a holiday craft I’ve done since I was a little girl.

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    Ironically this is a sad week for me because on the 12th we passed the one year mark of losing our infant daughter after only 2 short days on this earth. I can only imagine the magnified grief of losing a child after years with them, with absolutely no warnings… so unexpectedly. For all those mamas grieving, you are not alone!

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    This week I posted a poem that my daughter wrote about Nutella – a sweet treat that puts a smile on her face. Isn’t that what childhood is supposed to be about? Something seems to be very very wrong in this country and I think there are issues on so many fronts we need to deal with head on – guns, violent video games, and addressing mental health to just name a few. Let’s hope our thoughts and prayers can bring Newtown some comfort.

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    I posted my vegetarian chili recipe this week and it was very popular but the first post on my site notes the horrid events of yesterday, I didn’t feel right not saying something about something so horrific.

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    I”m praying for the safety of all our children everywhere. Yesterday as events unfolded, I had to carry on teaching my 8th grade students, so today I’m sharing a vocabulary question from a reader. Look for a followup from my husband, The Hillbilly, coming soon.

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    Our hearts are all broken. We are all in mourning with those families in Newtown. May we remember them during this Holiday season and keep them in our prayers. My post is what is on my heart and mind.

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    A friend of mine ( who is a school teacher) posted on FB “Things like this should not happen, as a teacher I tossed and turned all night wondering if my awesome kiddos, staff and the community would ever face something like this. I have voiced my concerns with fellow co-workers and there is just too many unknowns. For now, look for the good. Be the good” So we all need to stand strong for this community and be the good for them as they mourn and grieve. I am a parent of two young girls and was shaken to the core thinking ” what if it had been me, what if I got that call that my kid was killed” I wouldn’t know how to handle it. My heart aches for everyone involved with this horrendous tragedy that shouldn’t have happened.

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    Sad day. Our group is planning a consolidated post on Monday. Someone has come up with a graphic and we’re all posting that instead of our normal content. Not much, but it sends a message of support from our 500+ Utah bloggers.

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    i boil at the knowledge that innocent people cannot see 2013. parents that can’t have the delicate breathing of their children this weekend. sisters, brothers and partners that can’t hug their beloved this weekend. cruel, awful situation

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    I too am heartbroken over yesterday’s tragedy. I also agree with “The Lovely One” who posted above that it’s important not to let such tragedies break us, and also to continue to look for the good in people and in life.

    This week I posted an interview with an author of young adult books, and am hosting a giveaway for one of her books. No entries yet!! I hope some of you will come on over and leave a comment to enter, I’d love to see some support for her.

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    Praying for those affected in CT (and the rest of us, too).
    My blog aims to inspire green quilters and sewists to help us save our precious planet!

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    Happy Sharefest! I hope each of you are able to find moments of peace and joy this weekend.

    My post is about a small moment of joy.

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    I have no words only a broken heart and tears for the tragedy that has befallen the elementary school. I don’t consider my latest blog timely at all. It deals with depression during the holidays, not grief. But, I hope that you read it anyway.

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    Although I am heart broken for all those families, I feel it’s important to show that these tragedies will not break us.

    On a lighter note, my favorite post this week was about my battle with a rice cooker (and the rice cooker won!)