Saturday Sharefest- December 8th

As I read through this week’s posts, I read a number of wonderful holiday related posts. What an amazing collection of holiday pictures, recipes, crafts, reflections, and reality checks.

the SITS Girls

Wait did I say reality checks? Yes, I did.

Putt-Putt Runner wrote a wonderful post on holiday reality checks called What Do You Mean Its Not Thursday. It is so worth reading.

Garden Goat Quote wrote a reflective post called Christmas List that I truly enjoyed. I hope she gets everything on her list.

All Three of Us took me on my first Christmas light tour of the year. What pretty pictures! There must have been Five Hundred Thousand Lights.

The gingerbread people recipe found in Mommy Run Fast’s post Gingerbread People and Curbing My Sweet Tooth is filled with delicious healthy ingredients. The post is filled with wonderful cookie creation pictures. I think JDaniel and I will have to make these!

Sparkles and a Stove walked me through how to make the prettiest Candy Swirled Keepsakes. They would be fun to make with my son.

What’s your post you’ll be sharing with us this week?

And don’t forget our #SITSSharefest Twitter Party happening at 10:00 AM EST / 7:00 AM PST. It is a great way to get one of your posts some extra love on Twitter!

About JDaniel4's Mom

Deirdre Smith writes/owns JDaniel4’s Mom. After twenty years as a teacher in Northern Virginia, she became a stay at home mom of a wonderful little boy in upstate South Carolina. Deirdre can also be found on twitter as @jdaniel4smom and on her blog's Facebook page and Pinterest account.
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About JDaniel4's Mom

Deirdre Smith writes/owns JDaniel4’s Mom. After twenty years as a teacher in Northern Virginia, she became a stay at home mom of a wonderful little boy in upstate South Carolina. Deirdre can also be found on twitter as @jdaniel4smom and on her blog's Facebook page and Pinterest account.


  1. Wow – way cool SITS-tahs! Thanks for the highlight and for stopping by to read! :-)

  2. Gotta check that stuff out! Shared a bunch of photos I took this week that I’m really proud of and finally created a Facebook page for my photography!

  3. I participated in the sharefest on twitter and it was being wonky since so many tweets and retweets weren’t showing up!! I shared these
    My gluten free snickerdoodles and some of my own personal holiday cookie baking tips!

  4. Will be giving all these blogs a read tonight.

    I’m hosting a giveaway on my blog to win a fabulous piece of jewellery, as well as a 20% discount on Les Jumelles jewellery.
    It’s my first proper giveaway so please enter and show some love :-)

  5. Tomorrow (monday) night I will be on Thom Hartmann’s show The Big Picture! I hope some of my SITStas tune in!

  6. I have a giveaway too – for a 4qt Calphalon slow cooker. This post also has deals and discounts for Relish! meal planning subscriptions – an easy and practical gift.

  7. I’m having a fun giveaway on my blog this week. Entries are not high, so be sure to enter to win a LEGO Duplo Cars Big Bentley Set! :)

  8. Thanks to JDaniel4’s Mom for featuring us! I feel so special :-)

  9. my favorite is always my latest….otherwise why post?

  10. Late to the party as always…. This week I got to share my photos from our weekend film shoot for the Christmas Movie being made of my Book
    (OK that sounds rather grand. My book is self published and the film is will be only 5 minutes long, but still. I am PUMPED)
    What can i say, it was Heavenly… literally.


  11. My favorite post this week was my double take on beauty pageants. IT was part of a Subject Swap I participated in.

  12. Totally late, but here are just some mommy tips from a mommy who has no idea what’s she’s doing!
    Hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday!

  13. This week we kicked Christmas into high gear! So we’ve been decorating and crafting fun fun fun!!

    But I also opened my blog up for advertising and kicked it off with a giveaway! A Mary Kay Sating Hands gift set that comes gift wrapped in a fabric lined, reusable bag! Check it out!!

  14. Sharing our secret to beautiful hair and giving away a free at home keratin treatment!!

  15. Sharing pennies from heaven and other good stuff!

  16. Happy Saturday and Happy Hannukah! My post is all about potato latkes of course!

  17. I would like to share this blog the most for this week.

  18. My favorite post this week was 5 Things that should be on YOUR holiday wish list!

  19. Made my first sewing project, Stockings! View here:
    Have a great weekend look forward to your posts.

  20. Spending my Saturday in the lab (yeah) not really… hope yours is better than mine!

  21. My husband and I just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. I’d like to share with you 35 Things I’ve Learned in 35 Years of Marriage. Thank You! Barb

  22. My sister wrote a great reminder about getting in the pictures with our kids – even when we’re not feeling photogenic!

  23. Hey everyone! I can’t wait to visit when I get home from work!

    If you’d be so kind to check out my guest blogger & make her feel welcomed I’d be oh so grateful! Xoxo!

  24. I like my husband’s contributions to my blog, so I’m sharing The Hillbilly Faces Danger.

  25. Hey all! My favorite post this week would have to be my Kate Middleton maternity style prediction post. I really got to flex my stylist muscle and loved doing it!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

  26. My favorite post this week is an update on my happiness project.

  27. My favorite post this week was the one I did on my son who just turned 16. He’s a wonderful big brother to his three sisters and a wonderful son to us. All the photos are of my kids – mostly of him. The quotes were lovingly chosen and very inspiring. You might even want to pin one or two to your Pinterest boards! :)

    Tina – American mom raising four kids in South Afric

  28. Happy Saturday! I LOVE this recipe :)

  29. My favorite post from this week was all about our family Christmas traditions. Even with the stress of this season, thinking about these traditions gets me excited for Christmas!

  30. We’re decorating our Christmas tree and putting up our countdown envelopes – take a look!

  31. Holiday cookies….it’s baking time! :)

  32. Hi folks! Happy Saturday :) I had an awesome guest blogger this week that I would love for you all to visit. She wrote about the “Santa Lie” come weigh in!

  33. Hallo everybody! Today I’m sharing a book review for a book that addresses the very real issues of female education and equality in the developing world. Really worth a read, it changed my life.

  34. I have at least one optimistic day every week. It’s always on Monday! Come see my post and my new site dedicated to the memory of my mom. Stacie xo

  35. It’s my ONLY post of the week because I haven’t had a lot of time, but it makes me smile just the same :)

  36. Please join us at Friendship Friday and share your favorite Holiday Traditions with us!

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